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Tenth International Conference on Signal Processing Systems
Editor(s): Kezhi Mao; Xudong Jiang
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Volume Number: 11071
Date Published: 17 April 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11071
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Improved method of detecting bowel sounds for automatic long analysis under noisy environments
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Yamada; Osamu Sakata
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Elapsed time analysis of vascular stenosis by shunt sound using dynamic time warping and self-organizing map
Author(s): Yusaku Ando; Osamu Sakata; Yutaka Suzuki
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Identification of heroin addict pulse signals based on multiwavelet packet transform and support vector machine
Author(s): Kunbao Cai; Guangtao Zhou
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Design of ultra-low sidelobe pulse compression filter for LFM signal
Author(s): Renhong Xie; Shuai Qiao; Wen Qiu; Bingxiu Wang; Yibin Rui; Peng Li; Shanhong Guo
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Comparing nonlinear features extracted in EEMD for discriminating focal and non-focal EEG signals
Author(s): S. Ghofrani; H. Akbari
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Interception of LFM signal based on analog-to-information conversion
Author(s): Xiaodong Zeng
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Is combining efficiency a proper performance evaluation criterion for antenna arraying?
Author(s): Chaowei Duan; Yafeng Zhan; Qian Kong
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A novel adaptive active noise control algorithm based on Tikhonov regularisation
Author(s): Iman Ardekani; Neda Sakhaee; Hamid Sharifzadeh; Bashar Barmada; Gerard Lovell
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Bayesian parameter estimation of Euler-Bernoulli beams
Author(s): Iman T. Ardekani; Jari Kaipio; Neda Sakhaee; Hamid Sharifzadeh
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Principal polynomial features based broad learning system
Author(s): Fan Yang
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Frequency-doubling microwave signal generation with tunable phase shift based on DP-QPSK modulator
Author(s): Conghui Zhang; Xinjing Qiu; Caili Gong; Yongfeng Wei; Xinlu Gao
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Combination of GMM-UBM and DTW for voice command authentication system
Author(s): Evelyn Kurniawati; Sasiraj Somarajan
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Joint code acquisition and Doppler shift estimation method for DSSS-MSK signal
Author(s): Renhong Xie; Bingxiu Wang; Wen Qiu; Shuai Qiao; Weiwei Zhu; Yibin Rui; Peng Li
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Deception jamming against Bi-ISAR imaging with VFM waveform via sub-Nyquist sampling
Author(s): Jiyuan Chen; Xiaoyi Pan; Zhaoyu Gu; Qianpeng Xie; Shunping Xiao
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Development of tracking system of moving specific person: Following welfare assist robot production
Author(s): Shuhei Takiguchi; Osamu Sakata
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Digitizing physical documents using optical character recognition
Author(s): Abhinav Kaushal Keshari; Rajat Sharma; Madhav J. Nigam
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A comprehensive study in assembling deep convolutional neural networks for image classification
Author(s): Uddamvathanak Rom; Feng Yang
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An improvement approach for pixel-based illumination estimation algorithms
Author(s): Chunxiao Li; Jiangming Kan
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Applications of the human-computer interaction interface to MOBA mobile games
Author(s): Tao Ding; Duanzhen Zhu
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Pixel-level image fusion technique for multi-camera car-body painting defect images
Author(s): Prapassorn Tantiphanwadi; Prapaisri Sudasna na Ayudthya
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Rate allocation with near-optimal rate-distortion performance for JPEG-LS
Author(s): Shigao Li; Liming Jia
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Generation method of 3D terrain object with VWorld data
Author(s): Ahyun Lee; Insung Jang
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Identifying individual snow leopards from camera trap images
Author(s): Agnieszka Miguel; Rana Bayrakçismith; Eddy Ferre; Chleo Bales-Heisterkamp; Joshua Beard; Matt Dioso; David Grob; Ross Hartley; Tim Nguyen; Noah Weller
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Local binary pattern based on image gradient for bark image classification
Author(s): Tuan Le-Viet; Vinh Truong Hoang
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What and where you have seen? Bag of Words-based local feature pooling for visual event detection
Author(s): N. Kumar; N. Sukavanam
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Tumor state evaluation method using texture analysis based on the information theory for PET images
Author(s): Yuki Koike; Osamu Sakata
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Quantitative assessment of cerebella ataxia through automated upper limb functional tests
Author(s): Ragil Krishna; Pubudu N. Pathirana; Malcolm Horne; Laura Power; David Szmulewicz
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Extraction of numerical data from ophthalomological images and building a glaucoma prediction model
Author(s): Insik Jo; Sejong Oh
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Evaluation of swallowing capacity based on esophageal and bolus movements by ultrasound video processing
Author(s): Yutaka Suzuki; Osamu Sakata; Morimasa Tanimoto; Kyosuke Hatsushika; Keisuke Masuyama; Masayuki Morisawa
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Quantifying peristaltic activity of a small intestine based on tracking of digests in an abdominal B-mode movie
Author(s): Yuichiro Iida; Osamu Sakata; Yutaka Suzuki
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Prediction of autism spectrum disorder based on imbalanced resting-state fMRI data using clustering oversampling
Author(s): Dan Yuan; Li Zhu; Huifang Huang
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Investigation of the effects of game difficulty on the engagement level of patient with brain injury during rehabilitation exercise
Author(s): Chong Li; Tianyu Jia; Linhong Ji
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Convolutional neural network based medical images integrity verification
Author(s): Pengliang Hou
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Radio individual identification based on semi-supervised rectangular network
Author(s): Yingke Lei
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Effect of channel mismatch on the performance of the space-time-polarization array processing for GNSS
Author(s): Haiyang Wang; Zhicheng Yao; Zhiliang Fan
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Design of flexible and wearable antenna for wireless and satellite based IoT applications
Author(s): Shahab H. Khan; Tong Liu; Linbo Zhang; Asghar A. Razzaqi; Bilal A. Khawaja
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Improving performance of secret key generation from wireless channel using filtering techniques
Author(s): Mike Yuliana; Wirawan; Suwadi
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