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Opto-Acoustic Methods and Applications in Biophotonics IV
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Volume Number: 11077
Date Published: 4 October 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11077
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optoacoustic guidance for stem cell therapy
Author(s): Martin J. Leahy
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High-frequency photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging of systemic sclerosis patients
Author(s): Khalid Daoudi; Brigit E. Kersten; Madelon Vonk; Chris L. de Korte
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Tumor ablation and volumetric optoacoustic monitoring with a short-pulsed laser source
Author(s): Vijitha Periyasamy; Çağla Özsoy; Michael Reiss; Xosé Luís Deán-Ben; Daniel Razansky
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In-situ temperature monitoring with photoacoustics during photothermal therapy and perspectives for glioblastoma treatment monitoring
Author(s): K. Metwally; C. Bastiancich; N. Dumas; F. Correard; A. Novell; F. Chaspoul; N. Jones; G. Tselikov; A. Popov; A. Al-Kattan; A. V. Kabashin; B. Larrat; D. Braguer; S. Mensah; M.-A. Estève; A. Da Silva
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Analysis of different approaches for blood oxygenation determination from multispectral optoacoustic measurements
Author(s): I. V. Turchin; V. V. Perekatova; M. Yu. Kirillin; D. A. Kurakina; A. G. Orlova; P. V. Subochev
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Photoacoustic computed tomography for joint reconstruction of initial pressure and sound speed in vivo using a feature coupling method
Author(s): Chuangjian Cai; Xuanhao Wang; Kexin Deng; Jianwen Luo; Cheng Ma
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Use of angular distribution of differential photoacoustic cross-section data for estimating source size
Author(s): Anuj Kaushik; Deepak Sonker; Ratan K. Saha
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Probing the optical readout characteristics of Fabry-Perot ultrasound sensors through realistic modelling
Author(s): Dylan M. Marques; James A. Guggenheim; Rehman Ansari; Edward Z. Zhang; Paul C. Beard; Peter R. T. Munro
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Optical phase shifted pulse interferometry for parallel multi-channel ultrasound detection
Author(s): Yoav Hazan; Amir Rosenthal
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Multimodal imaging through a multimode fiber
Author(s): Antonio Miguel Caravaca Aguirre; Sakshi Singh; Simon Labouesse; Rafael Piestun; Emmanuel Bossy
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Annular illumination photoacoustic probe for needle guidance in medical interventions
Author(s): Elina Rascevska; Francis Kalloor Joseph; Srirang Manohar
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In-vivo hybrid microscopy of small model organisms
Author(s): Markus Seeger; Gil Westmeyer; Vasilis Ntziachristos
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Developments on using supercontinuum sources for high resolution multi-imaging instruments for biomedical applications
Author(s): Gianni Nteroli; Magalie Bondu; Peter M. Moselund; Adrian Podoleanu; Adrian Bradu
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Out-of-plane artifact removal in photoacoustic imaging using transducer array displacement
Author(s): H. N. Y. Nguyen; W. Steenbergen
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Photoacoustic tomography setup using LED illumination
Author(s): Jarkko Leskinen; Aki Pulkkinen; Jenni Tick; Tanja Tarvainen
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Generation and monitoring of cavitation with an optical resolution photoacoustic microscope
Author(s): G. Paltauf; R. Nuster
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Dual-wavelength nanosecond pulsed-laser using stimulated Raman scattering for fast functional photoacoustic microscopy
Author(s): Sang Min Park; Soon-Woo Cho; Do Yeon Kim; Sang-Won Lee; Chang-Seok Kim
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Optoacoustic angiography of experimental tumors
Author(s): Anna Orlova; Marina Sirotkina; Ekaterina Smolina; Vadim Elagin; Ilya Turchin; Pavel Subochev
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A robust modified delay-and-sum algorithm for photoacoustic tomography imaging with apodized sensors
Author(s): Pankaj Warbal; Manojit Pramanik; Ratan K. Saha
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Pulse interferometry with a free-space Fabry-Perot for shot-noise-limited detection of ultrasound
Author(s): Oleg Volodarsky; Yoav Hazan; Amir Rosenthal
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Photoacoustic assisted device guidance and thermal lesion imaging for radiofrequency ablation
Author(s): Francis Kalloor Joseph; Srirang Manohar
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Laser-induced ultrasound transmitters for 3D photoacoustic and ultrasound tomography
Author(s): Damien Gasteau; David Thompson; Srirang Manohar
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Fundamental study for identification and elimination of reflection artifacts with photoacoustic spectrum
Author(s): Y. Nakao; T. Namita; K. Kondo; M. Yamakawa; T. Shiina
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Combined photoacoustic and fluorescence label-free microscopy for the ex-vivo investigation of ocular tissues
Author(s): George J. Tserevelakis; Kostas G. Mavrakis; Danai Pantazopoulou; Eleni Karamouzi; Stella Avtzi; Miltiadis K. Tsilimbaris; Eleni Lagoudaki; Efstathios Detorakis; Giannis Zacharakis
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Acoustic resolution photoacoustic microscopy with large area optical ultrasound detection
Author(s): Robert Nuster; Patrick Rupp; Guenther Paltauf
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Large area all-optical ultrasound imaging using robotic control
Author(s): Richard J. Colchester; Erwin J. Alles; George Dwyer; Efthymios Maneas; Danail Stoyanov; Adrien E. Desjardins
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Non-invasive in-vivo sensing of metabolites with a novel optoacoustic spectroscope in the SWIR
Author(s): M. Mehdi Seyedebrahimi; Miguel A. Pleitez; Pouyan Mohajerani; Vasilis Ntziachristos
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Model for the description of remote photoacoustic sensing using speckle-analysis
Author(s): Benjamin Lengenfelder; Martin Hohmann; Florian Klämpfl; Azhar Zam; Manuel Weiß; Stefan J. Rupitsch; Zeev Zalevsky; Michael Schmidt
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Evaluation of arthritis with model rats using photoacoustic imaging system
Author(s): Kohei Ogawa; Takeshi Namita; Kengo Kondo; Makoto Yamakawa; Tsuyoshi Shiina
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Multiphysics simulation approach for photo-acoustics temperature monitoring in rodent's head during photothermal therapy
Author(s): K. Metwally; A. Cappart; G. Ndjehoya; J. Cheng; A. Da Silva; S. Mensah
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Acoustic differentiation of dental soft and hard tissues using remote speckle-analysis during Er:YAG ablation
Author(s): Benjamin Lengenfelder; Karen Schwarzkopf; Nicolai Oetter; Fanuel Mehari; Eric Eschner; Florian Klämpfl; Florian Stelzle; Marco Kesting; Zeev Zalevsky; Michael Schmidt
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Intraplaque haemorrhage detection using single-wavelength PAI and singular value decomposition in the carotid artery
Author(s): Roy P. M. van Hees; Min Wu; Frans N. van de Vosse; Richard G. P. Lopata; Marcel C. M. Rutten
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Probing intervertebral discs with photoacoustics
Author(s): Khaled Metwally; Olivier Boiron; Valérie Deplano; Solène Prost; Anabela Da Silva
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Remote speckle-sensing for improved differentiation between different types of tissues
Author(s): Benjamin Lengenfelder; Samuel Funk; Martin Hohmann; Moritz Späth; Florian Klämpfl; Florian Stelzle; Zeev Zalevsky; Michael Schmidt
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Camera-based photoacoustic remote sensing microscopy
Author(s): Min Choi; Roger J. Zemp
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