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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring XI
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Volume Number: 11014
Date Published: 9 July 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11014
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Contextual sensing: why we should make sensors "smarter" (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michael J. Wardlaw
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LIDAR systems operating in the presence of oceanic turbulence
Author(s): Olga Korotkova
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LED communicator in various underwater environments
Author(s): Herbert Chen; Charles Nelson; Owens Walker; Jon Boccarossa
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Spatial coherence filtering for scatter rejection in underwater laser systems
Author(s): Austin Jantzi; Luke Rumbaugh; William Jemison
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Fast focus of attention for corals from underwater images
Author(s): Xi Yu; Bing Ouyang; Jose C. Principe; Stephanie Farrington; John Reed
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The hyperspectral signatures of complex ocean frontal boundaries: The example of cold air outbreaks in the northern Gulf of Mexico
Author(s): Jason K. Jolliff; Sherwin Ladner; David Lewis; Ewa Jarosz; Richard L. Crout; Adam Lawson; Travis Smith; Sean McCarthy; Stephanie Cayula
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An initial approach for using chromaticity to develop hyperspectral signals for satellite multispectral ocean-color imagery
Author(s): Sean McCarthy; Jason Jolliff; Sherwin Ladner; Mark David Lewis
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Delineation of suspended solids in river outflow from Hurricane Florence using GOES-16 ABI data
Author(s): Mark David Lewis; Jason Jolliff; Sherwin Ladner; Sean McCarthy; Adam Lawson; Paul Martinolich
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Establishing optimal matchup protocols between ocean color satellites and ground truth AeroNET-OC radiance
Author(s): Adam Lawson; Sherwin Ladner; Richard Crout; Christopher Wood; Robert Arnone; Jennifer Bowers; Paul Martinolich; David Lewis
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Chlorophyll retrieval accuracies from satellite and in-situ radiometric measurements in Open Ocean and complex and bloom waters (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Samir Ahmed; Ahmed El-Habashi; Claudia Duran; Vincent Lovko; Stefanos Spiratos
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Deep learning for remote sensed target classification in maritime satellite radar images
Author(s): Abdarahmane Traoré; Jeremy Jensen; Moulay A. Akhloufi
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Total and polarized radiance from the ocean surface from hyperspectral polarimetric imaging
Author(s): Alex Gilerson; Carlos Carrizo; Robert Foster; Tristan Harmel; Andrii Golovin; Ahmed El-Habashi; Eder Herrera; Trevor Wright
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Optical sensing of laminar to turbulent transition and boundary layer turbulence (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Silvia C. Matt; Weilin Hou; Damien Josset
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Response of sea surface properties following Gulf of Mexico hurricanes
Author(s): Erica Terese Krueger; Felix Jose
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Impact of oceanic turbulence on coherent laser communications
Author(s): Italo Toselli; Szymon Gladysz
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Tailored information provision for multinational naval operations
Author(s): Wilmuth Müller; Frank Reinert; Daniel Haferkorn; Barbara Essendorfer; Antonino Arecchi; Kjell Svensson; Yolanda Rieter-Barrell; Maarten Ditzel
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Towards high-resolution multi-sensor gridded ACSPO SST product: reducing residual cloud contamination
Author(s): Irina Gladkova; Alexander Ignatov; Matthew Pennybacker; Yury Kihai
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ACSPO collated-in-time geostationary SST from GOES-16/17 and Himawari-8 (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Matthew Pennybacker; Irina Gladkova; Olafur Jonasson; Alexander Ignatov; Yury Kihai
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Status of second VIIRS reanalysis (RAN2)
Author(s): O. Jonasson; Alexander Ignatov
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MODIS thermal emissive bands calibration stability using in-situ ocean targets and remotely-sensed SST retrievals provided by the group for high resolution sea surface temperature
Author(s): Carlos Pérez Díaz; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Aisheng Wu
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Mitigation of the GOES-17 ABI performance issues in the NOAA ACSPO SST products
Author(s): Matthew Pennybacker; Alexander Ignatov; Olafur Jonasson; Irina Gladkova; Boris Petrenko; Yury Kihai
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Structural field analysis of a large eddy turbulent flow simulation using probabilistic graphical modeling
Author(s): Nicholas V. Scott; Zhen Cheng
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