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Automatic Target Recognition XXIX
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Volume Number: 10988
Date Published: 26 July 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10988
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
HySARNet: a hybrid machine learning approach to synthetic aperture radar automatic target recognition
Author(s): Ryan J. Soldin; Douglas N. MacDonald; Matthew Reisman; Latisha R. Konz; Roger Rouse; Timothy L. Overman
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Shape-based ATR for wide-area processing of satellite imagery
Author(s): Stephen P. DelMarco; Victor Tom; Helen Webb; William Snyder; Christopher Jarvis; David Fay
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Discrimination of forests and man-made targets in SAR images based on spectrum analysis
Author(s): Bin Zou; Weike Li; Yu Xin; Lamei Zhang
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Explainable automatic target recognition (XATR)
Author(s): Sundip R. Desai; Nhat X. Nguyen; Moses W. Chan
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A comparison of target detection algorithms using DSIAC ATR algorithm development data set
Author(s): Abhijit Mahalanobis; Bruce McIntosh
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Fundamentals of target classification using deep learning
Author(s): Irene L. Tanner; Abhijit Mahalanobis
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Simple linear regression model based data clustering
Author(s): Bingcheng Li
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Fast and robust detection of oil palm trees using high-resolution remote sensing images
Author(s): Maocai Xia; Weijia Li; Haohuan Fu; Le Yu; Runmin Dong; Juepeng Zheng
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Semantic segmentation based large-scale oil palm plantation detection using high-resolution satellite images
Author(s): Runmin Dong; Weijia Li; Haohuan Fu; Maocai Xia; Juepeng Zheng; Le Yu
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Design of adversarial targets: fooling deep ATR systems
Author(s): Uche M. Osahor; Nasser M. Nasrabadi
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Comparing classifiers that exploit random subspaces
Author(s): Jamie Gantert; David Gray; Don Hulsey; Donald Waagen
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Radar target recognition using wavelet-based features extracted from compressively sensed signatures
Author(s): Ismail Jouny
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On generalization of deep learning recognizers in overhead imagery
Author(s): G. Steven Goley; Brayden Osborne; Scott Kangas; Adam R. Nolan
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Automatic machine learning for target recognition
Author(s): Erik Blasch; Uttam K. Majumder; Todd Rovito; Peter Zulch; Vincent J. Velten
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Multisource deep learning for situation awareness
Author(s): Erik Blasch; Zheng Liu; Yufeng Zheng; Uttam Majumder; Alex Aved; Peter Zulch
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Characterization of CNN classifier performance with respect to variation in optical contrast, using synthetic electro-optical data
Author(s): Christopher Menart; Colin Leong; Olga Mendoza-Schrock; Edmund Zelnio
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Fast and accurate target detection in overhead imagery using double convolution neural networks
Author(s): Bingcai Zhang; Riad I. Hammoud
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Neural network classification of degraded imagery using soft labels: towards human-level performance with “accurate” likelihoods?
Author(s): Jeffery R. Philson
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Manifestly positive series approximation to probability densities
Author(s): L. Cohen
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Physically realizable adversarial examples for convolutional object detection algorithms
Author(s): David R. Chambers; H. Abe Garza
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Transfer learning for aided target recognition: comparing deep learning to other machine learning approaches
Author(s): Samuel Rivera; Olga Mendoza-Schrock; Ashley Diehl
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Deep learning based super resolution of aerial and satellite imagery
Author(s): Asif Mehmood
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Generalization ability of region proposal networks for multispectral person detection
Author(s): Kevin Fritz; Daniel König; Ulrich Klauck; Michael Teutsch
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Modeling the performance of modern sensor systems
Author(s): Timothy D. Ross; Jeffrey P. Duffy; Richard J. Thomas; Wesley A. Jones; Jordan Garcia; Hyatt B. Baker; Andrew C. Rice
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Cross-spectral face recognition with image quality disparity using image fusion
Author(s): Zhicheng Cao; Yuanming Zhao; Heng Zhao; Xuan Xu; Liaojun Pang
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Applying image processing techniques to security data: towards cyber target recognition (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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Nighttime periocular recognition at long standoffs with deep learned features
Author(s): Zhicheng Cao; Yuanming Zhao; Heng Zhao; Weiqiang Zhao; Xuan Xu; Liaojun Pang
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The development of synthetic thermal image generation tools and training data at FLIR
Author(s): Arthur Stout; Kedar Madineni; Louis Tremblay; Zachary Tane
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Real-time beacon identification using linear and kernel (non-linear) Support Vector Machine, Multiple Kernel Learning (MKL), and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) 3D data
Author(s): Tasmia Reza; Lucas Cagle; Pan Wei; John E. Ball
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iECO learned matched filters for automatic target recognition in synthetic midwave infrared imagery
Author(s): Stanton R. Price; Steven R. Price
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Research on image processing and intelligent recognition of space debris
Author(s): Linghua Guo; Haopeng Zhang; Hua Zhai; Cheng Gong; Bin Song; Shoufeng Tong; Zhicheng Cao; Xuan Xu
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