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Laser Radar IV
Editor(s): Richard J. Becherer

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Volume Number: 1103
Date Published: 13 September 1989

Table of Contents
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Heterodyne Noise Measurements Of A Microstrip, Waveguide Local Oscillator Modulator
Author(s): Steven A. Davidson; Richard S. Eng; Jenifer L. Bunis; Elaine R. Parshall
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A Comparison Of Photovoltaic And Photoconductive HgCdTe Laser Detectors
Author(s): A. P. Owen; G. R. Gonthier; T. Parodos; L. E. Lapides
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Frequency Chirp Of A Low-Pressure Hybrid TE CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser
Author(s): R. S. Eng; J. G. Grimm; C. Freed; R. G. O'Donnell
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Design Of A High Power Isotopic CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Amplifier
Author(s): Stephen E. Moody; Charles H. Fisher
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Monolithic Beam Steering For Large Aperture Laser Radar
Author(s): Murray Dunn; John McCoy
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Laser Radar Receiver Using A Digicon Detector
Author(s): Robert Ginaven; Erik Odeen; Mike Urbach; Frank Feiock
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An All Solid State CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Driver
Author(s): Daniel L. Birx
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Optimization Of Laser Beam Spread To Maximize Laser Radar Probability Of Detection
Author(s): Dean H. Liskow; Joseph N. Paranto
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Noise In An Acousto-Optic Modulated Laser Source
Author(s): A. L. Kachelmyer; R. S. Eng
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Laser Signature Prediction Using The VALUE Computer Program
Author(s): Alexander Akerman III; George A. Hoffman Jr.; Ronald Patton
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Laser Radar Acquisition And Tracking
Author(s): A. L. Kachelmyer
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Concept Of An MTI Search Ladar
Author(s): Nicholas Gramenopoulos
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System Design Philosophy For Laser Radar Wavelength Determination
Author(s): David R. Dean; Joseph N. Paranto
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Imaging Three-Frequency CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Radar
Author(s): Shelly S. Eucker; Mark L. Fleshner
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Backscatter-Modulation Semiconductor Laser Radar
Author(s): Peter J. de Groot; Francis X. D'Amato; Gregg M. Gallatin; Robert Dixon; Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri
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Three-Dimensional Imaging Using A Single Laser Pulse
Author(s): F. K. Knight; D. I. Klick; D. P. Ryan-Howard; J. R. Theriault Jr.; B. K. Tussey; A. M. Beckman
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The Design And Manufacture Of A High-Resolution Laser Radar Scanner
Author(s): E. S. Cameron; R. Doshi
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Calculations Of Vibrational Signatures For Coherent LADAR
Author(s): Jere S. Singleton; William L. Gamble
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Coherent Sub-Aperture Ultraviolet Imagery
Author(s): R. G. Morton; W. J. Connally; K. Avicola; D. Monjo; T. Olson; C. Buczek
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Range-Doppler Resolution Degradation Associated With Amplitude Distortion
Author(s): William A. Janos
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