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EUV and X-ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space VI
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Volume Number: 11032
Date Published: 17 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11032
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multifoil optics for rocket experiments
Author(s): L. Pína; R. Hudec; A. Inneman; V Marsikova; T. Baca; V. Stehlikova; V. Daniel; J. Tutt
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X/EUV and UV optics for miniature cubesats payloads
Author(s): René Hudec
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REX LE X-ray telescope experiment overview
Author(s): V. Dániel; R. Hudec; T. Baca; L. Pina; A. Inneman; V. Marsikova; M. Urban; O. Nentvich; V. Stehlikova; J. Tutt
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EUV/X-ray Hartmann wavefront sensors and adaptive optics at Imagine Optic (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ombeline de La Rochefoucauld; Samuel Bucourt; Daniele Cocco; Guillaume Dovillaire; Fabrice Harms; Mourad Idir; Dietmar Korn; Xavier Levecq; Martin Piponnier; Rakchanok Rungsawang; Lorenzo Raimondi; Philippe Zeitoun
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2D lens array for multi-contrast X-ray imaging
Author(s): Andrey A. Mikhaylov; Stefan Reich; Anton Plech; Margarita Zakharova; Vitor Vlnieska; Danays Kunka
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Study of Nb-based material combination multilayer for X-ray applications
Author(s): Jiayi Zhang; Jingtao Zhu; Jinwen Chen; Bin Ji; Jie Zhu; Miao Li; Shengming Zhu; Mingqi Cui
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Optical performances of new materials in the EUV spectral range: metrology, methods and results
Author(s): Paola Zuppella; Ahmed E. H. Gaballah; Nadeem Ahmed; Kety Jimenez; Piergiorgio Nicolosi
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X-ray scattering from random rough surfaces
Author(s): Ping Zhao
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Reactive ion beam etching-based planarization of optical aluminium surfaces
Author(s): Melanie Ulitschka; Jens Bauer; Frank Frost; Thomas Arnold
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Study of surface quality and subsurface damage of germanium optics produced by single point diamond nanomachining
Author(s): Zdenko Zápražný; Dušan Korytár; Matej Jergel; Yuriy Halahovets; Igor Mat´ko; Peter Šiffalovič; Jozef Kečkéš; Petr Mikulík; Eva Majková; Thu Nhi Tran Thi
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Examination of EUV CCDs and their applications for space research of solar flares
Author(s): Eugene A. Vishnyakov; Sergey A. Bogachev; Andrei A. Pertsov; Sergey V. Kuzin
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Superior photodetector based on solution-synthesized perovskite film
Author(s): Xiangming Liu; Zhigang Zang; Ming Wang; Tao Xu; Yulong Li; Xiaoshi Peng; Huiyue Wei; Zanyang Guan; Feng Wang
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Tomography with compact laser plasma double-stream gas-puff target source of the EUV and SXR radiation
Author(s): P. Wachulak; A. J. Arikkatt; A. Bartnik; Ł. Węgrzyński; H. Fiedorowicz
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EUV-induced plasmas created using intense ionizing radiation pulses from laser-produced plasma sources
Author(s): A. Bartnik; P. Wachulak; H. Fiedorowicz; T. Fok; Ł. Wegrzynski
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Absolute interferometric testing of an ultra-precise flat substrate with a liquid mirror
Author(s): Haiyang Quan; Xi Hou; Gaofeng Wu; Xiaochuan Hu
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Time of flight in electrostatic ion analyser for laser produced plasma ion resolving
Author(s): Radhwan Alnaimi
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Cluster and aerosol targets, produced using a gas puff approach, for laser-matter interaction experiments
Author(s): Ł. Węgrzyński; A. Bartnik; P. Wachulak; T. Fok; K. Janulewicz; H. Fiedorowicz
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Pulsed radiography and tomography of transient and low-density objects using laser plasma sources of extreme ultraviolet (EUV)
Author(s): Tomasz Fok; Przemysław Wachulak; Łukasz Węgrzyński; Andrzej Bartnik; Roman Jarocki; Henryk Fiedorowicz
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Tomographic imaging using a compact soft X-ray microscope based on a laser plasma light source
Author(s): P. W. Wachulak; A. Torrisi; W. Krauze; A. Bartnik ; J. Kostecki; M. Maisano; H. Fiedorowicz
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Structure system design of super-resolution space camera
Author(s): Weiyan Li; Qunbo Lv; Yangyang Liu; Dandan Zhang; Na Zhao; Yu Fang
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Global optimization of two-multilayer mirror objective for focusing soft X-ray high harmonics
Author(s): M. Toyoda; S. Yamashita; J. Chen
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Broadband multilayer polarizers at the energy range of 50-1000eV
Author(s): Jinwen Chen; Jingtao Zhu; Mingqi Cui; Jiayi Zhang; Bin Ji; Shengming Zhu; Miao Li; Jie Zhu
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Fabrication of a two-dimensional graded periodic Mo/Si multilayer mirror using magnetron sputtering technology
Author(s): Jinwen Chen; Bin Ji; Jiayi Zhang; Shengming Zhu; Miao Li; Mingqi Cui; Jingtao Zhu; Jie Zhu
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A comparison of customized Hartmann and newly introduced inverted Hartmann masks for single-shot phase-contrast X-ray imaging
Author(s): M. Zakharova; S. Reich; A. Mikhaylov; V. Vlnieska; Marcus Zuber; Sabine Engelhardt; T. Baumbach; D. Kunka
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EUV reflective ellipsometry in laboratory: determination of the optical constants and phase retarder properties of SiO2 at hydrogen Lyman–alpha
Author(s): Nadeem Ahmed; P. Nicolosi; A. E. H. Gaballah; K. Jimenez; P. Zuppella
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Silicon carbide detectors for diagnostics of laser-produced plasmas
Author(s): A. Torrisi; P. W. Wachulak; H. Fiedorowicz; L. Torrisi
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A newly developed ultrasensitive Faraday optical rotation device
Author(s): Watheq Al-Basheer; Sohaib AbdElazem
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Use of opportunities of contact microscopy: optical design
Author(s): Dmitry N. Frolov; Olga A. Vinogradova; Alexey D. Frolov; Liyun Wen
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Amplitude spiral zone plates for generation of optical vortices
Author(s): Elena S. Kozlova; Victor V. Kotlyar
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Analysis of focusing properties of amplitude zone plates
Author(s): Elena S. Kozlova; Victor V. Kotlyar; Sergey A. Fomchenkov
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Photonic jets for mid-IR focal plane arrays produced by the triangular dielectric prism
Author(s): Vladislav D. Zaitsev; Sergey S. Stafeev
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Interferometric precision measurement of highly reflective thin film using wavelength tuning Fizeau interferometry
Author(s): Yangjin Kim; Kenichi Hibino; Mamoru Mitsuishi
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Analysis of transfer function dependence on configuration of acousto-optic interaction in uniaxial crystals
Author(s): Anastasiya A. Yablokova; Alexander S. Machikhin; Vladislav I. Batshev; Vitold E. Pozhar; Sergey V. Boritko
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