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Tenth International Conference on Thin Film Physics and Applications (TFPA 2019)
Editor(s): Junhao Chu; Jianda Shao
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Volume Number: 11064
Date Published: 7 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11064
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Influence of transition layer on the surface scattering of unmodified silicon carbide
Author(s): Yunli Bai; Li Wang; Gang Wang; Jiyou Zhang; Yuming Zhou
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Thickness dependence of Cr-doped VO2 thin films deposition by reactive pulsed magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Huan Guan; Dongping Zhang; Jingcheng Jin; Yu Yang; Yi Huang; Qicong He; Ping Fan
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Preparation of silica thin film by hot pressing process for passive radiative cooling
Author(s): Zhenfei Zhang; Dengwu Liu; Zhilin Xia
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Optical functions of fishnet metamaterial embedded in dielectrics
Author(s): Guohang Hu; Anna Sytchkova
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Optical and electrical characteristics of radio frequency sputtered ITO and In-free transparent conductors
Author(s): Maria Luisa Grilli
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Investigation on tuning of WS2/SiC band gap with an external electric field
Author(s): Yuke Ma; Xian'gang Xu
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Enhance anti-water ability of high transmittance film in mid-infrared band
Author(s): Xiuhua Fu; Gong Zhang; Jing Zhang
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Performance of a spectral beam combining grating with YAG substrate
Author(s): Jiao Xu; Junming Chen; Peng Chen; Yonglu Wang; Yibin Zhang; Fanyu Kong; Hongchao Cao; Yunxia Jin; Jianda Shao
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Efficient broadband light absorption enhancement in InP/ZnO core-shell nanocone arrays for photovoltaic application
Author(s): Zongyi Zhang; Yonggang Wu; Xuefei Qin; Zihuan Xia; Jian Zhou
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Energy flow difference structure design based on micro hemisphere structure
Author(s): Xiaochun Fan; Kailiang Shi; Zhilin Xia
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A lift-off of pattern structures on the heat-mode resists
Author(s): Zhengwei Wang; Kui Zhang; Guodong Chen; Yang Wang; Jingsong Wei
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Positive and negative properties of laser heat-mode resists
Author(s): Guodong Chen; Kui Zhang; Zhengwei Wang; Yang Wang; Jingsong Wei
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Wide-incident angle and low polarization aberration edge filter
Author(s): Shikun He; Gang Wang; Yuming Zhou; Jiyou Zhang; Qiaolin Huang; Li Wang
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Subwavelength periodic nanostructures fabricated by femtosecond laser in metal, dielectric and metal-dielectric-metal coating
Author(s): Kaixin Zhang; Jianda Shao; Guohang Hu; Maria Luisa Grilli; Angela Piegari; Zhen Cao; Hongbo He; Yuanan Zhao; Anna Sytchkova
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Employing Ni-Cr co-doping to prepare low phase transition temperature VO2 film
Author(s): Qicong He; Dongping Zhang; Ying Huang; Yu Yang; Huan Guan; Jingcheng Jin; Ping Fan
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Annealing effects on optical and structural properties of TiO2 thin films deposited by ion beam sputtering
Author(s): Yugang Jiang; Jiahuan He; Lishuan Wang; Shida Li; Dan Chen; Meiping Zhu; Huasong Liu
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Broadband chirped volume Bragg grating for one-hundred-femtosecond pulse compression
Author(s): Huifang Dai; Yunxia Jin; Peng Chen; Yibin Zhang; Jingyin Zhao; Fanyu Kong; Dongbing He
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Broadband polarization beam splitter based on subwavelength grating in Terahertz
Author(s): Yelan Zhang; Yuyang Cheng; Kun Zhang; Caiyu Li; Weijin Kong
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Comparison of mechanical properties evolution of polyimide films in space radiation environment
Author(s): Zicai Shen; Xiao Li; Shijie Liu
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Correlation between the structure and laser damage properties of ion assisted HfO2 thin films
Author(s): Feng Pan; Yaowei Wei; Fei Zhang; Hao Liu
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Design and fabrication of antireflective surface microstructures on lithium triborate
Author(s): Yong Sun; Fanyu Kong; Yunxia Jin; Yonglu Wang; Yibin Zhang; Hongchao Cao; Hongbo He
