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Modeling Aspects in Optical Metrology VII
Editor(s): Bernd Bodermann; Karsten Frenner; Richard M. Silver
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Volume Number: 11057
Date Published: 22 August 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11057
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Numerical optimization of resonant photonic devices (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Martin Hammerschmidt; Lin Zschiedrich; Philipp-Immanuel Schneider; Felix Binkowski; Sven Burger
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Lensless metrology for semiconductor lithography at EUV
Author(s): Iacopo Mochi; Dimitrios Kazazis; Li-Ting Tseng; Sara Fernandez; Rajendran Rajeev; Uldis Locans; Atoosa Dejkameh; Ricarda Nebling; Ekinci Yasin
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Metrology for and with nanooptics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Thomas Pertsch
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Response of rotational shearing interferometer to a planetary system with two planets: simulation
Author(s): M. Strojnik; B. Bravo-Medina
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Fractional Fourier ridges for demodulation of interferograms with quadratic phase
Author(s): Jin-Min Wu; Ming-Feng Lu; Chen-Chen Ji; Pei-Hang Li; Feng Zhang; Ran Tao
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Suppression of nonlinear optical frequency sweeping in frequency-scanning interferometry for absolute distance measurement
Author(s): Zhongwen Deng; Zhigang Liu; Xingyu Jia; Wen Deng
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Intrinsic surface feature based subaperture stitching of freeform wavefront
Author(s): Kamal K. Pant; Dali R. Burada; Vinod Mishra; L. M. Pant; Amitava Ghosh; Gufran S. Khan; Stefan Sinzinger; Chandra Shakher
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Modeling aspects for high precision absorption measurements
Author(s): Walter Dickmann; Johannes Dickmann; Florian F. Bruns; Stefanie Kroker
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Large area metasurface lenses in the NIR region
Author(s): Mitchell Kenney; James Grant; Danni Hao; Kevin Docherty; Gordon Mills; Graham Jeffrey; Donald Macleod; David Henry; Peter MacKay; Marc Sorel; Robert A. Lamb; David R. S. Cumming
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Systematic approach on illustrating the challenges represented by optical bidirectional measurements using rigorous simulations
Author(s): Jan Krüger; Rainer Köning; Bernd Bodermann
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Model-based confocal fluorescence microscopy measurements of submerged micro geometries
Author(s): Merlin Mikulewitsch; Axel v. Freyberg; Dirk Stöbener; Andreas Fischer
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Model based laser focus scanning: the path towards improved lateral accuracy
Author(s): Jörg Bischoff; Rostyslaw Mastylo; Gerard Granet; Eberhard Manske
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Characterization of the topography fidelity of 3D optical microscopy
Author(s): S. Gao; A. Felgner; D. Hüser; L. Koenders
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Simulation of 3D laser scanning with phase-based EDM for the prediction of systematic deviations
Author(s): Sukant Chaudhry; David Salido-Monzú; Andreas Wieser
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Design of a null-screen for a compact corneal topographer
Author(s): Manuel Campos-García; Daniel Aguirre-Aguirre; José Antonio Lechuga-Núñez; Andrés Peña-Conzuelo
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Efficient global sensitivity analysis for silicon line gratings using polynomial chaos
Author(s): Nando Farchmin; Martin Hammerschmidt; Philipp-Immanuel Schneider; Matthias Wurm; Bernd Bodermann; Markus Bär; Sebastian Heidenreich
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Supplementing rigorous electromagnetic modeling with atomistic simulations for optics-based metrology
Author(s): Bryan M. Barnes; Hui Zhou; Richard M. Silver; Mark-Alexander Henn
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Grazing incidence x-ray fluorescence based characterization of nanostructures for element sensitive profile reconstruction
Author(s): Anna Andrle; Philipp Hönicke; Philipp Schneider; Yves Kayser; Martin Hammerschmidt; Sven Burger; Frank Scholze; Burkhard Beckhoff; Victor Soltwisch
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Accurate and robust characterization of volume scattering materials using the intensity-based inverse adding-doubling method
Author(s): António Correia; Peter Hanselaer; Youri Meuret
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Tomographic Mueller-matrix scatterometry for nanostructure metrology: principle and opportunities (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xiuguo Chen; Shiyuan Liu
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Polarization metrology for high numerical aperture DUV objectives
Author(s): Robert D. Grejda; Paul F. Michaloski; Duncan C. Spaulding; Stephen K. Mack; Robert L. Michaels; Paul G. Dewa; David L. Aronstein
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Vectorial modeling for the image formation of a high-numerical-aperture Mueller-matrix ellipsometer
Author(s): Cai Wang; Chao Chen; Xiuguo Chen; Shiyuan Liu
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Mueller matrix ellipsometry for enhanced optical form metrology of sub-lambda structures
Author(s): Tim Käseberg; Johannes Dickmann; Thomas Siefke; Matthias Wurm; Stefanie Kroker; Bernd Bodermann
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An improved method to derive best-fit parameters and their uncertainties from depolarizing Mueller-matrices (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tobias Grunewald; Matthias Wurm; Sven Teichert; Bernd Bodermann; Johanna Reck; Uwe Richter
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Fast compressed channeled spectropolarimeter for full Stokes vector measurement
Author(s): Guodong Zhou; Yanqiu Li; Jianhui Li; Jiazhi Wang
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An improved control structure for the tracking of sine command in a motion simulator
Author(s): Bernard Vau; Damien Ponceau; Mehdi Bussutil
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Physical optics modeling of interferometer-based metrology systems (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Site Zhang; Huiying Zhong; Rui Shi; Christian Hellmann; Frank Wyrowski
