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Novel Biophotonics Techniques and Applications V
Editor(s): Arjen Amelink; Seemantini K. Nadkarni
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Volume Number: 11075
Date Published: 4 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11075
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical interferometric temperature sensors for intravascular blood flow measurements
Author(s): Elizabeth Carr; Eleanor C. Mackle; Malcolm C. Finlay; Charles A. Mosse; Joanna M. Coote; Ioannis Papakonstantinou; Adrien E. Desjardins
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Assessment of optical coherence tomography speckle patterns in low-scatterer-concentration regions: simulations for lymphatic vessels mapping
Author(s): Lev A. Matveev; Alexander L. Matveyev; Valentin Demidov; Alexander A. Sovetsky; Grigory V. Gelikonov; Vladimir Y. Zaitsev; I. Alex Vitkin
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Towards direct measurements of remitted photon path lengths in skin: kinetic studies in the range 520-800 nm
Author(s): V. Lukinsone; M. Osis; J. Latvels; I. Kuzmina; U. Rubins; N. Zorina; A. Maslobojeva; J. Spigulis
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Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) optical fibers for remote sensing
Author(s): Aditya H. Pandya; J. Carl Kumaradas; Alexandre Douplik
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Studies of age-related changes in blood perfusion coherence using wearable blood perfusion sensor system
Author(s): Yulia I. Loktionova; Evgeny A. Zherebtsov; Elena V. Zharkikh; Igor O. Kozlov; Angelina I. Zherebtsova; Victor V. Sidorov; Sergei G. Sokolovski; Ilya E. Rafailov; Andrey V. Dunaev; Edik U. Rafailov
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Combined fluorescence lifetime imaging-optical coherence tomography for in vivo label-free assessment of high-risk atherosclerotic plaque
Author(s): Hyeong Soo Nam; Sunwon Kim; Woo Jae Kang; Min Woo Lee; Jeongmoo Han; Joon Woo Song; Yosuf Syed Ahmed; Hyungil Kim; Wang-Yuhl Oh; Jin Won Kim; Hongki Yoo
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Diagnostics of high grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia with Mueller matrix polarimetry
Author(s): M. Kupinski; M. Boffety; R. Ossikovski; A. Pierangelo; J. Rehbinder; J. Vizet; F. Goudail; T. Novikova
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Design and evaluation of two imaging systems for very wide field fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Isaure de Kernier; Nelly Rongeat; Sophie Morales; Serge Monneret; Pierre Blandin
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Smartphone-based epifluorescence microscope for fresh tissue imaging
Author(s): Wenbin Zhu; Giacomo Pirovano; Cheng Gong; Nachiket Kulkarni; Christopher David Nguyen; Christian Brand; Thomas Reiner; Dongkyun Kang
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Microlaser-based contractility sensing in single cardiomyocytes and whole hearts
Author(s): Marcel Schubert; Lewis Woolfson; Isla R. M. Barnard; Andrew Morton; Becky Casement; Gavin B. Robertson; Gareth B. Miles; Samantha J. Pitt; Carl S. Tucker; Malte C. Gather
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Influence of interaction time on the red blood cell (dis)aggregation dynamics in vitro studied by optical tweezers
Author(s): Ruixue Zhu; Tatiana Avsievich; Alexey Popov; Igor Meglinski
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Probing living cells by terahertz attenuated total reflection: application to permeabilization dynamics
Author(s): G. Gallot; X. Zheng; M. Grognot; A. Azan; T. Garcia-Sanchez; L. Descamps; L. M. Mir
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Combined use of optical tweezers and scanning electron microscopy to reveal influence of nanoparticles on red blood cells interactions
Author(s): Tatiana Avsievich; Yana Tarakanchikova; Alexey Popov; Artashes Karmenyan; Alexander Bykov; Igor Meglinski
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Hydrogels for light delivery in in vivo optogenetic applications
Author(s): Sonja Johannsmeier; Maria L. Torres-Mapa; Tammo Ripken; Dag Heinemann; Alexander Heisterkamp
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Results on identification of bacteria aging in complex environmental samples using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): V. Rebuffel; J.-C. Baritaux; E. Bergmann; P. Marcoux; I. Espagnon; S. Morales
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Delayed luminescence for in vitro study of mitochondrial dysfunctions in neurodegenerative diseases
