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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Sensing XX
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Volume Number: 11010
Date Published: 26 July 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11010
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
CBRNE sensing at 20 years: a retrospection and prospects for the future
Author(s): Augustus W. Fountain III
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Standoff hyperspectral imaging of CWAs and explosives using eyesafe quantum cascade laser arrays
Author(s): Mark F. Witinski; Brandt Pein; Romain Blanchard; Gokhan Ulu; Greg Vander Rhodes; Kalyani Krishnamurthy; Chris R. Howle; Linda Lee; Rhea J. Clewes; Siobhan M. Conner; Daryoosh Vakhshoori
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Infrared backscatter imaging spectroscopy for standoff detection of trace explosives
Author(s): Christopher J. Breshike; Christopher A. Kendziora; Yohan Yoon; Robert Furstenberg; Viet Nguyen; R. Andrew McGill
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Real-time, reconfigurable, handheld molecular chemical imaging sensing for standoff detection of threats
Author(s): Matthew P. Nelson; Shawna K. Tazik; Patrick J. Treado
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Experimental considerations for the proximate standoff detection of highly scattering hazardous materials using infrared techniques
Author(s): Kevin J. Major; Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Mikella E. Farrell; Ellen L. Holthoff; Paul M. Pellegrino; Thomas C. Hutchens; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Kenneth J. Ewing
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Dissemination monitoring by LWIR hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): F. Wilsenack; T. Wolf; L. Landström; P. Wästerby; T. Tjärnhage
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Wide-area mapping and identification system for detection of chemical contamination on surfaces
Author(s): Erik Emmons; Kevin Hung; Darren Emge; Erik Roese; Jason Guicheteau
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Recent development of a UV Raman microscope explosive detection system for near trace detection
Author(s): Rob Waterbury; Thuyan Conghuyentonnu; Hunter Hardy; Tim Molner; Darius Vunck
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Monolithically integrated silicon photonic chip sensor for near-infrared trace-gas spectroscopy
Author(s): Eric J. Zhang; Yves Martin; Jason S. Orcutt; Chi Xiong; Martin Glodde; Nathan Marchack; Elizabeth A. Duch; Tymon Barwicz; Laurent Schares; William M. J. Green
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Waveguide-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for characterizing sorbent-analyte binding (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Todd H. Stievater; Nathan F. Tyndall; Dmitry A. Kozak; Marcel W. Pruessner; R. Andrew McGill; Courtney A. Roberts; Benjamin L. Miller; Ethan Luta; Matthew Z. Yates
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Photo-induced enhanced Raman spectroscopy (PIERS): sensing atomic-defects, explosives and biomolecules
Author(s): D. Glass; E. Cortés; S. Ben-Jaber; T. Brick; R. Quesada-Cabrera; W. J. Peveler; Y. Zhu; C. S. Blackman; C. R. Howle; I. P. Parkin; S. A. Maier
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Zirconium metal-organic framework functionalized plasmonic sensor
Author(s): J. Briscoe; L. Appelhans; S. Smith; K. Westlake; I. Brener; J. Wright
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Approaching single molecule sensing: predictive sweat sensor design for ultra-low limits of detection
Author(s): Jonathan Harris; Justin Bickford; Pak Cho; Matthew Coppock; Mikella Farrell; Ellen Holthoff; Erin L. Ratcliff
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Predicting the persistence of explosives materials
Author(s): Michael Papantonakis; Viet Nguyen; Robert Furstenberg; Andrew Kusterbeck; R. Andrew McGill
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Explosive detection and identification using a wide-area, hyperspectral Raman imaging sensor
Author(s): Nathaniel R. Gomer; Nirmal Lamsal; Haiyin Sun; Heather Gomer; Matthew P. Nelson
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Characteristics of trace explosives particles in fingerprints for optical detection
Author(s): R. Andrew McGill; Robert Furstenberg; Michael Papantonakis; Viet Nguyen; Christopher A. Kendziora; Lara Stroud ; Lars Dryer; Thomas Fischer; Benjamin Andrews; Caroline Colpoys; Abby Goldberg; Lilly Zehfus; Andrew Kusterbeck
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Higher order statistics for anomaly detection in hyper spectral imaging
Author(s): Eric R. Languirand; Darren K. Emge
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Synthetic models for infrared reflectance signatures of micro-particle traces on surfaces
Author(s): Robert Furstenberg; Andrew Shabaev; Christopher A. Kendziora; Christopher Breshike; Tyler J. Huffman; Andrew Kusterbeck; Dawn Dominguez; Samuel G. Lambrakos; R. Andrew McGill
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A new, hand-held, 1- to 5-m standoff analyzer for real-time detection of trace chemical, biological, and explosive substances on surfaces
Author(s): W. F. Hug; M. Reid; Q. Nguyen; R. Bhartia; R. D. Reid
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Obtaining the complex optical constants n and k via quantitative absorption measurements in KBr pellets
Author(s): T. L. Myers; R. M. Francis; C. A. Banach; S. D. Burton; A. M. Oeck; T. J. Johnson; R. Furstenberg; C. A. Kendziora
