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Optical Modeling and System Alignment
Editor(s): Mark A. Kahan; José Sasián; Richard N. Youngworth
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Volume Number: 11103
Date Published: 4 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11103
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design for alignment
Author(s): Robert E. Parks
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Prism alignment using a point source microscope
Author(s): Robert E. Parks
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Lens centering using edge contact mounting
Author(s): Frédéric Lamontagne; Maxime Savard; Nichola Desnoyers; Mathieu Tremblay
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Novel active alignment technique for measuring tilt errors in aspheric surfaces during optical assembly using Lens Alignment Station (LAS)
Author(s): Mark Green; Rognvald Garden
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Alignment and test of the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) Engineering Design Unit (EDU) grism
Author(s): John Hagopian; Josh Berrier; John Chambers; David Content; Margaret Dominguez; Qian Gong; Jason Krom; Catherine Marx; Joseph McMann; Bert Pasquale; Laurie Seide; Arthur Whipple; Patrick Williams
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Optical alignment of a high-speed rotating dove-prism for dual wavelength use (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Frank Zibner
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Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) instrument alignment and test
Author(s): Bente Eegholm; Shane Wake; Zachary Denny; Pete Dogoda; Demetrios Poulios; Barry Coyle; Pete Mulé; John Hagopian; Patrick Thompson; Luis Ramos-Izquierdo; Bryan Blair
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Specification of aspherical surfaces used as refractive elements in micro-optical systems
Author(s): Jeremy Béguelin; Toralf Scharf; Wilfried Noell; Reinhard Voelkel
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Leveraging wafer-level manufacturing process limitations to increase large-scale fused silica microlens array uniformity
Author(s): Raoul Kirner; Jeremy Béguelin; Wilfried Noell; Martin Eisner; Toralf Scharf; Reinhard Voelkel
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Predictive tolerance bands for the correction-less assembly of optical systems
Author(s): Christopher Schindlbeck; Christian Pape; Eduard Reithmeier
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Physical-optics-based tolerance analysis for fiber coupling systems (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Huiying Zhong; Wenxiu Wang; Site Zhang; Christian Hellmann; Frank Wyrowski
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The in-situ long trace profiler window glass thermal deformation effect of measurement analysis
Author(s): Ming-Ying Hsu; Gung-Chian Yin; Chien-yu Lee; Bo-Yi Chen; Hok-Sum Fung; Shang-Wei Lin; Duan-Jen Wang; Yu-Shan Huang
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Structural-Thermal-Optical-Performance (STOP) analysis for the prediction of the line-of-sight stability of JANUS camera on board JUICE ESA mission
Author(s): A. Turella; V. Della Corte; R. Paolinetti; P. Palumbo; M. Amoroso; M. Castronuovo; R. Mugnuolo
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Dynamic analyses of the proposed habitable exoplanet astrophysics facility
Author(s): J. Brent Knight; H. Philip Stahl; Thomas Brooks
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Multimodal image processing for characterizing high-temperature thermo-optical impact on imaging performance
Author(s): W.-Y. Jang; J. Park; R. Schueler; M. Noyola
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The stray-light entrance pupil concept and how it can be used to facilitate stray-light characterization
Author(s): L. Clermont; C. Michel; P. Blain; Y. Stockman
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Measuring bidirectional reflectance distribution of low reflectivity surfaces in the near infrared
Author(s): Luan C. Doan; J. Robert Mahan; Kory J. Priestley; Nguyen Q. Vinh
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Innovative software simulation techniques to design specular curved baffle designs in ground- and space-based telescopes
Author(s): Yitian Ding; Frederick Bushroe; Stanley Pau; Michael Gauvin
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Determining optimal orientation of straight-vane baffles for stray light mitigation
Author(s): Eric Herman
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Comparison of 3D finite-difference methods for modeling waveguide components embedded in a general optical system
Author(s): Alan W. Greynolds
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Modeling of diffractive/meta-lenses using fast physical optics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Frank Wyrowski; Site Zhang; Liangxin Yang; Christian Hellmann
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The nonstandard finite-difference time-domain methodology for broadband calculations
Author(s): James B. Cole; Saswatee Banerjee
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Photonic device sensitivity analysis methods: towards process variation-aware silicon photonics design
Author(s): Sally I. El-Henawy; Zhengxing Zhang; Ryan Miller; Duane S. Boning
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Adjoint-based particle defect yield modeling for silicon photonics
Author(s): Zhengxing Zhang; Michael B. McIlrath; Duane S. Boning
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Distortion calculation and removal for an off-axis and wide angle camera
Author(s): Vania Da Deppo; Alessandra Slemer; Paolo Chioetto; Paola Zuppella; Giampiero Naletto
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Analysis and modeling of CLBG using the transfer matrix
Author(s): G. G. Pérez-Sánchez; A. O. De Luna-Gallardo; J. A. Alvarez-Chavez; I. Bertoldi-Martins; H. L. Offerhaus; S. L. Castellanos-López
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Chromatic focal shift of optical system expressed by related wavelength formulas
Author(s): Jincheng Zhuang; Qiyuan Zhang; Peng Wu; Sen Han
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