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Pacific Rim Laser Damage 2019: Optical Materials for High-Power Lasers
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Volume Number: 11063
Date Published: 4 November 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11063
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Investigation on damage process of indium tin oxide film induced by 1064nm quasi-CW laser
Author(s): Liping Peng; Yuan'an Zhao; Xiaofeng Liu; Zhaoliang Cao; Jianda Shao; Ruijin Hong; Chunxian Tao; Dawei Zhang; Xi Wang
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The fatigue effect of femtosecond laser-induced damage in high-reflective coatings at low repetition rate
Author(s): Hao Ma; Yuanan Zhao; Yuchen Shao; Cheng Li; Jian Sun; Jianda Shao
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Laser conditioning mechanism in DKDP crystals analyzed by fluorescence and stimulated Raman scattering technique
Author(s): Yao Wang; Jianda Shao; Guohang Hu; Yuanan Zhao; Zhen Cao; Dawei Li; Xiaofeng Liu; Hongbo He
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Investigation of laser induced air breakdown thresholds at 1064, 532, 355, 266 and 248nm
Author(s): Zhixing Gao; Lixuan Han; Jing Li
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Molecular simulation and ablation property on the laser-induced metal surface
Author(s): Q. S. Bai; Y. H. Li; R. Q. Shen; K. Zhang; X. X. Miao; F. H. Zhang
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Laser-induced damage of nonlinear crystals in ultrafast, high-repetition-rate, mid-infrared optical parametric amplifiers pumped at 1 µm
Author(s): Mark Mero; Li Wang; Weidong Chen; Ning Ye; Ge Zhang; Valentin Petrov; Zsuzsanna Heiner
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Optimizing the flow conditions of the horizontally oriented DKDP crystal by adding a stirring paddle
Author(s): Duanyang Chen; Bin Wang; Hongji Qi; Jianda Shao; Kaiwei Hu; Lili Zheng; Hui Zhang
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Laser-induced damage of high power systems: phenomenology and mechanisms
Author(s): L. Lamaignère; R. Courchinoux; N. Roquin; R. Parreault; T. Donval
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Analysis of optical damage in the final optics assembly induced by transport mirror defects
Author(s): Zhaoyang Jiao; Mingying Sun; Yajing Guo; Jianqiang Zhu
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Removal of particle contaminations on sol-gel coated fused silica surface by laser cleaning
Author(s): Jingxuan Wang; Naihao Guo; Jihua Zhang; Wei Liao; Xia Xiang; Xiaodong Jiang
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Structural defects in ultra-low laser absorption fused silica
Author(s): Yuancheng Sun; Xiurong Du; Xiaoqiang Zhang; Xuefu Song; Ning Hua
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Research on the single and multiple pulse laser damage performance of UV anti-reflection coatings
Author(s): Kesheng Guo; Yanzhi Wang; Ruiyi Chen; Meiping Zhu; Kui Yi; Hongbo He; Jianda Shao
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Polarization dependence of propagation features modeling for optical micro/nano fiber in circularly bent shape
Author(s): Longjiang Zhao; Jin Cheng
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Design, fabrication and laser damage comparisons of low-dispersive mirrors
Author(s): Ruiyi Chen; Yanzhi Wang; Kesheng Guo; Meiping Zhu; Kui Yi; Jianda Shao
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Research on precision space linear rolling guide dynamics
Author(s): Penghui Cheng; Mengyuan Wu; Chuang Li; Xiaozhe Ma
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A focusing mechanism based on flexible hinges for space telescope
Author(s): Xiaozhe Ma; Chuang Li; Penghui Cheng; Bin Hu
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Study on damage of CaF2 windows irradiated by 248nm ultraviolet excimer laser
Author(s): Xi Wang; Yue Hu; Jiacheng Wu; Xin Li; Jingzhen Shao
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Study on thermal effect and thermal stress effect of multilayer thin films induced by pulsed laser
Author(s): Qiankun Cao; Junhong Su
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Transient dynamic behavior during nanosecond laser-induced damage initiated by surface defects on KDP crystals with simulation and experimental method
Author(s): Hao Yang; Jian Cheng; Zhichao Liu; Qi Liu; Linjie Zhao; Jian Wang; Mingjun Chen
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A new method for air quality observation based on ultraviolet laser
Author(s): Siying Chen; Baowei Li; He Chen; Yinchao Zhang; Pan Guo; Xunbao Rui; Ting Li
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Analysis of stray light reflected from multi-beam laser focusing surface
Author(s): Anqi Jiang; Baichen Guo
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Assessment of high-purity quartz glass by laser induced fluorescence technique
Author(s): Yinchao Zhang; Ting Li; He Chen; Siying Chen; Pan Guo; Xunbao Rui; Baowei Li
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High power all-fiber laser with switchable pulsed and continuous operation modes for wind lidar
Author(s): Yinchao Zhang; Xunbao Rui; Pan Guo; He Chen; Siying Chen; Ting Li; Baowei Li
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Laser damage and damage performance caused by near-field of final optics assembles for high power laser system
Author(s): Yajing Guo; Mingying Sun; Zhaoyang Jiao; Chong Liu; Xiuqing Jiang; Baoqiang Zhu; Jianqiang Zhu
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Laser damage on large aperture triple frequency crystal optics in high power laser system
Author(s): Xiuqing Jiang; Lailin Ji; Mingying Sun; Chong Liu; Yajing Guo; Shunxing Tang; Dong Liu; Boaqing Zhu; Jianqiang Zhu
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Numerical investigation of growth model for laser-induced damage in optics under high power laser irradiation
Author(s): Sensen Li; Fan Wu; Qianghu Liu; Guanjun Zhou; Xiangli Bi; Chaowei An; Xiusheng Yan
