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Optical Coherence Imaging Techniques and Imaging in Scattering Media III
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Volume Number: 11078
Date Published: 4 October 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11078
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A real-time video-rate 4D MHz-OCT microscope with high definition and low latency virtual reality display
Author(s): Wolfgang Draxinger; Yoko Miura; Christin Grill; Tom Pfeiffer; Robert Huber
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High speed demodulation in circular ranging optical coherence tomography using a LiNbO3 phase modulator and a stretched pulse active mode-locked frequency comb laser at 1.3 um
Author(s): Norman Lippok; Benjamin J. Vakoc; B. E. Bouma
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Synthesizing scanning-mode acquisition in full-wave modelling of OCT
Author(s): Callum M. Macdonald; Peter R. T. Munro
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Spatiotemporal optical coherence (STOC) manipulation suppresses coherent cross-talk and low-order geometrical aberrations in full-field swept-source optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Dawid Borycki; Julia Sudyka; Maciej Wojtkowski
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Monte-Carlo simulation of the memory effect in random media beyond the diffusion limit
Author(s): Chen Bar; Marina Alterman; Ioannis Gkioulekas; Anat Levin
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MHz-OCT for low latency virtual reality guided surgery: first wet lab experiments on ex-vivo porcine eye
Author(s): Yoko Miura; Wolfgang Draxinger; Christin Grill; Tom Pfeiffer; Salvatore Grisanti; Robert Huber
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Stereo microscope based OCT system capable of subnanometer vibrometry in the middle ear
Author(s): Wihan Kim; Sangmin Kim; John S. Oghalai; Brian E. Applegate
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Miniature handheld multi-view optical coherence tomography probe for intraoperative vascular imaging
Author(s): Yong Huang; Yingxiong Xie; Xiaochen Li; Jian Yang; Yongtian Wang; Dedi Tong; Shanlin Chen; Jin U. Kang
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Progress in OCT based functional cellular resolution retinal imaging in mice: application of temporal super averaging
Author(s): Robert J. Zawadzki; Pengfei Zhang; Eric B. Miller; Suman K. Manna; Ratheesh K. Meleppat; Marie E. Burns; Edward N. Pugh Jr.
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Hyperspectral optical coherence tomography: a tool for in vivo visualization of melanin in the retinal pigment epithelium
Author(s): Danielle J. Harper; Thomas Konegger; Kornelia Schützenberger; Marco Augustin; Martin Glösmann; Antonia Lichtenegger; Pablo Eugui; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Bernhard Baumann
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Real time volumetric region of interest tracking for sensorless adaptive optics retinal imaging
Author(s): Daniel J. Wahl; Ringo Ng; Joey Huang; Worawee Janpongsri; Marinko V. Sarunic; Yifan Jian
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Optical radiomic signatures derived from OCT images to improve identification of melanoma
Author(s): Zahra Turani; Emad Fatemizadeh; Tatiana Blumetti; Steven Daveluy; Ana Flavia Moraes; Wei Chen; Darius Mehregan; Peter E. Andersen; Mohammadreza Nasiriavanaki
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Assessment of occlusal enamel alterations utilizing depolarization imaging based on PS-OCT
Author(s): Jonas Golde; Florian Tetschke; Robin Vosahlo; Julia Walther; Christian Hannig; Edmund Koch; Lars Kirsten
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New approach of staging and grading in bladder cancer with optical coherence tomography and Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Daniela Bovenkamp; Ryan Sentosa; Elisabet Rank; Mikael T. Erkkilä; Fabian Placzek; Jeremias Püls; Rainer A. Leitgeb; Wolfgang Drexler; Nathalie Garstka; Shahrokh F. Shariat; Clara Stiebing; Iwan W. Schie; Jürgen Popp; Marco Andreana; Angelika Unterhuber
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Optical coherence tomography in otitis media with effusion diagnosing
Author(s): P. A. Shilyagin; A. A. Novozhilov; T. E. Abubakirov; G. V. Gelikonov; A. V. Shakhov; V. M. Gelikonov
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Zero roll-off retinal MHz-OCT using an FDML-laser
Author(s): Julian Klee; Jan Philip Kolb; Christin Grill; Wolfgang Draxinger; Tom Pfeiffer; Robert Huber
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A nanometer axial resolution x-ray coherence tomography with a broadband SXR radiation emitted from a compact laser plasma double-stream gas-puff target source