Author(s): R. Grasso; R. Pellitteri; F. Musumeci; V. Rapicavoli; G. Sposito; A. Triglia; A. Scordino; A. Campisi
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Laser speckle micro-rheology for investigating the biomechanics of breast cancer progression
Author(s): Zeinab Hajjarian; Elena Brachtel; Diane Tshikudi; Seemantini Nadkarni
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Use of dynamic light scattering for assessing acute pain
Author(s): Suzanne Broens; Adi Schejter Bar-Noam; Ilya Fine; Louis Shenkman; Monique van Velzen; Marieke Niesters; Albert Dahan
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High accuracy platelet counting using lensfree imaging
Author(s): D. Isèbe; E. Gremion; A. Daynès; B. Thouy; N. Rongeat; S. Bressieux; A. Ali-Cherif; V. Rebuffel; P. Joly; S. Morales; O. Cioni; P. Blandin
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Novel method for non-invasive blood pressure measurement from the finger using an optical system based on dynamic light scattering
Author(s): Adi Schejter Bar-Noam; Alexander Kaminsky; Albert Bravo; Louis Shenkman; Naomi Nacasch; Ilya Fine
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Correlation of mosquito wing-beat harmonics to aid in species classification and flight heading assessment
Author(s): Samuel Jansson; Alem Gebru; Rickard Ignell; Jessica Abbott; Mikkel Brydegaard
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Influence of scattering and birefringence on the phase shift between electric field components of polarized light propagated through biological tissues
Author(s): Mariia Borovkova; Alexander Bykov; Alexey Popov; Igor Meglinski
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Multimaterial bioresorbable optical fibers for theranostics
Author(s): Daniel Milanese; Diego Pugliese; Nadia G. Boetti; Stavros Pissadakis; Maria Konstantaki; Pavel Peterka; Laura Di Sieno; Duccio Gallichi-Nottiani; Joris Lousteau; Davide Janner
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Tumor growth monitoring using polarized light
Author(s): Briséis Varin; Jean Rehbinder; Jean Dellinger; Christian Heinrich; Jordane Schmidt; Caroline Spenlé; Dominique Bagnard; Jihad Zallat
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Raman spectroscopy using spatial light modulators
Author(s): Zhiyu Liao; Faris Sinjab; Ioan Notingher
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Disposable and versatile optical sensors for SERS analysis of liquid samples by fiber-based spectroscopy
Author(s): C. Credi; O. Bibikova; C. Dallari; B. Tiribilli; F. Ratto; S. Centi; R. Pini; V. Artyushenko; R. Cicchi; Francesco S. Pavone
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Anticoagulation and hemostasis monitoring during cardiac surgery with a drop of whole blood using a novel optical sensor
Author(s): Diane M. Tshikudi; Alexandra G. Wirth; Michael N. Andrawes; Seemantini K. Nadkarni
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Comparative study of quantitative methods to determine component concentration for water-free biotissue phantom
Author(s): Ravshanjon Nazarov; Tianmiao Zhang; Mikhail Khodzitsky; Petr Demchenko
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Optical trapping dynamics probed by real-time back-scatter imaging
Author(s): Anita Devi; Arijit K. De
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Fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool for discriminating Escherichia coli contaminated meat
Author(s): Mikhail V. Mekhrengin; Igor K. Meshkovskii; Lidia A. Kaftyreva; Vladislav I. Guriev
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Tissue polarimetric study I: In search of reference parameters and depolarizing Mueller matrix model of ex vivo colon samples
Author(s): Deyan Ivanov; Razvigor Ossikovski; Tatiana Novikova; Pengcheng Li; Ekaterina Borisova; Tsanislava Genova; Lian Nedelchev; Dimana Nazarova
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Multi channels fiber optic reflex probes for fluorescent and UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy based on novel types of multimode fiber optics bundles
Author(s): G. Danielyan; I. Shilov; A. A. Zamyatin; L. Y. Kochmarev; A. Makovetskii; S. Savosin
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Solid heterogeneous phantoms for multimodal ultrasound and diffuse optical imaging: an outcome of the SOLUS project for standardization
Author(s): Laura Di Sieno; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Hélène Sportouche; David Savéry; Sanathana Konugolu Venkata Sekar; Bogdan Rosinski; Andrea Farina; Edoardo Ferocino; Pranav Lanka; Paola Taroni; Antonio Pifferi; Alberto Dalla Mora
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Terahertz pulsed spectroscopy of human brain tumors in a gelatin slab
