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Advances in Microscopic Imaging II
Editor(s): Emmanuel Beaurepaire; Francesco Saverio Pavone; Peter T. C. So
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Volume Number: 11076
Date Published: 4 October 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11076
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Adaptive holographic region of interest illumination with oblique angles for use in single molecule localization microscopy
Author(s): Alexander Jügler; Jan Becker; Ronny Förster; Rainer Heintzmann
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Robust online image processing for high-throughput super-resolution localization microscopy
Author(s): Hongqiang Ma; Jianquan Xu; Yang Liu
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Automated multiwell plate STORM: towards open source super-resolved high content analysis
Author(s): F. Görlitz; J. Lightley; S. Kumar; E. Garcia; M. Yan; R. Wysoczanski; Y. Alexandrov; J. R. Baker; P. J. Barnes; I. Munro; L. E. Donnelly; C. Dunsby; M. A. A. Neil; P. M. W. French
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Advances in microscopic imaging at the nanoscale using soft X-rays and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) from a compact laser plasma source
Author(s): Przemyslaw Wachulak; Andrzej Bartnik; Henryk Fiedorowicz
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Chromatic serial multiphoton microscopy for multicolor imaging of large brain volumes
Author(s): Lamiae Abdeladim; Katherine S. Matho; Solène Clavreul; Pierre Mahou; Jean-Marc Sintes; Xavier Solinas; Ignacio Arganda-Carreras; Anatole Chessel; Steve Turney; Jeff W. Lichtman; Alexis-Pierre Bemelmans; Karine Loulier; Willy Supatto; Jean Livet; Emmanuel Beaurepaire
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Label-free imaging of bipolar cell axons in mouse retina by second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Festa Bucinca-Cupallari; Hyungsik Lim
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Full-optical stimulation and readout of neuronal activity during optogenetically-evoked movements in awake mice
Author(s): Francesco Resta; Elena Montagni; Giuseppe De Vito; Alessandro Scaglione; Anna Letizia Allegra Mascaro; Francesco Saverio Pavone
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Myeloarchitecture of the murine neocortex visualized by intrinsic third-harmonic generation
Author(s): Michael Redlich; Hyungsik Lim
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Three-dimensional analysis of human brain cytoarchitectonics by means of a SWITCH/TDE-combined clearing method
Author(s): Irene Costantini; Giacomo Mazzamuto; Annunziatina Laurino; Erica Lazzeri; Leonardo Sacconi; Mattia Neri; Andrea Simonetto; Matteo Roffilli; Ludovico Silvestri; Francesco S. Pavone
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Deep learning strategies for scalable analysis of high-resolution brain imagery
Author(s): Giacomo Mazzamuto; Francesco Orsini; Matteo Roffilli; Paolo Frasconi; Francesco S. Pavone; Ludovico Silvestri
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Label-free THG imaging of bone tissue microstructure: effect of low gravity on the lacuno-canalicular network
Author(s): Rachel Genthial; Emmanuel Beaurepaire; Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein; Françoise Peyrin; Cécile Olivier; Maude Gerbaix; Laurence Vico; Aurélien Gourrier; Delphine Débarre
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Correlative multiphoton microscopy and infrared nanospectroscopy of label-free collagen
Author(s): Jérémie Mathurin; Gervaise Mosser; Alexandre Dazzi; Ariane Deniset-Besseau; Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein; Gaël Latour
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Improved and fast biotissue imaging by temporal focusing widefield multiphoton microscopy with spatially modulated illumination
Author(s): Chia-Yuan Chang; Chun-Yu Lin; Vladimir A. Hovhannisyan; Shean-Jen Chen
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Nonlinear imaging of female breast tissue biopsies
Author(s): Evangelia Gavgiotaki; Vassilis Tsafas; Savvas Bovasianos; Sofia Agelaki; Vassilis Georgoulias; Maria Tzardi; Irene Athanassakis; George Filippidis
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Compressive endo-microscopy
Author(s): Lyubov V. Amitonova; Johannes F. de Boer
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Flat field illumination for improved fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): I. Khaw; B. Croop; J. Tang; A. Moehl; U. Fuchs; K. Y. Han
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Light-sheet modulation for increased light-efficiency in a selective plane illumination microscope
Author(s): Chiara Garbellotto; Jonathan M. Taylor
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High resolution 3D imaging of primary and secondary tumor spheroids using multicolor multi-angle Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM)
Author(s): Stylianos E. Psycharakis; Evangelos Liapis; Athanasios Zacharopoulos; Mariam-Eleni Oraiopoulou; Chrysoula Aivalioti; Vangelis Sakkalis; Joseph Papamatheakis; Jorge Ripoll; Giannis Zacharakis
