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Holography: Advances and Modern Trends VI
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Volume Number: 11030
Date Published: 26 July 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11030
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Reference beam lacking measurement of topological charge of incoming vortex beam
Author(s): Evgenii Fedorov; Kseniya Gavril'eva; Alina Gorelaya; Alexander Sevryugin; Ibrohim Tursunov; Dmitrii Venediktov; Vladimir Venediktov
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Hyperspectral holography and volume Denisyuk holograms
Author(s): Sergey Kalenkov; Georgy S. Kalenkov
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A compact system for multispectral quantitative phase imaging based on a lens-in-lens common-path interferometer
Author(s): Olga Polschikova; Alexander Machikhin; Alina Ramazanova; Vitold Pozhar
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Single-wall carbon nanotube doped photopolymer for holographic use
Author(s): Jialing Jian; Lin Cao; Jinxin Guo; Lu Rong; Xinping Zhang; Dayong Wang
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Hyperbranched-polymer nanocomposite gratings with ultrahigh refractive index modulation amplitudes for volume holographic optical elements
Author(s): Yasuo Tomita; Toshi Aoi; Juro Oshima; Keisuke Odoi
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Characterization of self-written waveguide within PVA/AA (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Derek Cassidy; Ra'ed Malallah; John J. Healy; Min Wan; John T Sheridan
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Suppression of parasitic gratings with broadband elastomeric light trap
Author(s): David B. Miller; Amy C. Sullivan; Izabella R. Berman; Robert R. McLeod
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Increasing the spatial resolution of direct laser writing of diffractive structures on thin films of titanium group metals
Author(s): Victor P. Korolkov; Andrey G. Sedukhin; Dmitry A. Belousov; Ruslan V. Shimansky; Vladimir N. Khomutov; Sergey L. Mikerin; Evgeny V. Spesivtsev; Roman I. Kutz
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Advances in photochromic computer-generated holograms
Author(s): Andrea Bianco; Mariachiara Mantero; Luca Oggioni; Giorgio Pariani; Chiara Bertarelli; Frédéric Zamkotsian
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How to integrate volume holographic optical elements (vHOE) made with Bayfol HX film into plastic optical parts
Author(s): Friedrich-Karl Bruder; Sven Hansen; Tim Kleinschmidt; Roland Künzel; Christel Manecke; Enrico Orselli; Christian Rewitz; Thomas Rölle
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Two-stage holographic photopolymers with high dynamic range
Author(s): Marvin D. Alim; David J. Glugla; Sudheendran Mavila; Chen Wang; Philip D. Nystrom; Amy C. Sullivan; Robert R. McLeod; Christopher N. Bowman
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Reflection holograms stored in an environment-friendly photopolymer
Author(s): Manuel G. Ramírez; Daniel Sirvent; Manuel Ortuño; Víctor Navarro-Fuster; Francisco J. Martínez; Augusto Beléndez; Inmaculada Pascual Villalobos
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Role of photoinitiators on self developing photopolymerizable system for holographic grating recording (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Christian Ley; Christian Carré; Ahmad Ibrahim; Xavier Allonas
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Laboratory and on-sky evaluations of astronomical gratings with non-conventional designs
Author(s): A. Zanutta; A. Bianco; M. Landoni; P. Galli; E. Muslimov
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Retrieving the refractive index profile of a holographic grating by diffraction experiments
Author(s): Martin Fally; Jürgen Klepp; Mostafa A. Ellabban; Helmut Eckerlebe; Philipp K. Pranzas; Jinxin Guo; Yasuo Tomita
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Rare earth doped photo-thermo-refractive glasses for monolithic integration of lasers and volume Bragg gratings
Author(s): Nikolay V. Nikonorov; Sergey Ivanov; Darya Kozlova; Iliya Pichugin
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Digital holography wavefront sensing with a supersonic wind tunnel
Author(s): Christopher C. Wilcox; Cameron J. Radosevich; Keith P. Healy; Andrea L. Tuffli; Brian D. Agena; Mark F. Spencer; Donald J. Wittich III
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Photorefractive effect of smectic-C liquid crystals containing a small amount of chiral compounds
Author(s): Takeo Sasaki
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Extended holographic wave front printer setup employing two spatial light modulators
Author(s): Johannes Hofmann; Reinhold Fiess; Moritz Kick; Wilhelm Stork
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Switchable diffraction device using reversible electrodeposition
Author(s): Seong M. Cho; Sujung Kim; Yong-Hae Kim; Chi-Young Hwang; Tae-Youb Kim; Sang-Hoon Cheon; Joo Yeon Kim; Kyunghee Choi; Chi-Sun Hwang; Jeong-Ik Lee
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High-efficiency Fresnel lens design and fabrication in a two-stage photopolymer
Author(s): John E. Hergert; David J. Glugla; Amy C. Sullivan; Marvin D. Alim; Robert R. McLeod
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High efficiency programmable CGH using DMD generated masks