Author(s): Przemyslaw W. Wachulak; Andrzej Bartnik; Antony Jose Arikkatt; Henryk Fiedorowicz
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Spectral domain and swept source optical coherence tomography on a photonic integrated circuit at 840nm for ophthalmic application
Author(s): Elisabet A. Rank; Stefan Nevlacsil; Paul Müllner; Rainer Hainberger; Alejandro Maese-Novo; Marcus Dülk; Stefan Gloor; Matthias Völker; Nanko Verwaal; Gerald Meinhardt; Martin Sagmeister; Jochen Kraft; Padraic Morrissey; Moises Jezzini; Zhiheng Quan; Peter O'Brien; Stefan Richter; Michael Kempe; Dana Seyringer; Wolfgang Drexler
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840-nm combined-SLED source integrated in 14-pin butterfly module with 140-nm bandwidth
Author(s): S. Gloor; J. Dahdah; N. Primerov; T. von Niederhäusern; M. Duelk; C. Velez
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Automated heterodyne method to characterize semiconductor based akinetic swept laser sources
Author(s): Carlos Reyes; Tomasz Piwonski; Brian Corbett; Brendan Roycroft
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Towards combined optical coherence tomography and multi-spectral imaging with MHz a-scan rates for endoscopy
Author(s): Madita Göb; Tom Pfeiffer; Robert Huber
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Compressional optical coherence elastography for performing histology-like assessment of breast cancers
Author(s): Vladimir Y. Zaitsev; Ekaterina V. Gubarkova; Alexander A. Sovetsky; Alexander L. Matveyev; Dmitry A. Vorontsov; Lev A. Matveev; Anton A. Plekhanov; Sergey S. Kuznetsov; Alexey Y. Vorontsov; Natalia D. Gladkova
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Dual-beam manually-actuated catheters for wide-field distortion-corrected optical imaging
Author(s): Anthony M. D. Lee; Andrea Manjarres; Calum MacAulay; Pierre M. Lane
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4D microscopic optical coherence tomography imaging of ex vivo mucus transport
Author(s): M. Münter; H. Schulz-Hildebrandt; M. Pieper; P. König; G. Hüttmann
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Depth-resolved attenuation coefficient estimation for skin cancer assessment with optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Eusebio Real; Gema Pérez Paredes; José M. López Higuera; Olga M. Conde
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Correlation mapping nano-sensitive optical coherence tomography (cm-nsOCT): a novel technique for structural characterization
Author(s): Sergey A. Alexandrov; Paul M. McNamara; Gillian Lynch; Cerine Lal; Josh Hogan; Martin Leahy
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Semantic denoising autoencoders for retinal optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Max-Heinrich Laves; Sontje Ihler; Lüder Alexander Kahrs; Tobias Ortmaier
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Combined visible light optical coherence microscopy and fluorescence imaging setup to investigate 5-aminolevulinic acid postive glioma samples
Author(s): Antonia Lichtenegger; Johanna Gesperger; Barbara Kiesel; Danielle J. Harper; Pablo Eugui; Matthias Salas; Marco Augustin; Thomas Roetzer; Christoph K. Hitzenberger; Georg Widhalm; Adelheid Woehrer; Bernhard Baumann
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Ex vivo and in vivo imaging of human brain tissue with different OCT systems
Author(s): P. Strenge; B. Lange; C. Grill; W. Draxinger; V. Danicke; D. Theisen-Kunde; M. Bonsanto; R. Huber; R. Brinkmann
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MHz OCT angiography for 60 degree retinal imaging and microscopic choriocapillaris imaging
Author(s): M. Niederleithner; L. Ginner; M. Salas; H. Ren; M. A. Arain; R. Williams; W. Drexler; R. A. Leitgeb; T. Schmoll
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Adaptive optics optical coherence tomography in clinical settings
Author(s): Michael Pircher; Adrian Reumueller; Matthias Salas; Lorenz Wassermann; Julia Hafner; Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth; Wolfgang Drexler; Andreas Pollreisz
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Machine learning for optical coherence tomography angiography
Author(s): Julian Lo; Morgan Heisler; Arman Athwal; Francis Tran; Marinko V. Sarunic
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Sensorless adaptive optics optical coherence tomography for two photon excited fluorescence mouse retinal imaging
Author(s): Daniel J. Wahl; Myeong Jin Ju; Yifan Jian; Marinko V. Sarunic
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Artificial test eyes for multimodal imaging
Author(s): Wim de Jong; Tjeerd Russchenberg; Arjen Amelink; Michael Kempe; Matthias Salas; Rainer Leitgeb
