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Fifth Conference on Sensors, MEMS, and Electro-Optic Systems
Editor(s): Monuko du Plessis
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Volume Number: 11043
Estimated Publication Date: 6 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 11043
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Lanthanide activated phosphors for solar cell applications
Author(s): H. C. Swart
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Nanoparticles and organic semiconductors for flexible electronics
Author(s): Ulrich Hilleringmann; Julia Reker; Thorsten Meyers; Fábio F. Vidor; Petroné Bezuidenhout; T.-H. Joubert
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Structural and luminescence properties of InAs0.94Sb0.06 alloy grown via MOVPE
Author(s): S. R. Dobson; M. C. Wagener; V. Wagener; J. H. O’Connell; J. R. Botha
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Figures of merit of avalanche-mode silicon LEDs
Author(s): R. J. E. Hueting; S. Dutta; V. Agarwal; A. J. Annema
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Investigation of light-emission and avalanche-current mechanisms in PureB SPAD devices
Author(s): Lis K. Nanver; M. Krakers; T. Knezević; A. Karavidas; I. Boturchuk; V. Agarwal; R. J. E. Hueting; S. Dutta; A. J. Annema
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Light emission from Si avalanche mode LEDs as a function of E field control, impurity scattering, and carrier density balancing
Author(s): Zhaotong Zhang; Kingsley A. Ogudo; Hongliang Sun; Lukas W. Snyman; Kaikai Xu
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Realizing micro- and nano-optical bio sensors on chip
Author(s): Timothy A. Okhai; Lukas W. Snyman
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Edge-emitting Si avalanche-mode LED integrated into a SiGe RF bipolar technology: optical power emission characterization with optical probe mapping technique
Author(s): Kingsley A. Ogudo; Jean-Luc Polleux; Lukas W. Snyman
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MWIR FPA control for optimal NETD
Author(s): Johan W. Viljoen; Tristan M. Goss; Cornelius J. Willers
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SWIR sensor design considerations
Author(s): Tristan M. Goss; Henning Fourie; Johan W. Viljoen
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CMOS in-pixel optical pulse frequency modulator
Author(s): Nicolaas E. Nel; M. du Plessis; T.-H. Joubert
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Biocompatibility in inkjet-printed paper-based microelectronic biosensors
Author(s): P. H. Bezuidenhout; A. Truyts; T. Schwabe; K. J. Land; T.-H. Joubert
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Printed electronics MIM capacitor for a microsystem power supply
Author(s): Jan C. Conradie; Kevin Land; Trudi-Heleen Joubert
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Electronic synthesis of printed resistor layout for a thermal petri dish incubator
Author(s): M. R. Pilkington; P. H. Bezuidenhout; K. Land; T.-H. Joubert
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Characterization of inkjet-printed dielectric on different substrates
Author(s): J. Kruger; P. H. Bezuidenhout; U. Hilleringmann; T.-H. Joubert
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Development of a printed paper-based origami electrochemical sensor for the detection of heavy metals in water
Author(s): Phophi Madzivhandila; Suzanne Smith; Letta Ntuli; Kevin Land
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Printed, flexible wireless temperature logging system
Author(s): Suzanne Smith; Phophi Madzivhandila; Adelaide Oberholzer; Kevin Land; Jan G. Korvink; Dario Mager
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Colorimetric system for paper-based assays
Author(s): Demetre Liakos; Suzanne Smith; Trudi-Heleen Joubert
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CMOS floating-gate transistor in a heterogeneous printed electronics sensor module
Author(s): A. Abdool-Rehman; A. Salom; M. du Plessis; P. Bezuidenhout; T.-H. Joubert
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Inductor design for inkjet-printed electronics
Author(s): Phillip Le Grange; Suzanne Smith; Trudi-Heleen Joubert
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Design and simulation of optical micro-structures in silicon integrated circuitry with Si avalanche-mode light emitters, EXCEL optical ray tracing, and RSOFT optical simulation
Author(s): Lukas W. Snyman; Timothy Okhai
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Design and optimization of compact silicon photonic sensors
Author(s): Souvik Ghosh ; B. M. A. Rahman
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Processing of and electrical properties of ZnO thin films and nanorods for sensor applications
Author(s): J. M. Nel; M. E. I. Ahmed; M. A. M. Ahmed; W. E. Meyer
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Doctor blade system for the deposition of thin semiconducting films
Author(s): Dmitry Petrov; Thorsten Meyers; Julia Reker; Ulrich Hilleringmann