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Research on high precision combined processing technology of meter-level optical glass guideway
Author(s): Hanqiang Zhang; Yifan Dai; Ci Song; Guipeng Tie
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Study on 532nm and CO2 laser processing of fused silica glass
Author(s): Xiurong Du; Yuancheng Sun; Xiaoqiang Zhang; Xuefu Song; Bo Fu; Ning Hua
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Thermal deformation measurement of Al2O3 ceramic substrate based on radial basis function
Author(s): Linlin Wang; Chen Tang; YuHui Ma; XiYuan Li
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Design and fabrication all-dielectric broadband reflection phase shifting mirror at near-infrared wavelengths for high intensity lasers
Author(s): Liang Lv; Yunti Pu; Mingxiao Zhang; Ping Ma
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Equivalent explosion simulation model for studying the laser-induced damage process of KDP crystal
Author(s): S. F. Wang; X. Y. Lei; J. Wang; Z. C. Liu; J. F. Zhang; Q. Xu
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Experimentation on ablation of polymer plastics by CW laser for high voltage transmission lines
Author(s): Feng Gao; Simeng Feng; Wei Duan; Xiaojian Chen; Pu Lu
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Fast measurement technique for obtaining the low damage threshold defects in a large aperture fused silica glass
Author(s): Shenghao Wang; Lingqiao Li; Zhan Sui; Jianda Shao; Shijie Liu; Zhouling Wu; Jian Chen; Ming Huang
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Investigation of the high repetition rate picosecond laser induced damage properties of dielectric reflective optical coatings
Author(s): Mingxiao Zhang; Zhongwen Lu; Yunti Pu; Liang Lv; Zhao Qiao; Ping Ma
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Laser damage characteristics of the YAG ceramics
Author(s): Xiaofeng Liu; Yuanan Zhao; Dawei Li; Guohang Hu; Jianda Shao
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Mitigation of laser induced damage on dielectric mirrors in a robust way
Author(s): Li Zhou; Youen Jiang; Simin Zhang; Hui Wei; Wei Fan; Xuechun Li
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Morphology evolution of doped phosphate glass in ion beam figuring
Author(s): Gang Zhou; Ye Tian; Feng Shi; Ci Song; Yaoyu Zhong
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Preliminary application research of regression analysis in camouflage color matching
Author(s): Ge Liu; Xiang Li; Hao Xu; Jianjun Ju; Heng Liu
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Removal of defect bound exciton in aged monolayer WS2 by laser processing
Author(s): Yuxiang Tang; Yizhen Sui; Runlin Miao; Han Li; Ke Wei; Hao Hao; Yu Liu; Yuze Hu; Junhu Zhou; Yating Ma; Xiang'ai Cheng; Tian Jiang
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Research on autonomous landing of UAV based on vision sequence image
Author(s): Wenkai Suo; Wengang Hu; Xia Li; Yan Zhang
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Study on IR laser smoothing of ground surface on fused silica
Author(s): Zhigang Yuan; Yaguo Li; Du Wang; Ting Tan; Huiliang Jin; Qinghua Zhang; Jian Wang; Qiao Xu
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Designing of converging stray light focal spot absorber in high power laser system
Author(s): Tian-ran Zheng; Fang Wang; De-en Wang; Xi-bo Sun; Hong-jie Liu; Liang-ming Chen; Dong-xia Hu
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Research status and analysis of fifth-harmonic-generation for ~1μm laser
Author(s): Yuanyuan Fan; Xin Guo; Qian Wang; Wenyuan Deng; Boxia Yan; Yan Qi; Yi Zhou
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Simulation of heat distribution and thermal damage patterns of pulse laser for uterus using finite element analysis
Author(s): Yongping Lin; Yehui Chen
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The study on damage threshold of CCD’s black and white screen
Author(s): Y. Wang Sr.; Q. Chen; X. Zhou; H. Li; G. Ren; R. Zhu
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Ablation characteristics of aluminum alloy and stainless steel induced by picosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Wenfeng Liu; Mingying Sun; Yajing Guo; Zhaoyang Jiao; Rong Wu; Xue Pan
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Third-order nonlinear optical response of enzothiazole derivative doped Polymethyl methacrylate C18H15N3SFe
Author(s): Jie Zong; Chenghui Jang; Jiahuan He; Yanmin Zhang; Huasong Liu; Yinglin Song
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Study on magnetic properties of oriented silicon steel scribed by ultrafast laser
Author(s): Zongwang Chen; Laixin Wu; Jian Zhang; Zhuoyuan Li; Lin Yang; Wenwen Liu
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Study on optical constants of coatings at different temperatures
Author(s): Xiaoyan Wang; Kui Yi; Guohang Hu; Yuanan Zhao; Jianda Shao
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Study on surface roughness change of modified silicon carbide in ion beam polishing
Author(s): Wenqin Li; Yonggang Wang; Xiaohui Meng; Jiyou Zhang
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Influence of laser output parameters on film damage threshold
Author(s): Rongrong Yan; Junhong Su; Jianle Zhao
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Laser modulation simulation of micro-crack morphology evolution during chemical etching
Author(s): Zhi Chen; Huapan Xiao; Zhibin Li; Na Yu; Hairong Wang; Rongguang Liang
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A theory model on multi-shot laser-induced damage of multilayer mirrors in nanosecond
Author(s): Peimeng Yang; Bosong Qin; Xiaoming Pan; Bingtao Sun; Wenwen Liu
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Study on IR laser smoothing of ground surface on fused silica (Erratum)
Author(s): Zhigang Yuan; Yaguo Li; Du Wang; Ting Tan; Huiliang Jin; Qinghua Zhang M.D.; Jian Wang; Qiao Xu
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