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Advanced Optics for Imaging Applications: UV through LWIR IV
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Volume Number: 10998
Date Published: 26 July 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10998
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fabrication of high refractive index, infrared transmitting Organically Modified Chalcogenide (ORMOCHALC) polymers (Rising Researcher Presentation)
Author(s): Darryl A. Boyd; Vinh Q Nguyen; Collin C McClain; Colin C. Baker; Jason D. Myers; Woohong Kim; Jasbinder S. Sanghera
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Intelligent material design for infrared optics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): J. David Musgraves; John Deegan; David Schmidt; Peter Wachtel; George Lindberg; Jamie Ramsey
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Temperature-dependent dispersion fitting for a recent infrared glass catalog
Author(s): Guy Beadie; Erik Stover; Daniel Gibson
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Index of refraction change in common chalcogenide glasses due to precision glass molding
Author(s): G. P. Lindberg; J. P. Deegan; P. F. Wachtel; J. D. Musgraves; J. L. Ramsey
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Advancements in chalcogenide glass design and manufacturing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Peter F. Wachtel; J. David Musgraves; George P. Lindberg; John P. Deegan; Jamie L. Ramsey
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Underlying causes of hygroscopic stability in high-quality replicated composite optics
Author(s): Geena Ferrelli; Hyun Kim; Rafael Zaldivar
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High-performance surface-engineered gradient refractive index (GRIN) coatings
Author(s): Robert C. Bruce; Paul Sunal; Clara Rivero-Baleine; Theresa S. Mayer
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Multispectral IR optics and GRIN
Author(s): Daniel Gibson; Shyam Bayya; Vinh Nguyen; Jas Sanghera; Guy Beadie; Mikhail Kotov; Collin McClain; Jay Vizgaitis
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Scalable laser-written Ge-As-Pb-Se chalcogenide glass-ceramic films and the realization of infrared gradient refractive index elements
Author(s): Myungkoo Kang; Teodor Malendevych; Gufan Yin; Ian B. Murray; Martin C. Richardson; Juejun Hu; Ilya Mingareev; Kathleen A. Richardson
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High-index-contrast dielectric metasurface optics for MWIR imaging (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mikhail Shalaginov; Sensong An; Lan Li; Hanyu Zheng; Jun Ding; Li Zhang; Clara Rivero-Baleine; Tian Gu; Hualiang Zhang; Juejun Hu
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Optical in-constants: extracting reliable n and k parameters in high-throughput for plasmonic alloys as a function of composition (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Dave Stanton; Brian Hayden; Tristan Temple; Jean-Philippe Soulié; Kieren Bradley; Chris Vian; Dan Hewak
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Optical design of multi-material, general rotationally symmetric GRIN lenses
Author(s): Andrew M. Boyd
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Big, bold, and bothersome: challenges of designing large format, infrared lens assemblies
Author(s): John Savastinuk; Andrew E. Dugrenier
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Infrared optics innovation enabled by new material and designs
Author(s): Xia Yu; Neo Chen; Yana Abiso; Jenny Zhu; Robert Huang
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Experimental verification of a MWIR/LWIR 3x continuous zoom lens (Rising Researcher Paper)
Author(s): J. L. Ramsey; G. P. Lindberg; Rick Campbell; J. D. Musgraves; P. F. Wachtel; J. P. Deegan
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Metric zoom and you: an accurate tomorrow, approximately today
Author(s): Joshua B. Bettinger; Brian Packard; Steven H. Vogel
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Air-LUSI: Autonomous telescope design for lunar spectral irradiance measurements
Author(s): Andrew Cataford; S. Andrew Gadsden; Kevin Turpie
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Athermalized lens prototype using additive manufacturing
Author(s): Devlin Hayduke; Kyle Bryant; Nicholas Rudenko; Ryan Whitmore
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Dewar design for optical noise reduction in very low signal applications
Author(s): Arn Adams; Fred Nicol; Thomas Coleman; Chelsea McDonald; John Moore; Steve McHugh; Gabriel Amparan
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Enhance image resolution with nearest neighbor pixel deconvolution
Author(s): Yu Wang; Yujing Lu
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Infrared thermospectroscopic imaging and tomography of confined process
Author(s): Moncef Lehtihet; Jacques Leng; Christophe Pradère
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Concurrent engineering of a next-generation freeform telescope: optical design
Author(s): Aaron Bauer; Eric M. Schiesser; Jannick P. Rolland
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Concurrent engineering of a next-generation freeform telescope: mechanical design and manufacture
Author(s): Nicholas W. Horvath; Matthew A. Davies
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Concurrent engineering of a next-generation freeform telescope: metrology and test
Author(s): Todd Noste; Chris J. Evans; Jimmie A. Miller; Laura E. Hopper
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