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Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies XII
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Volume Number: 10983
Date Published: 9 July 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10983
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
MEMS based SpectroChip for healthcare, food safety and blockchain applications
Author(s): Cheng-Hao (Kevin) Ko; Chitsung Hong; Wei-Huai Chiu
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Battery-operated microplasma coupled to a portable fiber-optic spectrometer and its application for the determination of nano-Silver leaching from garments during washing
Author(s): Shannon Marie McBride; Jessica Remedios; Vassili Karanassios
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Chip-scale high-performance digital Fourier Transform (dFT) spectrometers
Author(s): Derek M. Kita; Brando Miranda; Carlos Ríos; David Favela; David Bono; Jérôme Michon; Hongtao Lin; Tian Gu; Juejun Hu
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A smart handheld Raman spectrometer with cloud and AI deep learning algorithm for mixture analysis
Author(s): Lynn Chandler; Bill Huang; Tao Tao Mu
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Smartphone-enabled data acquisition and digital signal processing: From current-output or voltage-output sensors for use on-site, to their use in IoT, in Industry 4.0 and (potentially) in Society 5.0
Author(s): Ryan Fitzgerald; Emily Wang; Vassili Karanassios
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A wavelength interrogator employing tapered hollow waveguides and a low-cost silicon board camera
Author(s): Timothy R. Harrison; Graham J. Hornig; Jorge Marin; Lintong Bu; Seyed Azmayesh-Fard; Duncan G. Elliott; Raymond G. DeCorby
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Non-destructive characterization of transparent armor layups
Author(s): Filipp V. Ignatovich; Kyle J. Hadcock; Donald S. Gibson; Michael A. Marcus
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Optical early warning detection of aromatic hydrocarbons in drinking water sources with absorbance, transmission and fluorescence excitation-emission mapping (A-TEEM) instrument technology
Author(s): Adam M. Gilmore; Linxi Chen
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Eye-safe standoff chemical threat detection using deep ultra-violet Raman spectroscopy and lidar imaging
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Oleske; Justin T. Cooper; Bradley R. Arnold; Christopher E. Cooper; Michael R. Matrona
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Control of quantum cascade laser sources in stand-off detection of trace explosives
Author(s): Yohan Yoon; Christopher J. Breshike; Christopher A. Kendziora; Robert Furstenberg; R. Andrew McGill
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Deep-UV standoff Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Bradley R. Arnold; Eric Bowman; Leslie Scheurer
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Portable spectroscopy in 2019: smaller, cheaper and in consumer products?
Author(s): Richard A. Crocombe
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Advancements in Raman technology for identifying real-world samples
Author(s): Jun Zhao; Katherine A. Bakeev; Xin Jack Zhou
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Spectroscopic gas identification using piezo tuned micro-cavity enhanced Raman scattering (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Alan Feinstein; Roman Yasinov; Nir Karasikov; Omree Kapon; Vinayaka H. Damle; Tal Ben Uliel; Yaakov Tischler
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Terahertz (THz) direct detectors based on superconducting HEBs with thermal, THz and microwave biasing methods (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jian Chen
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Interfacial electron transfer in dye-sensitized mixed metal oxides for water splitting
Author(s): Charles A. Schmuttenmaer; Jacob A. Spies; Coleen T. Nemes; John R. Swierk
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Broadband terahertz spectroscopy at high magnetic field using the 25 Tesla Split Florida-Helix magnet
Author(s): David J. Hilton
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Measurement of quadratic terahertz nonlinearities in time-domain spectroscopy (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Diyar Talbayev
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Terahertz transmittance properties of all-dielectric guided-mode resonance filter (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tae-In Jeon
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Enhancement of electro-optic sampling signal in detection of pulsed terahertz waves by polarization filtering (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Masahiko Tani; Hideaki Kitahara; Hiroyuki Kato; Masaki Shiihara; Akihiro Esaki; Jessica Afalla; Valynn K. Mag-usara; Takashi Furuya; Clare Escano; Kohji Yamamoto; Elmer S. Estacio; Michael I. Bakunov
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Asymmetric gap resonator based near-field coupling in terahertz metamaterials (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): S. Jagan Mohan Rao; Yogesh Kumar Srivastava; Gagan Kumar; Dibakar Roy Chowdhury
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Tunable compact narrow band THz sources for frequency domain THz anisotropic spectroscopy
Author(s): D. K. George; TJ LaFave; A. G. Markelz; Ian McNee; Patrick Tekavec; Vladimir Kozlov; Peter Schunemann
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Actively modulated surface phonon polariton resonances within the long‑wave and far-infrared (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Chase T. Ellis; Adam D. Dunkelberger; Virginia D. Wheeler; Daniel C. Ratchford; Dmitry N. Chigrin; Marc Currie; Mijin Kim; Chul Soo Kim; Alexander J. Giles; Bryan T. Spann; Igor Vurgaftman; Jeffrey C. Owrutsky; Joshua D. Caldwell; Joseph G. Tischler
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Observation of the circular photogalvanic effect in the Weyl semimetal TaAs using THz emission spectroscopy
Author(s): N. Sirica; R. I. Tobey; L. X. Zhao; G. F. Chen; B. Xu; R. Yang; B. Shen; D. A. Yarotski; P. Bowlan; S. A. Trugman; J.-X. Zhu; Y. M. Dai; A. K. Azad; N. Ni; X. G. Qiu; A. J. Taylor; R. P. Prasankumar
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A Luneburg lens for the THz region (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Yasith Amarasinghe; Daniel M. Mittleman; Rajind Mendis
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From nanoenergy harvesting to self-powering of micro- or nano-sensors for measurements on-site or for IoT applications
Author(s): Jayme Alexandra Millar; Zhen Gao; Siva Sivoththaman; Vassili Karanassios
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