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Instantaneous isotropic volumetric imaging of fast biological processes
Author(s): Nils Wagner; Nils Norlin; Jakob Gierten; Gustavo de Medeiros; Bálint Balázs; Joachim Wittbrodt; Lars Hufnagel; Robert Prevedel
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Wide field of view self-referencing quantitative phase contrast microscopy based on Lloyd’s mirror interferometer
Author(s): Mugdha Joglekar; Vismay Trivedi; Swapnil Mahajan; Vani Chhnaiwal; Rainer Leitgeb; Giancarlo Pedrini; Bahram Javidi; Arun Anand
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Label-free detection of global morphology changes in confluent cell layers utilizing quantitative phase imaging with digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Björn Kemper; Luisa Pohl; Mathias Kaiser; Eva Döpker; Jürgen Schnekenburger; Steffi Ketelhut
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Large scale high sensitivity optical diffraction tomography of zebrafish
Author(s): Jos van Rooij; Jeroen Kalkman
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Blood cell - vessel wall interactions probed by reflection interference contrast microscopy
Author(s): Heather S. Davies; Natalia S. Baranova; Nouha El Amri; Liliane Coche-Guérente; Claude Verdier; Lionel Bureau; Ralf P. Richter; Delphine Débarre
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Label-free nanoscopy enabled by coherent imaging with photonic waveguides
Author(s): Florian Ströhl; Ida S. Opstad; Jean-Claude Tinguely; Firehun T. Dullo; Clemens F. Kaminski; Balpreet S. Ahluwalia
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Deep-learning for phase unwrapping in lens-free imaging
Author(s): L. Hervé; C. Allier; O. Cioni; F. Navarro; M. Menneteau; S. Morales
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Three-dimensional nanoscale nuclear architecture mapping for improved cancer risk stratification
Author(s): Shikhar Uttam; Yang Liu
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Optical biomarkers for detection of malignant tissue using digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Violeta L. Calin; Mona Mihailescu; Radu V. Costea; Adrian Dumitru; Oana-Maria Patrascu; Felix Brehar; George Petrescu; Mihai Lisievici; Brindus Comanescu; Viorela N. Grigore; Dan Butmalai; Tudor Savopol; Mihaela G. Moisescu
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Fast P-THG microscopy for the characterization of biomaterials
Author(s): Joséphine Morizet; Guillaume Ducourthial; Willy Supatto; Arthur Boutillon; Renaud Legouis; Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein; Chiara Stringari; Emmanuel Beaurepaire
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Fast polarization imaging in coherent Raman scattering for the observation of lipid order dynamics in real-time
Author(s): Matthias Hofer; Naveen Kumar Balla; Sophie Brasselet
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Mueller microscopy of full thickness skin models combined with image segmentation
Author(s): Hee Ryung Lee; Christian Lotz; Florian Kai Groeber-Becker; Sofia Dembski; Enric Garcia-Caurel; Razvigor Ossikovski; Tatiana Novikova
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Fast Mueller linear polarization modality at the usual rate of a laser scanning microscope
Author(s): Sylvain Rivet; Matthieu Dubreuil; Adrian Bradu; Yann Le Grand
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Investigating Bcl-2 family protein-protein interactions using a high-speed multiplexing confocal FLIM microscope
Author(s): Nehad Hirmiz; Anthony Tsikouras; Elizabeth J. Osterlund; Morgan Richards; Jessica Kun; David W. Andrews; Qiyin Fang
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Multi-target immunofluorescence using spectral FLIM-FRET for separation of undesirable antibody cross-labeling
Author(s): Sumeet Rohilla; Benedikt Krämer; Felix Koberling; Ingo Gregor; Andreas C. Hocke
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Label-free, scalable and point-of-care imaging platform for rapid analysis of biomarker
Author(s): Luc Duempelmann; Roland A. Terborg; Josselin Pello; Ilaria Mannelli; Filiz Yesilkoy; Alexander A. Belushkin; Yasaman Jahani; Nuria Fabri-Faja; Priyanka Dey; Olalla Calvo-Lozano; M.-Carmen Estevez; Anna Fàbrega; Juan J. González-López; Laura M. Lechuga; Hatice Altug; Valerio Pruneri
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Detection of trichomonal vaginalis through lensless optofluidic microscopy
Author(s): Jessica Kun; Marek Smieja; Leyla Soleymani; Qiyin Fang
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Microplastics detection and environmentally toxicity testing by multimodal optical metrology
Author(s): Álvaro Barroso; Björn Kemper; Steffi Ketelhut; Stefan Graß; Jens Reiber; Jürgen Schnekenburger
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Combining TIR and FRET: from fluorescence microscopy to a multi-well reader system
Author(s): Herbert Schneckenburger; Petra Weber; Michael Wagner; Sandra Enderle; Julian Weghuber; Peter Lanzerstorfer
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Characterising cross-coupling in coherent fibre bundles