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Extending wavefront sensing range of phase diversity
Author(s): Zhaojun Yan; Pengqian Yang
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Faster region-based convolutional neural network method for estimating parameters from Newton's rings
Author(s): Chen-Chen Ji; Ming-Feng Lu; Jin-Min Wu; Zhen Guo; Feng Zhang; Ran Tao
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Hyperspectral imager calibration using ceramic color tiles (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Matti Eskelinen; Clarence J. Zarobila; David W. Allen
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Performance enhancement of a BSDF test bench using an algorithm fed with laser-tracker measurements
Author(s): L. Clermont; C. Michel; E. Mazy
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Simulation of computational ghost imaging: application for 3D measurement
Author(s): Christoph Freitag; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni; Herbert Gross
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Modelling of coherence scanning interferometry for complex surfaces based on a boundary element method
Author(s): Matthew Thomas; Rong Su; Nikolay Nikolaev; Jeremy Coupland; Richard Leach
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Optical time domain reflectometer for precision measurement of signal delay in optical fiber
Author(s): D. Prokhorov; S. S. Donchenko; O. V. Kolmogorov; E. V. Chemesova
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ELT-HIRES the high-resolution spectrograph for the ELT: simulation results of polarimetric aberrations for the polarimetric module
Author(s): I. Di Varano; S. Yuan; M. Woche; K. G. Strassmeier; M. Weber
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Estimation of reflectance factors and their uncertainties from multiple measurements (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Matti A Eskelinen; John Lu
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Superaccurate camera calibration via inverse rendering
Author(s): Morten Hannemose; Jakob Wilm; Jeppe Revall Frisvad
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Transmission telescope optical metrology (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Viviana Vladutescu; Aaron J. Swank; Dzu K. Le; Calvin R. Robinson; Félix A. Miranda; Victor Pena; Katherine Chun
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Determination of alternative monitoring wavelength to increase the accuracy of measuring the layers thickness during the thin films manufacture
Author(s): Thai Phi Ngo; L. A. Gubanova; Van Hoa Pham
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Development of a measuring system based on the principles of stereo vision
Author(s): Kseniia Ezhova; Duy Hung Nguyen; Dmitry Fedorenko
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Modelling of direct laser writing in multilayer absorbing medium
Author(s): Anton Saetchnikov; Elina Tcherniavskaia; Vladimir Saetchnikov; Andreas Ostendorf
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Phase dispersion measurement on laser mirrors using fringe free spectral interferometry
Author(s): K. Csonti; G. Mészáros; A. P. Kovács
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Enhancing detail of 3D terrain models using GAN
Author(s): Vladimir Gorbatsevich; Mikhail Melnichenko; Oleg Vygolov
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Modeling of spectroradiometric error due to unoptimized choiсe of array photodetector for integrated photosynthetically active radiation spectroradiometer
Author(s): Sergei S. Baev; Valery V. Korotaev; Vladimir N. Kuzmin; Ivan S. Nekrylov; Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues; Konstantin A. Tomskiy
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High-order transmissive diffraction grating for high-resolution spectral systems
Author(s): V. I. Kazakov; O. D. Moskaletz; M. A. Vaganov
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Error estimation due to approximations in Shack-Hartmann sensor based measurement of high slope freeform wavefront
Author(s): Ashish Dwivedi; Kamal K. Pant; Dali R. Burada; Gufran S. Khan; Anurag Sharma
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Calculation of intensity distribution from a wavefront using ray-counting method
Author(s): Manuel Campos-García; Ángel Eugenio Martínez-Rodríguez; Fermín Salomon Granados-Agustín
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A method for improving the accuracy of an extinction coefficient measurement of weakly absorbing interference layers
Author(s): Van Ba Nguyen; Ludmila Aleksandrovna Gubanova; Dinh Bao D. B. Bui
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Evaluation of the aberrations of a PDMS lens
Author(s): Manuel Campos-García; Ángel Eugenio Martínez-Rodríguez; Oliver Huerta-Carranza; Celestino Vargas-Alfredo; Agustín Santiago-Alvarado; Victor Iván Moreno-Oliva
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Modelling and tolerance analysis of volume-phase gratings in complex dispersive units
Author(s): Andrey N. Melnikov; Maxim K. Bakshaev; Eduard R. Muslimov; Ilya A. Guskov
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A fully coupled diffusional-mechanical formulation for growth kinetics of precipitates in laser powder bed fusion process using a phase field approach
Author(s): Fikret Kh. Mirzade
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On modeling of heat transfer and molten pool behavior in multi-layer and multi-track laser additive manufacturing process
Author(s): A. V. Dubrov; F. Kh. Mirzade; V. D. Dubrov
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A flexible and simplified calibration procedure for fringe projection profilometry
Author(s): Raúl Vargas; Andrés G. Marrugo; Jesus Pineda; Lenny A. Romero
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Measurement of errors by axial misalignment and tilt of the null screen used in experimental arrangements by deflectometry
Author(s): Diana Castán-Ricaño; Fermín Granados-Agustín; Andrea Muñoz-Potosi; Gabriel Valdivieso-González; Elizabeth Percino-Zacarías; Maximino Avendaño-Alejo; Alejandro Cornejo-Rodríguez
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Design of a two-mirror telescope using a free-form surface for the primary mirror
Author(s): J. J. Alvarado-Martínez; F. S. Granados-Agustín; S. Vázquez-Montiel; M. E. Percino-Zacarías; A. Cornejo-Rodríguez
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