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XXII International Symposium on High Power Laser Systems and Applications
Editor(s): Paolo Di Lazzaro
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Volume Number: 11042
Estimated Publication Date: 8 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 11042
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optically pumped rare gas lasers
Author(s): J. Han; C. R. Sanderson; B. Hokr; C. W. Ballmann; A. B. Clark; M. C. Heaven
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High power laser activities at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Author(s): Fumio Wani
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Super-broadband hybrid mid-infrared laser systems
Author(s): A. A. Ionin; I. O. Kinyaevskiy; Yu. M. Klimachev; A. A. Kotkov; A. A. Kozlov; A. M. Sagitova; L. V. Seleznev; D. V. Sinitsyn
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Transverse optical pumping of e-beam excited high-pressure He/Ar mixture with a laser diode array
Author(s): Andrey Ionin; Aleksandr Drakin; Igor Kholin; Andrey L'dov; Gevork Mikaelyan; Dmitriy Sinitsin; Nikolay Ustinovskii; Dmitriy Zayarnyi
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Lasing in optically pumped Ar:He mixture excited in a dielectric barrier discharge
Author(s): Pavel A. Mikheyev; Jiande Han; Michael C. Heaven
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Improvement of line selected hydrogen fluoride laser output efficiency by cascade effect
Author(s): Yuanhu Wang; Liping Duo; Yuqi Jin; Shukai Tang; Liucheng Li; Haijun Yu; Jian Wang
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Energy-pooling processes of high-lying Xe atoms under the condition of ultrahigh pumped power
Author(s): Junzhi Chu; Shan He; Dong Liu; Xueyang Li; Jingwei Guo; Jinbo Liu; Shu Hu; Hui Li; Pengyuan Wang; Ying Chen; Fengting Sang; Yuqi Jin
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High power laser from OH + D2 → HOD((vHO’,vHOD’,vOD’), J’) + D reaction
Author(s): José Daniel Sierra Murillo
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Output characteristics comparison for cw OIL with different pumping types
Author(s): Andrei V. Mezhenin; Evelina I. Kharisova
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Computer simulation of electric energy distribution of CO gas mixture
Author(s): Ryo Ochiai; Manabu Taniwaki; Shinnichi Sato; Mitsuhiro Iyoda
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Effects of rare gas collision partner and pump energy on the four-level Cs exciplex pumped alkali laser
Author(s): D. L. Carroll; J. W. Zimmerman
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Continuous wave diode pumped flowing-gas Cesium laser
Author(s): Eyal Yacoby; Ilya Auslender; Boris D. Barmashnko; Salman Rosewaks
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Theoretical study of unstable resonators for diode-pumped alkali laser using wave optics simulation
Author(s): Masamori Endo; Ryuji Nagaoka; Hiroki Nagaoka; Toru Nagai; Fumio Wani
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Parametric study of the performance and beam quality of cesium DPAL: experiment and modelling
Author(s): Ilya Auslender; Eyal Yacoby; Boris D. Barmashenko; Salman Rosenwaks
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Study on broadening of Na D1 and D2 lines spectra in sodium-argon mixture
Author(s): Shu Hu; Baodong Gai; Xusheng Xia; Dong Liu; Xianglong Cai; Hong Yuan; Shan He; Hui Li; Jinbo Liu; Pengyuan Wang; Ying Chen; Zhonghui Li; Jingwei Guo
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Picosecond deep ultraviolet pulses generated by a 100 kHz thin-disk laser system
Author(s): Hana Turcicova; Ondrej Novak; Lukáš Roškot; Jiří Mužík; Martin Smrz; Akira Endo; Tomáš Mocek
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High energy 1342 nm electro-optically cavity-dumped laser and picosecond regenerative amplifier
Author(s): Ying Chen; Ke Liu; Pengyuan Wang; Baichao Zhang; Jingwei Guo
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A blue random laser based on solid waveguide gain films with plasmonics and scatters
Author(s): Xueyang Li; Shan He; Jingwei Guo; Feng Hong; Shiping Wang; Junxue Liu; Hong Yuan; Xianglong Cai; Shu Hu; Dong Liu; Jinbo Liu; Pengyuan Wang; Yuqi Jin; Fengting Sang
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Principle of influence of static and dynamic intracavity gratings on spectral properties of high-power all-solid-state laser’s radiation
Author(s): Anastasiya Pogoda; Anatoliy Boreysho
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The study of optical frequency-comb laser generated by stimulated Raman scattering
Author(s): Xianglong Cai; Zhonghui Li; Dong Liu; Jintian Bian; Jingwei Guo; Baodong Gai; Shu Hu; Jinbo Liu; Pengyuan Wang; Ying Chen
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Raman lasers for trace gas detection
