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Advances in Metrology for X-Ray and EUV Optics VIII
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Volume Number: 11109
Date Published: 4 October 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11109
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A precise aperture centring device (ACenD) for autocollimator-based surface measuring profilers
Author(s): Bernd Grubert; David Kreitschik; Olaf Schnabel; Frank Siewert; Ralf D. Geckeler; Matthias Schumann; Andreas Just; Michael Krause; Tanfer Yandayan; S. Asli Akgoz
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High-accuracy autocollimator calibration by interferometric 2D angle generator
Author(s): V. Heikkinen; V. Byman; M. Shpak; R. Geckeler; A. Just; M. Krause; M. Schumann; A. Lassila
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Stress-releasing procedure approach for an X-ray mirror holder for round-robin measurements
Author(s): S. Schmidtchen; M. Vannoni; I. Freijo-Martin; D. La Civita; H. Sinn
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Transfer of autocollimator calibration for use with scanning gantry profilometers for accurate determination of surface slope and curvature of state-of-the-art x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Ian Lacey; Kevan Anderson; Jeff Dickert; Ralf D. Geckeler; Andreas Just; Frank Siewert; Brian V. Smith; Valeriy V. Yashchuk
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The Optical Metrology Laboratory at Diamond: pushing the limits of nano-metrology
Author(s): Ioana-Theodora Nistea; Simon G. Alcock; Murilo Bazan da Silva; Kawal Sawhney
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One-dimensional ion-beam figuring solution from Brookhaven National Laboratory
Author(s): Tianyi Wang; Lei Huang; Matthew Vescovi; Dennis Kuhne; Kashmira Tayabaly; Nathalie Bouet; Mourad Idir
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Ion beam figuring and optical metrology system for synchrotron x-ray mirrors
Author(s): Matthew Hand; Simon G. Alcock; Michael Hillman; Richard Littlewood; Simone Moriconi; Hongchang Wang; Kawal Sawhney
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Metrology of MID offset mirrors before and after coating
Author(s): M. Vannoni; A. Zozulya; I. Frejio Martin; S. Schmidtchen; A. Madsen; M. Störmer
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Collaborative development of diffraction-limited beamline optical systems at US DOE light sources
Author(s): Kenneth A. Goldberg; Antoine Wojdyla; Diane Bryant; Weilun Chao; Daniele Cocco; Corey Hardin; Daniel Morton; May Ling Ng; Lance Lee; Lahsen Assoufid; Walan Grizolli; Xianbo Shi; Steve P. Kearney; Michael Wojcik; Yuri Shvyd'ko; Deming Shu; Mourad Idir; Lei Huang
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Slope error correction of bendable gratings with an in-situ long trace profiler for the soft x-ray beamline at National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shang-Wei Lin; Duan-Jen Wang; Chih-Yu Hua; Hok-Sum Fung; Ming-Ying Hsu; Gung-Chian Yin
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Controlling an active bimorph deformable mirror with sub-nanometre resolution
Author(s): Ioana-Theodora Nistea; Simon G. Alcock; Vivek Badami; Riccardo Signorato; Kawal Sawhney
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First commissioning results of the KB mirrors at the SCS instrument of the European XFEL
Author(s): G. Mercurio; C. Broers; R. Carley; J. T. Delitz; N. Gerasimova; L. Le Guyarder; L. Mercadier; A. Reich; J. Schlappa; M. Teichmann; A. Yaroslavtsev; M. Cascella; K. Setoodehnia; M. Schneider; B. Pfau; S. Eisebitt; V. Vozda; V. Hájková; L. Vyšín; T. Burian; J. Chalupský; L. Juha; S. G. Alcock; I. Nistea; D. La Civita; H. Sinn; M. Vannoni; A. Scherz
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EUV Stokes reflection polarimeter using gold coated mirrors for use up to 150 eV photon energy
Author(s): Gillian Black; Xiaoyu Cui; Sergey Gorovikov; Feizhu He; Grant Henneberg; Michael A. MacDonald; Brian Yates; Lucia Zuin
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Three-dimensional shape measurement of an ellipsoidal mirror by industrial x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): Satsuki Shimizu; Yoko Takeo; Gota Yamaguchi; Yutaka Ohtake; Yukie Nagai; Hidekazu Mimura
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High-speed characterization of refractive lenses with single-grating interferometry
Author(s): Xianbo Shi; Walan Grizolli; Deming Shu; Luca Rebuffi; Zahirul Islam; Lahsen Assoufid
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Beam size measurement for XFEL nanobeam using intensity interferometer of x-ray fluorescence (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nami Nakamura; Satoshi Matsuyama; Takato Inoue; Ichiro Inoue; Taito Osaka; Yuichi Inubushi; Makina Yabashi; Tetsuya Ishikawa; Kazuto Yamauchi
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Investigation on lateral resolution of surface slope profilers
Author(s): Valeriy V. Yashchuk; Ian Lacey; Thomas Arnold; Hendrik Paetzelt; Simon Rochester; Frank Siewert; Peter Z. Takacs
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On the characterization of ultra-precise XUV-focusing mirrors by means of slope- measuring deflectometry
Author(s): Frank Siewert; Jana Buchheim; Grzegorz Gwalt; Jens Viefhaus
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New surface slope profiler with sub-millimeter spatial resolution
Author(s): Fugui Yang; Ming Li; Quan Cai; Weifan Sheng; Peng Liu; Xiaowei Zhang
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Transparent element surface measurement using binary pattern in phase-measuring deflectometry
Author(s): Ruiyang Wang; Dahai Li
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The in-situ LTP window glass optomechanical analysis
Author(s): Ming-Ying Hsu; Gung-Chian Yin; Chien-yu Lee; Bo-Yi Chen; Hok-Sum Fung; Shang-Wei Lin; Duan-Jen Wang; Yu-Shan Huang
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Stitching interferometry for synchrotron mirror metrology at NSLS-II (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Lei Huang; Tianyi Wang; Kashmira Tayabaly; Mourad Idir
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Diffraction compensation of slope errors on strongly curved grating substrates
Author(s): Christoph Braig; Jürgen Probst; Enrico Langlotz; Ilko Rahneberg; Michael Kühnel; Alexei Erko; Thomas Krist; Christian Seifert
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