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Laser Radar Technology and Applications XXIV
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Volume Number: 11005
Date Published: 26 July 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 11005
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Object detection and recognition using laser radar incorporating novel SPAD technology
Author(s): William F. Woods; Dennis V. Delic; Barnaby W. Smith; Leszek Świerkowski; Geoffrey S. Day; Vladimyros Devrelis; Robert A. Joyce
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Embedded implementation of a random feature detecting network for real-time classification of time-of-flight SPAD array recordings
Author(s): Joyce Mau; Saeed Afshar; Tara Julia Hamilton; André van Schaik; Rudi Lussana; Aaron Panella; Jochen Trumpf; Dennis Delic
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Seahawk lidar
Author(s): Eric A. Brown; Hyunsuk Kim; Domenic Carr; Nathan Meraz; Thomas Craney; Priyank Patel; Jonathan Kosty; Christopher R. Valenta; GwangJae We; Joong Yong Park; Grady Tuell
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Optical design of a deep water airborne bathymetric lidar
Author(s): Nathan Meraz; Grady Tuell
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Co-aligned dual wavelength circular scanner for airborne lidar bathymetry
Author(s): Nathan D. Meraz; Grady H. Tuell; Eric A. Brown; Thomas A. Craney; Joong Yong Park
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Compact lidar polarimetry via time-varying transmit polarization and an elliptical polarization analyzer
Author(s): Richard K. Martin; Christian Keyser
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Relationship between airborne lidar product specifications and end product requirements
Author(s): Mark Treiber
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Real-time counter-UAV system for long distance small drones using double pan-tilt scan laser radar
Author(s): Byeong Hak Kim; Danish Khan; Wonju Choi; Min Young Kim
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Tracking and prediction of small unmanned aerial vehicles' flight behavior and three-dimensional flight path from laser gated viewing images
Author(s): Martin Laurenzis; Martin Rebert; Stéphane Schertzer; Frank Christnacher
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UAV detection, tracking, and classification by sensor fusion of a 360° lidar system and an alignable classification sensor
Author(s): Marcus Hammer; Björn Borgmann; Marcus Hebel; Michael Arens
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Development of a small unmanned aerial system-mounted texel camera
Author(s): Trevor Welch; Calvin Coopmans; Scott E. Budge
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Texturing of digital surface maps (DSMs) by selecting the texture from multiple perspective texel swaths taken by a low-cost small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Author(s): Bikalpa Khatiwada; Scott E. Budge
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A new lidar scanning system for autonomous vehicles for a reduced calibration processing time
Author(s): Tetsuharu Miwa
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Mutual interference potential and impact of scanning lidar according to the relevant vehicle applications
Author(s): Jeongsook Eom; Gunzung Kim; Yongwan Park
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Signal interactions between lidar scanners
Author(s): Gerald B. Popko; Thomas K. Gaylord; Christopher R. Valenta
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Advances in lidar point cloud processing
Author(s): Andreas Ullrich; Martin Pfennigbauer
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Analysis and exploitation of lidar waveform data
Author(s): Richard C. Olsen; Andrew S. Davis; Jeremy P. Metcalf
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Performance assessment of digital modulation and spreading code techniques for lidar with pulse coding
Author(s): Gunzung Kim; Jeongsook Eom; Yongwan Park
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Target discrimination using agile multispectral lidar
Author(s): Tariq Ahmido; Thomas E. Ruekgauer; Chad Weiler; Joshua Broadwater
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Real-time realization of digital surface models and slope map using lidar for UAV navigation in challenging environment
Author(s): Ahmed T. Fahmy; Ali Massoud; Aboelmagd M. Noureldin; Sidney Givigi; Hermann Brassard
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Er:YAG methane lidar laser technology
Author(s): Moran Chen; Willian J. Rudd; Joe Hansell; David Pachowicz; Slava Litvinovitch; Patrick Burns; Nicholas W. Sawruk
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Optimization of obscurant penetration with next generation lidar technology
Author(s): Xiaoying Cao; Philip Church; Justin Matheson; Gilles Roy
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Global shutter solid state flash lidar for spacecraft navigation and docking applications
Author(s): Beth A. Sornsin; Bradley W. Short; Tyler N. Bourbeau; Michael J. Dahlin
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A fiber Kerr effect polarization state generator for temporally multiplexed polarimetric ladar
Author(s): Christian K. Keyser; Khanh Nguyen; Arielle M. Adams; Demetrios Christodoulides; Helena Lopez-Aviles
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Comparative characteristics of highly sensitive photodetectors for modern lidar systems
Author(s): D. A. Shushakov; S. V. Bogdanov; E. V. Levin; Y. I. Pozdnyakov; V. E. Shubin; T. S. Shpakovsky
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Comparison of illumination sources for imaging systems for different applications
Author(s): Milad Gholipour Vazimali; Orges Furxhi; Yousef Alahmadi; Ronald Driggers
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3D imaging with 128x128 eye safe InGaAs p-i-n lidar camera
Author(s): C. P. Bradley; S. S. Mukherjee; A. D. Reinhardt; P. F. McManamon; A. O. Lee; V. Dhulla
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Geiger-mode avalanche photodetector camera technology at Ball Aerospace
Author(s): Piotr K. Kondratko; Ronda Irwin; Amber Strevey; Jim Medbery; Patrick Earhart
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