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Autonomous Air and Ground Sensing Systems for Agricultural Optimization and Phenotyping IV
Editor(s): J. Alex Thomasson; Mac McKee; Robert J. Moorhead
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Volume Number: 11008
Date Published: 22 August 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11008
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Estimation of surface thermal emissivity in a vineyard for UAV microbolometer thermal cameras using NASA HyTES hyperspectral thermal, and landsat and AggieAir optical data
Author(s): Alfonso Torres-Rua; Mahyar Aboutalebi; Timothy Wright; Ayman Nassar; Pierre Guillevic; Lawrence Hipps; Feng Gao; Kevin Jim; Maria Mar Alsina; Calvin Coopmans; Mac McKee; William Kustas
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Estimation of crop latent heat flux from high resolution thermal imagery
Author(s): Yan Zhu; Keith A. Cherkauer
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The impact of shadows on partitioning of radiometric temperature to canopy and soil temperature based on the contextual two-source energy balance model (TSEB-2T)
Author(s): Mahyar Aboutalebi; Alfonso F. Torres-Rua; Mac McKee; Hector Nieto; William Kustas; Calvin Coopmans
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Impact of camera lens angle and sUAS flying altitude on spatial crop canopy temperature evaluation
Author(s): Harman S. Sangha; Ajay Sharda; Lukas Koch; Guanghui Wang; Pavithra Prabhakar
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Comparing the effectiveness of hyperspectral and multispectral data in detecting citrus nitrogen and water stresses
Author(s): Subodh Bhandari; Amar Raheja; Mohammad Chaichi; Frank Pham; Tristan Sherman; Matthew Dohlen; Sharafat Khan
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Using hyperspectral imagery to detect water stress in vineyards
Author(s): Sean P. Hurley; Marc Horney; Aaron Drake
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Detection of diseases and pests on images captured in uncontrolled conditions from tea plantations
Author(s): Prakruti V. Bhatt; Sanat Sarangi; Srinivasu Pappula
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Software requirements, architecture, design, and results of a modular, multispectral, scientific quality unmanned aerial system payload for civilian remote sensing
Author(s): Calvin Coopmans; James Humble; Matthew Givens
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UAV data reliability improvements based on multifunctional GCPs
Author(s): J. Alex Thomasson; Xiongzhe Han; Cody Bagnall; Chao Sima; Yeyin Shi; William Rooney; Chenghai Yang; Jinha Jung; Anjin Chang
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Coordination and control for automatic mobile ground control points in agricultural remote sensing
Author(s): Xiongzhe Han; J. Alex Thomasson
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Small plot identification from video streams for high-throughput phenotyping of large breeding populations with unmanned aerial systems
Author(s): Xu Wang; Cameron Amos; Mark Lucas; Grant Williams; Jesse Poland
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UAV-based multi-sensor multi-platform integration for high throughput phenotyping
Author(s): Radhika Ravi; Seyyed Meghdad Hasheminasab; Tian Zhou; Ali Masjedi; Karoll Quijano; John Evan Flatt; Melba Crawford; Ayman Habib
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Drones coordination protocols in the precision agriculture context
Author(s): Giuseppe Potrino; Abdon Serianni; Nunzia Palmieri
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An energy aware smart station for an UAV fleet in the smart farming application
Author(s): Abdon Serianni; Pierfrancesco Raimondo; Nunzia Palmieri
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Challenges that beyond-visual-line-of-sight technology will create for UAS-based remote sensing in agriculture (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mac McKee; Alfonso Torres-Rua; Mahyar Aboutalebi; Ayman Nassar; Calvin Coopmans; William Kustas; Feng Gao; Nicholas Dokoozlian; Luis Sanchez; Maria M. Alsina
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Drone-Based technologies used to assess modern farming practices in undergraduate research
Author(s): S. A. Wilkerson; S. A. Gadsden; J. Cerreta; M. AlShabi
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Validation of digital surface models (DSMs) retrieved from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) point clouds using geometrical information from shadows
Author(s): Mahyar Aboutalebi; Alfonso F. Torres-Rua; Mac McKee; William Kustas; Héctor Nieto; Calvin Coopmans
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Assessment of different image enhancement and classification techniques in detection of volunteer cotton using UAV remote sensing
Author(s): Pappu Kumar Yadav; J. Alex Thomasson; Juan Enciso; Sayantan Samanta; Amrit Shrestha
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Plant-by-plant level classifications of cotton root rot by UAV remote sensing
Author(s): T. Wang; J. A. Thomasson
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Unmanned aerial system based tomato yield estimation using machine learning
Author(s): Akash Ashapure; Sungchan Oh; Thiago G. Marconi; Anjin Chang; Jinha Jung; Juan Landivar; Juan Enciso
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UAS based Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV) disease detection system
Author(s): Sungchan Oh; Akash Ashapure; Thiago G. Marconi; Jinha Jung; Juan Landivar
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Machine learning models for predicting lettuce health using UAV imageries
Author(s): Frank Pham; Amar Raheja; Subodh Bhandari
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Machine learning approaches to automate weed detection by UAV based sensors
Author(s): Aaron Etienne; Dharmendra Saraswat
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Estimation of soil moisture at different soil levels using machine learning techniques and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) multispectral imagery
Author(s): Mahyar Aboutalebi; L. Niel Allen; Alfonso F. Torres-Rua; Mac McKee; Calvin Coopmans
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Estimating citrus plant heights using UAV-based LIDAR data and photogrammetry (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Subodh Bhandari; Ahmed Elaksher; Thomas Elemy; Jason Sagara; Wing H. Yeung
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Improving soybean breeding using UAS measurements of physiological maturity
Author(s): B. Narayanan; B. Floyd; K. Tu; L. Ries; N. Hausmann
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Use of unmanned aerial vehicle extracted data to predict health and tiller count in wheat
Author(s): Alexandre Brice Cazenave; Joseph Oakes; Wade Thomason; Maria Balota
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Plant density estimation and weeds mapping on row crops at emergence using low altitude UAS imagery
Author(s): C. Daniel McCraine; Sathishkumar Samiappan; Joby M. Prince Czarnecki; Darrin M. Dodds
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Estimating standing biomass of exotic macrophytes using sUAS
Author(s): Andrew W. Howell; Robert J. Richardson
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An initial analysis of real-time sUAS-based detection of grapevine water status in the Finger Lakes wine country of upstate New York
Author(s): Rinaldo R. Izzo; Alan N. Lakso; Evan D. Marcellus; Timothy D. Bauch; Nina G. Raqueño; Jan van Aardt
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Application of unmanned aerial system for management of tomato cropping system
Author(s): Thiago Gibbin Marconi; Sungchan Oh; Akash Ashapure; Anjin Chang; Jinha Jung; Juan Landivar; Juan Enciso
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