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Dimensional Optical Metrology and Inspection for Practical Applications VIII
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Volume Number: 10991
Date Published: 26 July 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10991
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Wide-field 3D imaging with an LED pattern projector for accurate skin feature measurements via Fourier transform profilometry
Author(s): Andrés G. Marrugo; Lenny A. Romero; Jaime Meneses
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Toward an automatic 3D measurement of skin wheals from skin prick tests
Author(s): Andrés G. Marrugo; Lenny A. Romero; Jesus Pineda; Raúl Vargas; Hernando Altamar-Mercado; Javier Marrugo M.D.; Jaime Meneses
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In-situ measurement of aspherics with sub-aperture deflectometry for precision optical manufacturing
Author(s): Xiangchao Zhang; Xueyang Xu; Zhenqi Niu; Shaoliang Li; Wanliang Zhao
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Sources of errors in structured light 3D scanners
Author(s): Prem Rachakonda; Bala Muralikrishnan; Daniel Sawyer
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Comparing Hilbert transform profilometry and Fourier transform profilometry (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Song Zhang
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Motion-induced error reduction for phase shifting profilometry using double-shot-in-single-illumination technique
Author(s): Vignesh Suresh; Yajun Wang; Beiwen Li
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Efficient correspondence search algorithm for GOBO projection-based real-time 3D measurement
Author(s): Patrick Dietrich; Stefan Heist; Peter Lutzke; Martin Landmann; Pascal Grosmann; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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Three-dimensional shape measurement of specular object with discontinuous surfaces by direct phase measuring deflectometry
Author(s): Zonghua Zhang; Nan Gao; Xiaohong Liu
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Fringe analysis based on convolutional neural networks (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shijie Feng; Chao Zuo; Qian Chen; Guohua Gu
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Bi-frequency temporal phase unwrapping using deep learning
Author(s): Wei Yin; Chao Zuo; Shijie Feng; Tianyang Tao; Qian Chen
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Fitting contrast by least square method for phase-shifting interferometry of unknown and arbitrary phase-steps under high non-uniform illumination
Author(s): C. Meneses-Fabian; A. Barcelata-Pinzón
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Single-shot 3D shape reconstruction using multi-wavelength pattern projection
Author(s): Chen Zhang; Anika Brahm; Andreas Breitbarth; Maik Rosenberger; Gunther Notni
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Real-time high dynamic range 3D scanning with RGB camera
Author(s): Yi Zheng; Yajun Wang; Beiwen Li
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Pattern projection in the short-wave infrared (SWIR): accurate, eye-safe 3D shape measurement
Author(s): Stefan Heist; Martin Landmann; Martin Steglich; Yueqian Zhang; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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Large-volume NIR pattern projection sensor for continuous low-latency 3D measurements
Author(s): Christoph Munkelt; Matthias Heinze; Christian Bräuer-Burchardt; Shantanu P. Kodgirwar; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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Methods for addressing multiple reflections in a structured light profiler
Author(s): Kevin Harding
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High dynamic range 3D shape measurement based on multispectral imaging
Author(s): Yajun Wang; Yi Zheng; Vignesh Suresh; Beiwen Li
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Multi-axis heterodyne interferometric for simultaneous observation of 5 degrees of freedom using a single beam
Author(s): James Perea; Brad Libbey; George Nehmetallah
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Simultaneous high-speed measurement of 3D surface shape and temperature
Author(s): Martin Landmann; Stefan Heist; Patrick Dietrich; Peter Lutzke; Ingo Gebhart; Joachim Templin; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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Dual-mode snapshot interferometric system for on-machine metrology (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xiaobo Tian; Alexander Sohn; Yu Zhang; Oliver Spires; Rongguang Liang
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Compact snapshot freefrom null testing with adaptive optics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xiaobo Tian; Heejoo Choi; Alexander Sohn; Yu Zhang; Oliver Joshua Spires; Dae Wook Kim; Rongguang Liang
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X-ray computed tomography instrument performance evaluation: Detecting geometry errors using a calibrated artifact
Author(s): Bala Muralikrishnan; Meghan Shilling; Steve Phillips; Wei Ren; Vincent Lee; Felix Kim; Gabriel Alberts; Valentina Aloisi
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3D on machine metrology for conformal printing of conductors and dielectrics onto complex 3D surfaces
Author(s): Rajesh Ramamurthy; Harry Chiu; Kevin Harding; Robert Tait
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Benchmark measurements for additive manufacturing of metals (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Lyle Levine; Brandon Lane
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Evaluation of technologies for autonomous visual inspection of additive manufacturing (AM)
Author(s): Greg A. Finney; Christopher M. Persons; Jacob R. Whitten; Allison A. Centamore; Caleb P. M. Trevithick
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In-process imaging of morphology and temperature for laser welding and selective laser melting (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tristan G. Fleming; Troy R. Allen; Stephen G. L. Nestor; Faleh AlTal; James M. Fraser
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Process monitoring strategy for metal additive using off-the-shelf metrology
Author(s): Kevin Harding
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