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Detection and Sensing of Mines, Explosive Objects, and Obscured Targets XXIV
Editor(s): Steven S. Bishop; Jason C. Isaacs
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Volume Number: 11012
Date Published: 9 July 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11012
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Machine learning based automatic target recognition algorithm applicable to ground penetrating radar data
Author(s): Canicious Abeynayake; Vidar Son; Md. Hedayetul Islam Shovon; Hiroshi Yokohama
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Deep convolutional neural network target classification for underwater synthetic aperture sonar imagery
Author(s): A. Galusha; J. Dale; J. M. Keller; A. Zare
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Reliable training of convolutional neural networks for GPR-based buried threat detection using the Adam optimizer and batch normalization
Author(s): Steven Jacobson; Daniël Reichman; Joel Bjornstad; Leslie M. Collins; Jordan M. Malof
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Identification of buried objects based on peak scatter modelling of GPR A-scan signals
Author(s): Mehmet Sezgin; Burak Yoldemir; Ersin Özkan; Hakkı Nazlı
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Comparing target information in voxel and pixel ultra-wideband radar images
Author(s): Matthew S. Wilson; Shawn M. Wilder
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On the use of multiresolution analysis for subsurface object detection using deep ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Dominic K. C. Ho; Pooparat Plodpradista
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Evaluation of image features for discriminating targets from false positives in synthetic aperture sonar imagery
Author(s): Jeffrey Dale; Aquila Galusha; James Keller; Alina Zare
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Feature extraction for predicting the probability of detecting buried explosive objects using GPR data
Author(s): Hichem Frigui; Fadoua Khmaissia; Andrew Karem
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A comparative analysis of the SVM and K-NN to detect buried explosive objects using edge histogram features from GPR data
Author(s): Andrew Karem; Hichem Frigui
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An exploration of gradient-based features for buried threat detection using a handheld ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Evan Stump; Daniel Reichman; Leslie M. Collins; Jordan M. Malof
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How transferable are downward-looking and handheld ground penetrating radar data? Experiments in the context of buried threat detection
Author(s): Evan Stump; Daniel Reichman; Leslie M. Collins; Jordan M. Malof
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Globally strictly convex cost functionals for search of land mines using electrical methods (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michael V. Klibanov D.D.S.
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Analysis of the effect of salt water on time domain electromagnetic induction sensing of submerged metallic objects
Author(s): Kevin O'Neill; Fridon Shubitidze; Benjamin E. Barrowes
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Hydro-electromagnetic properties in ground-penetrating radar field target detection studies
Author(s): Gregory Schultz; Jonathan S. Miller; Fridon Shubitidze; Joe Keranen
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Buried object imaging using a small UAS-based GPR
Author(s): Christopher Roussi; Ismael Xique; Joseph Burns; Benjamin Hart
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Investigation of initialization strategies for the Multiple Instance Adaptive Cosine Estimator
Author(s): James Bocinsky; Connor McCurley; Daniel Shats; Alina Zare
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A portable discrete frequency NQR explosives detection system
Author(s): Todd Nichols; Shaun Gidcumb; Thomas Ketterl; Greg Brauns
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Multi-phase performance evaluation for modern minehunting systems
Author(s): Øivind Midtgaard; Narada Warakagoda; Gary L. Davies; Warren Connors; Marc Geilhufe
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HFEMI data from carbon rods, wires, and improvised explosive device constituent parts
Author(s): Benjamin E. Barrowes; Danney Glaser; Mikheil Prishvin; Guy Jutras; Kevin O'Neill; Fridon Shubitidze
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Classification using low-rank features from an electromagnetic induction sensor
Author(s): Waymond R. Scott Jr.; Charles Ethan Hayes; James H. McClellan
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Comparison of possibilistic fuzzy local information C-means and possibilistic K-nearest neighbors for synthetic aperture sonar image segmentation
Author(s): Joshua Peeples; Matthew Cook; Daniel Suen; Alina Zare; James Keller
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Comparison of hand-held WEMI target detection algorithms
Author(s): Connor H. McCurley; James Bocinsky; Alina Zare
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Scalable high-resolution algorithms for landmine imaging problem
Author(s): Yury A. Gryazin; Yun Teck Lee; Ronald L. Gonzales
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Doppler-vibrometer landmine-detection system operated from a moving vehicle
Author(s): Brad Libbey; James Perea
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Investigating time domain EMI signals diffusion in a conducting environment for UXO detection and classification
Author(s): Fridon Shubitidze; Benjamin E. Barrowes; O'Neill
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Transfer and multitask learning using convolutional neural networks for buried wire detection from ground penetrating radar data
Author(s): Enver Aydin; Seniha Esen Yüksel Erdem
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Combined use of remote sensing data and geographic information system techniques for detecting underground structures for defense and security applications in Cyprus
Author(s): George Melillos; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis; Silas Michaelides
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Counter-mine augmented reality training system (CMARTS)
Author(s): Tana Maurer; Kenneth Cook; John Graybeal
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Dual-band discrimination and imaging of plastic objects
Author(s): Charles A. Hibbitts; Dmitriy Bekker; Troy Hanson; Andrew Knuth; Arnold Goldberg; Kyle Ryan; David Cantillo; Dru Daubon; Frank Morgan
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New possibilities of post-blast residues analysis in forensic science
Author(s): Marek Kotrlý; Ales Eisner; Ivo Beroun; Karel Ventura; Ivana Turková
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In-vehicle illumination-invariant change detection based on intrinsic images and differences of Gaussians
Author(s): Marco Tektonidis; David Monnin
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Enhanced metal detection using Halbach arrays
Author(s): Joseph A. French; Zachary R. Brong; Daniel Winker
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Path reconstruction from nontraditional sensor information using subgraph isomorphism algorithms
Author(s): Drew B. Gonsalves; Joseph N. Wilson
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Dual sensor ALIS evaluation test in Cambodia
Author(s): Motoyuki Sato
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Quadratic lifting inversion applied to buried object radar imaging
Author(s): Joseph B. Lindgren; Joseph Burns; Brian Thelen; Ismael Xique
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Exploiting polarization of very low frequency scattered fields to localize objects
Author(s): S. K. Patch; Morris Cohen; Mark Golkowski; Vijay Harid
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Multiparametric full waveform inversion of 2D ground penetrating radar data using multiple GPUs
Author(s): Jheyston O. Serrano; Ana B. Ramirez; Sergio A. Abreo Sr.; Brian M. Sadler Sr.
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Detection of the buried landmine/projectile using LS-band FLGPR vehicle
Author(s): Tetsuya Kimata; Kosuke Shigematsu; Hirotomo Nakajima; Junko Morita
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Lessons learned from temporal and spatial multi-month thermal IR study
Author(s): J. L. Clausen; A. Workman; J. Dorvee
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Orbital angular momentum assisted ground penetrating radars
Author(s): Daniel Orfeo; Wilson Ezequille; Tian Xia; Dryver Huston
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