Author(s): Frederic Zamkotsian; Romain Alata; Patrick Lanzoni; Giorgio Pariani; Luca Oggioni; Andrea Bianco; Chiara Bertarelli
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Terahertz quantitative metrology using 300 GHz in-line digital holography
Author(s): Min Wan; Hui Yuan; Dovilė Čibiraitė; Derek Cassidy; Alvydas Lisauskas; John J. Healy; Hartmut G. Roskos; Viktor Krozer; John T. Sheridan
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300-GHz in-line holography with high dynamic range
Author(s): Hui Yuan; Min Wan; Alvydas Lisauskas; John T. Sheridan; Hartmut G. Roskos
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Holographic prism on photo-thermo-refractive glass for metrological applications
Author(s): R. A. Okun; S. A. Ivanov; N. V. Nikonorov
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Interference lithography for nanostructure fabrication
Author(s): Igor Zhurminsky; Marc Schnieper; Rolando Ferrini; Sören Fricke
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Fine structure of a core-shell system in photo-thermo-refractive glass
Author(s): S. A. Ivanov; D. A. Kozlova; N. V. Nikonorov
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Comparative study of Fresnel and Fourier holograms as mode selectors in holographic wavefront sensors
Author(s): Vyacheslav V. Orlov; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov; Alina V. Gorelaya; Elena V. Shubenkova; Evgeniy A. Fedorov; Damir Z. Zhamalatdinov
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Quadrature phase shift and modulation amplitude of signals in optical encoder
Author(s): A. Y. Zherdev; M. S. Kovalev; M. V. Shishova; S. B. Odinokov; D. S. Lushnikov; V. V. Popov
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Improving speed and accuracy of phase retrieval applying two in-line hologram recordings
Author(s): László R. Orzó; Márton Zs. Kiss; Ákos Zarándy
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Modified pupil set-based resolution enhancement of optical scanning holographic system
Author(s): Sheeja M. K.; Meril Cyriac; Kanjana G.; Leena Thomas; Nelwin Raj N. R.
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Digital holographic interferometric in-vitro imaging of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria
Author(s): Vivek Rastogi; Rahul Gadkari; Shilpi Agarwal; Satish Kumar Dubey; Chandra Shakher
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Measurement of temperature and temperature fluctuations in wick stabilized micro flame using digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): Shilpi Agarwal; Vivek Rastogi; Varun Kumar; Satish Kumar Dubey; Chandra Shakher
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Study of the imaging characteristics of holographic waveguides
Author(s): Sergio Bleda; Cristian Neipp; Jorge Frances; Mariela Alvarez; Andres Marquez; Sergi Gallego; Inmaculada Pascual; Augusto Beléndez
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Digital holographic microscopy for the study of light-cell interaction in real time
Author(s): C. Romero-Sansano; D. González; R. Madrigal; E. Fernández; A. Fimia
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Security elements used in color three-dimensional security holograms, methods for their production and control
Author(s): D. S. Lushnikov; A. Y. Zherdev; S. B. Odinokov; V. V. Markin; A. V. Smirnov
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Regular optical patterns formation and pyroelectric controlled beam self-localization in a photorefractive LiNbO3:Fe crystal
Author(s): Lusine M. Tsarukyan; Anahit M. Badalyan; Ruben K. Hovsepyan; Rafael Kh. Drampyan
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Holographic optical element for monitoring the small change of an object's dimensions
Author(s): N. Tarjányi; D. Káčik
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Stacks of layers with periodical corrugations of interfaces as devices for document security
Author(s): Ivo Aubrecht; Jiri Piruncik; Jiri Tomsu; Petr Svacina
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Convolution theorems for the linear canonical transforms
Author(s): John J. Healy; Xiaolin Li; Min Wan; Liang Zhao
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Laser beam diffraction inspection of periodic metal/oxide structures with submicron period
Author(s): Dmitrij A. Belousov; Victor P. Korolkov; Vladimir N. Khomutov; Ruslan K. Nasyrov
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Triacrylamide polyfluorinated chalcone derivative as high resistant light-sensitive material for technology of diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Sergey V. Derevyashkin; Elena A. Soboleva; Vladimir V. Shelkovnikov; Victor P. Korolkov; Anatoly I. Malyshev; Evgeny V. Spesivtsev
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Multi-channel scanning measuring system for testing of diffractive structures and thin transparent films
Author(s): Victor P. Korolkov; Vadim V. Cherkashin; Vladimir N. Khomutov; Dmitrij A. Belousov
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Holographic reflection gratings recorded in silver halide emulsions: combination of several developer agents based on ascorbic acid
Author(s): P. Mas-Abellán; R. Madrigal; A. Fimia
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A fast numerical algorithm for the 2D non-separable linear canonical transform based on a decomposition of the ABCD matrix
Author(s): Liang Zhao; Min Wan; Qing Li; Sannuya Liu; John Sheridan; John Healy
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