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Effect of increasing etchant concentration to accelerate synthesis of 9-µm-long TiO2 nanotubes
Author(s): Nyasha J. Suliali; William E. Goosen; Johannes R. Botha
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Structural, morphological, and optical studies of Rutile-phase TiO2 rods grown on F:SnO2-coated glass substrate by hydrothermal chemical bath deposition
Author(s): Crispin M. Mbulanga; Zelalem N. Urgessa; Stive R. Tankio Djiokap; Japie A. A. Engelbrecht; Richard Betz; Johannes R. Botha
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Preparation and measurement ionizing radiation sensors with optical fibers
Author(s): Bretislav Mikel; Michal Jelinek; Simon Rerucha; Ondrej Cip
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Initial progress toward planar integrate, low-cost water vapour radiometers
Author(s): Tinus Stander; William Cerfonteyn; Roger Deane; Dirk de Villiers; Khadija El Bouchefry; Daniel Ferrusca; Stan Kurtz; Gordon MacLeod; Shaunel Walker
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Earth observation of aerosols over inland water bodies in relation to calibration and validation of sentinel 2/3
Author(s): Zimbini Faniso; Edwin Magidimisha
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Cooking harvested power manager for natural room cooling controller
Author(s): T. J. Ngoy; T.-H. Joubert
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A low cost thermal energy absorber for rural Africa applications: isolation of high pressure and low pressure through heat exchanging
Author(s): Monga F. Twite; Kevin Jalet; Lukas W. Snyman
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Protection against transient overvoltage in precision AC-DC transfer measurement system
Author(s): Thato E. Kgakatsi; Eugene Golovins; Johan Venter; Dan V. Nicolae
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Digital micro-mirror devices for laser beam shaping
Author(s): Mitchell A. Cox; Ling Cheng; Andrew Forbes
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Visible light communication using a software-defined radio approach
Author(s): Oluwafemi Kolade; Mitchell A. Cox; Ling Cheng
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Silica optical fibers modify for measurement ionizing radiation
Author(s): Michal Jelinek; Bretislav Mikel
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NBTI in SiGe transistors
Author(s): Gilson Wirth
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Inorganic p-channel thin-film transistors using CuO nanoparticles
Author(s): Julia Reker; Thorsten Meyers; Fábio F. Vidor; Ulrich Hilleringmann
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Self-aligned organic thin-film transistors for flexible electronics
Author(s): Thorsten Meyers; Julia Reker; Julian Temme; Fábio F. Vidor; Ulrich Hilleringmann
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Improved organic thin-film transistor performance by dielectric layer patterning
Author(s): Thorsten Meyers; Julia Reker; Julian Temme; Fábio F. Vidor; Joachim Vollbrecht; Heinz Kitzerow; Jan Paradies; Ulrich Hilleringmann
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Mechanical deformation on nanoparticle-based thin-film transistors
Author(s): Fábio F. Vidor; Thorsten Meyers; Julia Reker; Kathrin Müller; Gilson I. Wirth; Ulrich Hilleringmann
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Oxygen detection with zinc oxide nanoparticle structures
Author(s): Tobias Schwabe; Axel Balke; Petrone H. Bezuidenhout; Julia Reker; Thorsten Meyers; Trudi-Heleen Joubert; Ulrich Hilleringmann
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Status quo and aspects to consider with ultraviolet optical versus high voltage energy relation investigations
Author(s): C. J. Coetzer; J. S. Djeumen; T. Becker; N. West; J. Walker; F. W. J. Leuschner
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Measurement of the thermal-vacuum defocus of an objective lens for an imaging payload on a CubeSat
Author(s): Edwin Magidimisha; Derek J. Griffith
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The investigation of different image processing techniques to improve the visibility of volatile gas plumes in industry using optical gas imaging
Author(s): N. Maistry; E. Cox; R. A. Schutz
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Flight hardware verification and validation of the K-line fire sensor payload on ZACube-2
Author(s): Donovan Cogan; Derek J. Griffith; Edwin Magidimisha; Robert van Zyl
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Architecture for sensing of small clock shifts in Karoo telescope time on the MeerKAT GHz radio telescope
Author(s): Johan Burger; Renier Siebrits; Vereese van Tonder; Grant Adams; Marc Welz; Zwivhuya Ramudzuli; Francois Kapp
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CMOS-based impedance spectroscopy for water quality monitoring
Author(s): D. J. De Beer; P. H. Bezuidenhout; M. du Plessis; T.-H. Joubert
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