Author(s): Christoph Zesch; Sigurd Schrader; Paolo Prosposito; Oliver Lux; Hans J. Eichler
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High pressure CO2 amplifiers for picosecond pulse amplification
Author(s): Hubertus von Bergmann
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Alignment tolerances of self imaging configurations for passive coherent beam combining
Author(s): Antonio Lapucci; Marco Ciofini
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Hybrid THL-100 laser system: results and prospect
Author(s): V. F. Losev; S. V. Alekseev V; M. V. Ivanov; N. G. Ivanov; G. A. Mesyats; L. D. Mikheev; Yu. N. Panchenko; N. A. Ratakhin; A. G. Yastremskii
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Slippage effects on FEL saturated power in short pulse SASE devices
Author(s): Federico Nguyen; Giuseppe Dattoli; Simonetta Pagnutti; Elio Sabia
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Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for in situ multielemental analysis during additive manufacturing process
Author(s): V. N. Lednev; R. S. Tretyakov; P. A. Sdvizhenskii; M. Ya. Grishin; R. D. Asyutin; A. Ya. Stavertiy; A. N. Fedorov; S. M. Pershin
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High energy excimer laser system for nanosecond annealing of semiconductor devices
Author(s): Hervé Besaucèle; Audrey Adnet; François Beau; Yacine Bouksou; Cédric Bellier; Paul Ceccato; Maxime Chatelain; Nabil Douri; Hervé Dusserre; Cyril Dutems; Martin Heintzmann; Karim Huet; Mathieu Lenormand; Bobby Lespinasse; Vincent Martinez; Fulvio Mazzamuto; Antoine Melin; Sylvain Perrot; David Rodrigues; Laurent Ruet; Olivier Sannier; Guillaume Thebault; Inès Toqué-Tresonne; Armand Vestraete; Karim Zekri
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A single-shot near edge x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy using double stream gas puff target source
Author(s): Martin Duda; Przemysław Wachulak; Tomasz Fok; Łukasz Węgrzyński; Alexandr Jančárek; Henryk Fiedorowicz
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Interaction of high power laser pulses with ensemble of solid particles
Author(s): Anatoly Boreysho; Oleg Petrov; Andrey Savin; Andrey Sergeev; Alexey Kolychev
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Observation of inner surface laser-induced periodic surface structures in a microhole produced in a glass optical fiber by varying femtosecond laser pulse number and energy
Author(s): Daisuke Yano; Masahiko Shiraishi; Kazuhiro Watanabe; Shoichi Kubodera
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Optical pumped ultra-short pulse CO2 lasers as drivers of laser-plasma accelerators and other applications
Author(s): D. A. Jaroszynski; R. N. Campbell; E. Brunetti; S. R. Yoffe
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Target current: an appropriate parameter for characterizing the dynamics of laser-matter interaction
Author(s): Josef Krása; Daniel KlÍr; Karel Řezáč; Jakub Cikhardt; Andriy Velyhan; Miroslav Pfeifer; Jan Dostál; Miroslav Krůs; Roman Dudžák; Simona Buryšková; Vincenso Nassisi; Domenico Delle Side
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Compact radiation sources based on laser-driven plasma waves
Author(s): D. A. Jaroszynski; M. P. Amnania; C. Aniculaesei; G. Battaglia; E. Brunetti; S. Chen; S. Cipiccia; B. Ersfeld; D. Reboredo Gil; D. W. Grant; P. Grant; M. S. Hur; L. I. Inigo Gamiz; T. Kang; K. Kokurewicz; A. Kornaszewski ; W. Li; A. Maitrallain ; G. G. Manahan ; A. Noble; L. R. Reid; M. Shahzad ; R. Spesyvtsev ; A. Subiel; M. P. Tooley; G. Vieux; S. M. Wiggins; G. H. Welsh; S. R. Yoffe ; X. Yang
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The ENEA discharge produced plasma extreme ultraviolet source and its patterning applications
Author(s): L. Mezi; S. Bollanti; S. Botti; G. Brusatin; L. Businaro; G. Della Giustina; P. Di Lazzaro; M. Fagnoni; F. Flora; A. Gerardino; D. Murra; S. Protti; A. Torre; E. Torti
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Radiation hardness assurance: Innovative aspects and challenges
Author(s): Behcet Alpat; Mauro Menichelli; Vasile Postolache
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Nuclear powered spaceborne laser for orbital debris removal
Author(s): Alexey Avdeev; Anatoly Boreysho; Stanislav Ivakin; Boris Katorgin; Artem Metelnikov
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Laser radars for marine monitoring
Author(s): Luca Fiorani; Federico Angelini; Francesco Colao; Marcello Nuvoli; Antonio Palucci
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Lighting a smart society
Author(s): Paola Iacomussi; Fabrizio Valpreda
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Influence of ultraviolet radiation on the color of blood stains embedded in the archaeological textile known as the Shroud of Turin
Author(s): Paolo Di Lazzaro; Daniele Murra; Paola Iacomussi; Mauro Missori; Antonio Di Lascio
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