Author(s): Helen E. Parker; Antonios Perperidis; Ahmed Karam-Eldaly; Yoann Altmann; Kevin Dhaliwal; Robert R. Thomson; Stephen McLaughlin; Michael G. Tanner
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Piezo-fiber multipattern scanner for endoscopy
Author(s): Miyase Tekpinar; Ramin Khayatzadeh; Onur Ferhanoglu
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CNN based classification of 5 cell types by diffraction images
Author(s): Jiahong Jin; Jun Q. Lu; Yuhua Wen; Peng Tian; Xin-Hua Hu
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A spatiotemporal analysis using second harmonic generation reveals enhancement of type I collagen polymerization by dermatan sulfate glycosaminoglycans
Author(s): Keshav Kumar Jha; Purba Sarkar; Rabindra Biswas; Ramray Bhat; Varun Raghunathan
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Extended field-of-view microendoscopy through aberration corrected GRIN lenses
Author(s): Andrea Sattin; Andrea Antonini; Serena Bovetti; Claudio Moretti; Angelo Forli; Francesca Succol; Vijayakumar P. Rajamanickam; Andrea Bertoncini; Carlo Liberale; Tommaso Fellin
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Integration of highly-refractive spheres in microfluidic chips for high-contrast detection of bacteria with low-magnification systems
Author(s): D. Migliozzi; V. Viri; M. A. M. Gijs
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Probing chemosensitivity and energy metabolism in patients-derived colorectal cancer cells
Author(s): Irina Druzhkova; Maria Lukina; Nadezhda Ignatova; Varvara Dudenkova; Marina Shirmanova; Vladimir Zagainov; Nikolay Kiselev; Lyubov' Shimolina; Elena Zagaynova
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Wavelet leader based multifractal analysis of phase contrast images for cervical precancer detection
Author(s): Gyana Ranjan Sahoo; Shivam Shukla; Asima Pradhan
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Phase transition monitoring in adipose tissue by multiphoton microscope
Author(s): Irina Yu. Yanina; Viktor V. Nikolaev; Vyacheslav I. Kochubey; Valery V. Tuchin; Yury V. Kistenev
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Time encoded chromatic confocal microscopy for wide field 3D surface profiling
Author(s): Se Jin Park; Hansol Jang; Chang-Seok Kim
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Simulation approach to optimize fluorescence imaging performance of wide-field temporal-focusing microscopy with tunable wavelength excitation
Author(s): Fan-Ching Chien
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The potential of laser interferometry for a non-invasive assessment of biopolymer film structure and biological properties
Author(s): Irina Vasilenko M.D.; Nataliya Kil'deeva; Vladislav Metelin; Nikita Sazhnev; Vasilina Zakharova; Nina Shikhina
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Method for non-invasive hemoglobin oxygen saturation measurement using broadband light source and color filters
Author(s): Wenze Wu; Finn-Niclas Stapelfeldt; Thomas Weimann; Peter Hinze; Thorsten Dziomba; Bernd Bodermann; Stefanie Kroker; Hutomo Suryo Wasisto; Andreas Waag
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Diagnostic decision support tool for anemias based on label-free holographic imaging
Author(s): Martina Mugnano; Pasquale Memmolo; Lisa Miccio; Francesco Merola; Vittorio Bianco; Antonella Gambale; Roberta Russo; Immacolata Andolfo; Achille Iolascon ; Pietro Ferraro
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Holographic imaging for 3D cells morphology in microfluidic flow
Author(s): Pasquale Memmolo; Massimiliano Villone; Francesco Merola; Martina Mugnano; Lisa Miccio; Pier Luca Maffettone; Pietro Ferraro
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Adaptive fluctuation imaging captures rapid subcellular dynamics
Author(s): Ida S. Opstad; Florian Ströhl; Åsa B. Birgisdottir; Sebastián Maldonado; Trine Kalstad; Truls Myrmel; Krishna Agarwal; Balpreet S. Ahluwalia
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Response of patient-specific cell cultures to photodynamic treatment analyzed by digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): A. A. Zhikhoreva; A. V. Belashov; N. A. Avdonkina; I. A. Baldueva; A. B. Danilova; M. L. Gelfond; T. L. Nekhaeva; I. V. Semenova; O. S. Vasyutinskii
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Concept and optical design of the underwater microscope
Author(s): Dmitry N. Frolov; Olga A. Vinogradova; Alexey D. Frolov; Alexey G. Tabachkov
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Real-time visualization of structural and biochemical information using single laser source
Author(s): Ungyo Kang; Jiheun Ryu; Joon Woo Song; Jin Won Kim; Hongki Yoo; Bomi Gweon
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Development of all-optical imaging system for studying cerebral blood flow regulation using optogenetics
Author(s): Minkyung Kim; Hyun-joon Shin
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Two-photon excited polarized fluorescence in NADH in methanol/water solutions
Author(s): I. A. Gorbunova; N. O. Bezverkhnii; A. A. Zhikhoreva; Y. M. Beltukov; M. E. Sasin; J. Rubayo-Soneira; O. S. Vasyutinskii
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