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Advances in Laboratory-based X-Ray Sources, Optics, and Applications VII
Editor(s): Alex Murokh; Daniele Spiga
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Volume Number: 11110
Date Published: 4 October 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11110
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A compact light source providing high-flux, quasi-monochromatic, tunable X-rays in the laboratory
Author(s): Benjamin Hornberger; Jack Kasahara; Martin Gifford; Ronald Ruth; Rod Loewen
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ThomX project -- a future intense lab-size Compton x-ray source: status and expected performances (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kevin Dupraz; Loïc Amoudry
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Status of compact inverse Compton sources in Italy: BriXS and STAR
Author(s): L. Faillace; R. G. Agostino; A. Bacci; R. Barberi; A. Bosotti; F. Broggi; P. Cardarelli; S. Cialdi; I. Drebot; V. Formoso; M. Gambaccini; M. Ghedini; D. Giannotti; D. Giove; F. Martire; G. Mettivier; P. Michelato; L. Monaco; R. Paparella; G. Paternó; V. Petrillo; F. Prelz; E. Puppin; M. Rossetti Conti; A. R. Rossi; P. Russo; A. Sarno; D. Sertore; A. Taibi; L. Serafini
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Towards an ultra-compact x-ray free-electron laser (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): James Rosenzweig
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Evaluation and optimization of multimodal x-ray imaging techniques for inverse Compton x-ray sources
Author(s): Benedikt Günther; Regine Gradl; Christoph Jud; Elena Eggl; Stephanie Kulpe; Eva-Maria Braig; Lisa Heck; Johannes Brantl; Klaus Achterhold; Bernhard Gleich; Martin Dierolf; Franz Pfeiffer
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Optimization of Fabry-Perot optical resonators operated in burst mode for radiation sources-based on Compton scattering (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Loïc Amoudry; Kevin Cassou; Antoine Courjaud; Kevin Dupraz; Titouan Le Barillec; Aurélien Martens; Daniele Nutarelli; Fabian Zomer
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Plasma accelerator-based ultrabright x-ray beams from ultrabright electron beams
Author(s): Ahmad Fahim Habib; Paul Scherkl; Grace Gloria Manahan; Thomas Heinemann; Daniel Ullmann; Andrew Sutherland; Alexander Knetsch; Michael Litos; Mark Hogan; James Rosenzweig; Bernhard Hidding
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Inverse Compton scattering for the production of bright x-ray sources (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ivan Gadjev
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X-ray sources for high throughput and extreme resolutions using liquid MetalJet technology and Tungsten targets (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Anasuya Adibhatla; Per Takman; Emil Espes; Ulf Lundstrom
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Next-generation high-brightness x-ray sources with tunable x-ray spectrum (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sylvia J. Y. Lewis; Wenbing Yun; Bill Hansen; Alan Lyon; Benjamin Stripe; S. H. Lau; Vladimir Semenov
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Optical simulations for the laboratory-based expanded and collimated x-ray beam facility BEaTriX
Author(s): D. Spiga; B. Salmaso; M. Bavdaz; C. Pelliciari; S. Basso; V. Burwitz; I. Ferreira; M. Ghigo; E. Giro; G. Pareschi; M. Sanchez del Rio; G. Tagliaferri; G. Vecchi; E. Wille
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Recent advances in development and application of laser plasma x-ray sources based on a gas puff target (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Henryk Fiedorowicz; Przemyslaw W. Wachulak; Andrzej S. Bartnik
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Novel x-ray optical systems for ultrafast spectroscopy and monochromators
Author(s): Alexei Erko; Christoph Braig; Jürgen Probst; Heike Löchel
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K-edge subtraction imaging for angiography at a compact synchrotron source
Author(s): Stephanie Kulpe; Martin Dierolf; Eva-Maria Braig; Benedikt Günther; Klaus Achterhold; Bernhard Gleich; Julia Herzen; Ernst Rummeny; Franz Pfeiffer; Daniela Pfeiffer
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Undulator radiation brightness calculations in the Sirepo GUI for SRW
Author(s): B. Nash; O. Chubar; D. L. Bruhwiler; M. Rakitin; P. Moeller; R. Nagler; N. Goldring
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Laser microfabrication for x-ray applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sergey P. Antipov
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