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Design of linear polarizer in 3-13μm broad infrared region with multilayer nanostructures
Author(s): Jie Xia; Zhihao Yuan II; Chinhua Wang
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Effect of MgF2 deposition temperature on Al mirrors in vacuum ultraviolet
Author(s): Fengli Wang; Shuangying Li; Zhuangzhuang Zhang; Zhanshan Wang; Hongjun Zhou; Tonglin Huo
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Effect of temperature on optical properties of CeOX film being irradiated by Co60 prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Hui Wang; Bo Fu; Zaikui Xiang
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Effects of different oxygen flow on refractive index and absorption characteristics of Ta2O5 film
Author(s): Chenghui Jiang; Lishuan Wang; Shida Li; Huasong Liu; Yugang Jiang; Meiping Zhu; Yiqin Ji
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Efficient method for determination of laser conditions adopted in laser-induced micro-lithology based on laser polymerization size analysis
Author(s): Yuchen Shao; Yuan'an Zhao; Hao Ma; Cheng Li; Dawei Li; Jianda Shao
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Electrical property of OSR second surface mirror in space radiation environments
Author(s): Zicai Shen Sr.; Xiaofeng Ma; Meiping Zhu; Jianda Shao
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Experimental observation and numerical analysis for dynamical output in free-running multi-longitudinal mode erbium doped fiber ring laser
Author(s): Kai Tang M.D.; Yanping Xiao; PuHeng Zhang; Hai Liu
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Green vegetables derived simultaneously carbon dots as sensitizer and carbon particles as counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Ping Huang; Shunjian Xu; Meng Zhang; Wei Zhong; Zonghu Xiao; Yongping Luo
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Improvement on fluorescent properties of photonic crystals filled by quantum dots based on multi-layer films
Author(s): Qingfei Meng; Lu Huang; Weimin Shi; Yubin Zhu; Linjun Wang
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Oblique incidence reflectance of resonators based on suspended two-dimensional membranes
Author(s): Wenjing Mao; Chen Yang; Heng Lu; Jun Lu; Fengnan Chen; Lin Wan; Ying Yan; Joel Moser
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Optical design of perovskite/silicon laminated solar cells based on grating structure
Author(s): Hao Zheng; Xinyu Zheng; Enlei Gao; Pengda Xiao; Yitai Zhu; Yawei Kuang
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Optimization of morphology and electrochemical characteristics of nickel film by sputtering pressure
Author(s): Yongping Luo; Wei Zhong; Chen Liu; Ping Huang; Shunjian Xu; Zonghu Xiao
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Photoelectric properties of transparent conductive metal mesh films based on crack template and its application in Perovskite solar cells
Author(s): Zonghu Xiao; Wei Zhong; Hui Ou; Haiyan Fu; Shunjian Xu; Yongping Luo
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Preparation and physical properties of germanium thin films
Author(s): Meng Guo; Hongbo He; Kui Yi; Shuying Shao; Jianda Shao
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Research on the time and mechanism of laser-induced air plasmas ignition
Author(s): Guixia Wang; Junhong Su
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Study on band gap and dispersion model of Al2O3 thin films with different oxygen flow rates by ion beam sputtering
Author(s): Jiahuan He; Dan Chen; Lishuan Wang; Shida Li; Dandan Liu; Yugang Jiang; Meiping Zhu; Huasong Liu
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Study on preparation process and shielding effectiveness of graphene films
Author(s): Jianle Zhao; Junhong Su; Kai Shi; Xin Zhou; Rongrong Yan
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Annealing effects on the optical and structural properties of Y2O3 thin films deposited by thermal evaporation technique
Author(s): Shida Li; Huasong Liu; Yugang Jiang; Meiping Zhu; Dan Chen; Xiao Yang; Lishuan Wang; Jiahuan He; Dongbai Xue
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Development of transparent oxide thin films for flexible devices
Author(s): Yuanjie Li; Jie Wang; Wenci Sun; Kai Jiang; Hong Wang
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Influence of deposition temperature and precursor pulse time on properties of SiO2, HfO2 monolayers deposited by PEALD
Author(s): Chaoyi Yin; Meiping Zhu; Chen Song; Tingting Zeng; Nuo Xu; Yanzhi Wang; Yuanan Zhao; Kui Yi; Jianda Shao
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