Author(s): G. R. Musina; A. A. Gavdush; N. V. Chernomyrdin; I. N. Dolganova; S.-I. T. Beshplav; P. V. Nikitin; A. V. Kosyr'kova; G. A. Komandin; S. A. Goryaynov; A. A. Potapov; V. V. Tuchin; K. I. Zaytsev
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Single blood cell Raman spectroscopy reveals elevated haemoglobin content in poikilocytosis
Author(s): Suet Man Tsui; Condon Lau
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Laser induced functionalized graphene oxides for both multiphoton imaging and near-infrared photothermal therapy
Author(s): Seung Won Jun; Chang-Seok Kim
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Combined multi-wavelength laser speckle contrast imaging and diffuse reflectance imaging for skin perfusion assessment
Author(s): A. Sdobnov; A. Bykov; A. Popov; I. Lihacova; A. Lihachev; J. Spigulis; I. Meglinski
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Zeolite magnetic nano/micro-particles for adsorption, delivery and release of photodynamic dyes
Author(s): Vladimir Hovhannisyan; Katarina Siposova; Andrej Musatov; Zuzana Mitroova; Shean-Jen Chen
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Hollow gold nanoshells modified with PEG: synthesis and application as photothermal agents
Author(s): I. Grabowska-Jadach; M. Drozd; D. Kalinowska; M. Pietrzak; Z. Iwoń; E. Malinowska; Z. Brzózka; A. Dybko
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A fiber based in vitro optical signal diagnosis technique for interspecies transmissibility
Author(s): Hyun Jin Bang; Seung Rag Lee; Byung Yeon Kim; Kiri Lee; Minsuk Lee; Sung Jun Hong; Yong Shin; Byung Jun Park
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Assessing calvarial defect healing with trace element analysis and Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Rafay Ahmed; Condon Lau
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Hybrid technique for characterization of human skin using a combined machine learning and inverse Monte Carlo approach
Author(s): N. Verdel; J. Tanevski; S. Džeroski; B. Majaron
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Activity of smooth muscle cells after short-term heating/stretch-fixing up to 96 hours
Author(s): Nao Kaminota; Emiyu Ogawa; Tsunenori Arai
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Modular multi-wavelength LED based light source for hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): R. Dolenec; L. Rogelj; J. Stergar; M. Milanic
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Novel optical technologies for ultrashort pulsed laser surgery
Author(s): Donald R. Risbridger; Rainer J. Beck; Syam P. C. Mohanan; Aongus McCarthy; Mike Shires; David Jayne; Jonathan D. Shephard
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Influence of healthy skin baseline on bruise dynamics parameters as assessed by optical methods
Author(s): Ana Marin; Nina Verdel; Matija Milanič; Boris Majaron
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Speckle sensors: laser speckle patterns for diagnostics in dermatology
Author(s): M. Zieger; S. Springer; C. Deumer; R. Riesenberg; A. Wuttig; M. Kanka; S. E. Stanca; C. Reble; G. Khazaka; M. Kaatz
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Automated microorganisms activity detection on the early growth stage using artificial neural networks
Author(s): Dmitrijs Bliznuks; Alexey Lihachev; Janis Liepins; Dilshat Uteshev; Yuriy Chizhov; Andrey Bondarenko; Katrina Bolochko
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Assessment of meat freshness and spoilage detection utilizing visible to near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): M. Peyvasteh; A. Popov; A. Bykov; I. Meglinski
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Influence of silver-core gold-shell nanoparticle parameters on the variation of surface-enhanced Raman spectra
Author(s): Maciej S. Wróbel; Katarzyna Karpienko; Marcin Marzejon; Filip Sadura; Soumik Siddhanta; Ishan Barman; Janusz Smulko
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Gold nanoparticles-enhanced gold-silver alloy surface plasmon resonance sensor for the detection of C-reactive protein
Author(s): Ru-meng Yi; Zhe Zhang; Chun-xiu Liu; Zhi-mei Qi
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Early diagnostics of ischemia by means of electrocardiographic signals processing using acousto-optic Fourier processors with time integration
Author(s): K. V. Zaichenko; B. S. Gurevich
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Colloidally stable silicon quantum dots as temperature biosensors
Author(s): Francesco Romano; Sara Angeloni; Giacomo Morselli; Raffaello Mazzaro; Paola Ceroni
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