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Accurate optical constants for liquids in the near-infrared:Improved methods for obtaining the n and k constants from 1 to 4 µm
Author(s): Tanya L. Myers; Russell G. Tonkyn; John S. Loring; Ashley M. Oeck; Catherine A. Banach; Ryan M. Francis; Yin-Fong Su; Timothy J. Johnson
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Spectral and polarimetric remote sensing for CBRNE applications
Author(s): Dylan Anderson; Leah Appelhans; Charles LaCasse; Steve Vigil; Robert Dzur; Trevor Briggs; Elizabeth Miller; Emily Schultz-Fellenz; Julia M. Craven
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Nanocomposites for low dose gamma-ray sensor: Effect of matrix and oxidizer on the performance (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Vishall Dayal; Narsingh Bahadur Singh; Ching Hua Su; Puneet Gill; Brit Lee; Fow-Sen Choa; Bradley Arnold; Lisa Kelly; Brian Cullum
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Hyperspectral vegetation identification at a legacy underground nuclear explosion test site
Author(s): Brian J. Redman; John D. van der Laan; Dylan Z. Anderson; Julia M. Craven; Elizabeth D. Miller; Adam D. Collins; Erika M. Swanson; Emily S. Schultz-Fellenz
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Fixed-angle reflectance from uranium compounds and U-bearing minerals: experimental challenges to determine the optical constants n and k
Author(s): Brent M. DeVetter; C. Tom Resch; Tanya L. Myers; Jordan F. Corbey; Molly Rose K. Kelly-Gorham; Bret D. Cannon; Nicole K. Scharko; Timothy J. Johnson
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Development of technology for low-power gas sensing: IARPA's MAEGLIN program
Author(s): Kristin DeWitt
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Remote vapor detection and classification using hyperspectral images
Author(s): Bulent Ayhan; Chiman Kwan; James O. Jensen
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From the warehouse to the field: new applications of existing chemical warfare agent detectors without hardware modification
Author(s): Patrick C. Riley; Brian S. Ince; Vincent M. McHugh; Brian C. Hauck; C. Steve Harden; James Taylor; Henry McIntrye; Robert McSweeney; Stephen Long
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A new modality for the detection of chemical vapors using middle infrared femtosecond pulse propagation effects
Author(s): William Conner Thomas; Craig A. Zuhlke; Dennis R. Alexander
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Detecting atmospheric DHO with a spectroscopic THz sensor
Author(s): Joseph R. Demers; Elijah Dale
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Toward UAV based compact thermal infrared hyperspectral imaging solution for real-time gas detection identification and quantification (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Stephane Boubanga Tombet; Frédérick Marcotte; Éric Guyot; Martin Chamberland; Vincent Farley
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µChemLab: twenty years of developing CBRNE detection systems with low false alarm rates
Author(s): Joshua J. Whiting; Edward B. Myers; Ronald P. Manginell; Matthew W. Moorman; Kent Pfeifer; John M. Anderson; Cory S. Fix; Cody Washburn; Alan Staton; Daniel Porter; Darin Graf; David R. Wheeler; John Richards; Komandoor E. Achuythan; Michael Roukes; Robert J. Simonson
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Passive LWIR hyperspectral imaging of surfaces contaminated by CWA droplets
Author(s): L. Landström; F. Kullander; P. Wästerby; B. T. Røen
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Quantum cascade laser-based trace detection of gases in the deep-infrared region using phase fluctuation optical heterodyne spectroscopy
Author(s): Jack W. Thomas; Adam Polak; David J. M. Stothard
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Fiber-lasers for coherent Raman detection of toxic chemical hazards
Author(s): N. Coluccelli; A. Gambetta; E. Vicentini; P. Laporta; K. McEwan; C. R. Howle
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Examination of stochastic and ordered methods to select optical filters for discrimination between chemical vibrational absorption bands
Author(s): Kevin J. Major; Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Thomas C. Hutchens; Menelaos K. Poutous; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Kenneth J. Ewing
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Infrared reflectance characterization of ammonium nitrate residue on roughened aluminum for potential bioinspired stand-off sensor
Author(s): Thomas C. Hutchens; Christopher R. Wilson; Matthew G. Potter; Menelaos K. Poutous; Kevin J. Major; Kenneth J. Ewing; Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Angle-polished fibers as a robust coupling tool for photonics
Author(s): Royce Dong; Abraham J. Qavi M.D.; Jie Liao; Lan Yang
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Packaging of optofluidic microbubble resonator sensors
Author(s): Jie Liao; Abraham J. Qavi; Royce Dong; Lan Yang
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Low SWaP chemical sensing via a fabric-based spectrometer
Author(s): Richard P. Kingsborough; Alexander Stolyarov; Lauren Cantley; Shane Tysk; Maxwell Plaut; Robert Trudeau; Mordechai Rothschild; Richard M. Osgood III
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Detecting radiation in a standoff geometry with mid-IR laser breakdown
Author(s): D. Woodbury; R. M. Schwartz; J. Isaacs; P. Sprangle; H. M. Milchberg
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Remote detection of radioactive material using optically induced air breakdown ionization
Author(s): Joshua Isaacs; Daniel Woodbury; Phillip Sprangle
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