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Growth, Characterization, and Applications of Laser Host and Nonlinear Crystals
Editor(s): Jui Teng Lin

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Volume Number: 1104
Date Published: 25 September 1989

Table of Contents
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Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTP): Properties, Recent Advances And New Applications
Author(s): John D. Bierlein
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Compact Blue Laser Devices Based On Nonlinear Frequency Upconversion
Author(s): W. P. Risk; W. Lenth
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Recent Advances Of Nonlinear Crystals For Frequency Conversions
Author(s): J. T. Lin
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Optical Parametric Conversion IN KTiOPO4 (KTP)
Author(s): R. Burnham; M. L. Dlabal; W. Koechner; R. Stolzenberger; Albert Pinto
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Recent Advances In The Generation Of Picosecond Tunable Infrared Radiation
Author(s): Herman Vanherzeele
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Performance Of KNbO3 In The Generation Of Blue Laser Light Using Ti:A1203
Author(s): G. J. Mizell; W. R. Fay; J. Harrison; G. J. Dixon
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Application Analysis Of New Nonlinear Materials
Author(s): Gary C. Catella; Jeffrey H. Bohn; David A. Roberts; William R. Cook Jr.
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Review Of IR To Visible Conversion Effects In Sunstone's Luminescent Materials
Author(s): V . Belov; E. Buhks; T. Dillione; M. Tellefsen
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Growth And Characterization Of Nickel-Doped Garnets By The Laser-Heated Pedestal Growth Method
Author(s): L. M . Thomas; D. M. Andrauskas; H. R. Verdun
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Growth And Characterization Of Ti:YA103 For Tunable Solid State Laser Applications
Author(s): C. P. Khattak; F. Schmid; K. F. Wall; R. L. Aggarwal
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Solution Growth Of New Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystal Material
Author(s): J. T. Lin; W. S. Wang; H. Arend
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Properties Of Close-Coupled, Monolithic, Lithium Neodymium Tetraphosphate Lasers
Author(s): G. J. Dixon; L. S. Lingvay; R. H. Jarman
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Growth Of Ammonium Oxalate For Use As A E-O Modulator
Author(s): Ratan S. Adhav; Sanjay R. Adhav; S. Chandrasekhar
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Growth And Characterization Of GSGG:Cr,Ca: A Promising New Laser Material
Author(s): D. M. Andrauskas; L. M. Thomas; H. R. Verdun
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Features And Applications Of A New Self-Frequency-Doubling Laser Crystal - NYAB
Author(s): Z. D. Luo; J. T. Lin; A. D. Jiang; Y. C. Huang; M. W. Qui
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Growth Of D-BaB204 Bulk Crystals And Fibers
Author(s): R. S. Feigelson; R. K. Route
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Parametric Processes In Molecular Crystals At Picosecond And Femtosecond Timescales.
Author(s): J. Zyss; I. Ledoux; D. Hulin; A. Migus
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Characteristics Of Ti:LaMgA111019 Crystals Grown By The Heat Exchanger Method (HENN)
Author(s): C. P. Khattak; S. T. Lai
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Laser Heated Pedestal Growth Of Nd-Doped Oxide Crystals For Diode Pumping
Author(s): L. R. Black; D. M. Andrauskas; G. F. de la Fuente; H. R. Verdun
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The Investigation Of New Nonlinear Organometallic Complex Crystals -- Correlation Between Optical Properties And Structural Radicals
Author(s): D. Xu; M. H. Jiang; X. T. Tao; Z. S. Shao; J. T. Lin; B. H. T. Chai
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Polymer Systems For Nonlinear Optical Devices
Author(s): Donald R. Ulrich
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Crystal Growth And Evaluation Of Rare Earth Orthogallates For Laser Hosts
Author(s): Roger F. Belt; Robert Uhrin
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Diode Pumped Holmium, Thulium And Erbium Lasers Between 2 And 3pm Operating CW At Room Temperature
Author(s): L. Esterowitz
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SHG Tuning In The KTP Structure Field
Author(s): Mark L. F. Phillips; William T. A . Harrison; Thurman E. Gier; Galen D. Stucky
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Novel Waveplate Designs For The IR Spectrum
Author(s): Jeffrey H. Bohn; David A. Roberts
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Growth Of Small Laser Crystals For Study Of Energy Kinetics And Spectroscopy
Author(s): R. S. F. Chang; S. Sengupta; G. J. Dixon; L. B. Shaw; N. Djeu
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Multiple Wavelength Solid State Lasers: Spectroscopic And Stimulated Emission Properties
Author(s): W. Q. Shi; J. T. Lin; M. Bass; M. Stalder; M. Birnbaum
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Characteristics Of Some Sol-Gel Laser Materials
Author(s): W. Fay; G. Mizell; M. Thomas
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Growth And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Single Crystal Films Of Polydiacetylenes
Author(s): M. Thakur; D. M. Krol; B. I. Greene; G. C. Chi; K. O'Brien
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Second Harmonic Generation In Corona Poled Polymer Films As A Function Of Processing Atmosphere And Corona Polarity
Author(s): Hilary L. Hampsch; George K. Wong; John M. Torkelson; Shelly J. Bethke; Stephen G. Grubb
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Performance Comparisons Of Diode-Pumped Neodymium Laser Materials
Author(s): R. A . Fields; C. L. Fincher
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