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Observing dynamic changes in articular cartilage birefringence during compression using polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Matthew Goodwin; Ashvin Thambyah; Frédérique Vanholsbeeck
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Optical coherence elastography for visualization of spatio-temporal strain dynamics in thermo-mechanical modification of corneal and cartilaginous tissues
Author(s): Vladimir Y. Zaitsev; Alexander A. Sovetsky; Alexander L. Matveyev; Lev A. Matveev; Olga I. Baum
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Computational phase imaging using spatio-temporal wavefront modulation
Author(s): F. Soldevila; V. Durán; P. Clemente; J. Lancis; E. Tajahuerce
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Characteristics of brain tumor with optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Chia-Heng Wu; Wen-Ju Chen; Cihun-Siyong Alex Gong; Meng-Tsan Tsai
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Improved visualization of decomposing tattoos using optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Manuel J. Marques; Jasmine Pomeroy; Robert Green; Chris Deter; Adrian Bradu; Adrian Podoleanu
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Optical coherence tomography to predict the quality of meat
Author(s): Abi Thampi; Sam Hitchman; Stephane Coen; Frédérique Vanholsbeeck
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2D transform-domain Fourier filters for eliminating microsaccade noise in en face optical coherence tomography angiography
Author(s): Jianlong Yang; Liyang Fang; Yan Hu; Yitian Zhao; Yalin Zheng; Jiang Liu
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Durable 3D test standards from mouse retina for performance testing of high-resolution optical coherence tomography systems
Author(s): Álvaro Barroso; Peter Heiduschka; Gerburg Nettels-Hackert; Steffi Ketelhut; Björn Kemper; Jürgen Schnekenburger
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Dual-band wavelength-comb-swept laser to extend displacement measurement range
Author(s): Seongjin Bak; Gyeong Hun Kim; Chang-Seok Kim
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Automatic determination of anterior and posterior corneal limbi from OCT images based on corneal shape analysis
Author(s): Marta Skrok; David Alonso-Caneiro; Damian Siedlecki
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Optical coherence tomography as a tool to visualize biofilm formation over removable prosthesis
Author(s): Mayra M. Aquino; Cláudia C. B. O. Mota; João P. C. L. Santos; Patricia L. A. Nascimento; Sérgio L. Campello; Anderson S. L. Gomes
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Retinal phantom for evaluation of retinal OCT-angiography and fundus angiography
Author(s): Sang-Won Lee; Hyunji Lee; Nafra M. Samiudin; Il Doh
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Effect of Nd:YAG laser and aluminum oxide sandblasting preconditioning on lingual enamel: brackets shear bond strength and morphological characterization
Author(s): Mônica S. Lopes; Cláudia C. B. O. Mota; Daísa L. Pereira; Marcello M. Amaral; Denise M. Zezell; Anderson S. L. Gomes
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Optical coherence tomography-based 3D intraoral scanner
Author(s): Joo Beom Eom; Jonghyun Eom; Anjin Park; Jin-Chul Ahn
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Spectral domain OCT using achromatic phase shifter
Author(s): Pavel A. Shilyagin; Dmitry A. Terpelov; Valentin M. Gelikonov; Grigory V. Gelikonov
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Phase-optimization wavefront shaping simulations in two-dimensional scattering media based on Maxwell's equations
Author(s): Felix Ott; Benjamin Krüger; Alwin Kienle
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Maximum length sequence algorithm for wavefront shaping
Author(s): Oleksandr Danko; Volodymyr Danko; Andrey Kovalenko; Vitalij Kurashov
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Evaluation of optical attenuation coefficient of living kidney using OCT
Author(s): Weijun Li; Chunfa Wu; Yuhong Fang; Junxia Li; Zheng Huang
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Optical coherence tomography of human brain glioma as a promising tool for intraoperative diagnostics in neurosurgery
Author(s): Polina V. Aleksandrova; Irina N. Dolganova; Nikita V. Chernomyrdin; Guzel R. Musina; Sheykh-Islyam T. Beshplav; Aleksandra V. Kosyrkova; Igor V. Reshetov; Valery V. Tuchin; Kirill I. Zaytsev
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Characterization of speckle patterns generated by a semiconductor laser with optical feedback for speckle reduction in retinal imaging instruments
Author(s): Donatus Halpaap; Jordi Tiana-Alsina; Meritxell Vilaseca; Cristina Masoller
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