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Aerospace Pattern Recognition

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Volume Number: 1098
Date Published: 30 August 1989

Table of Contents
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Computer Generated Imagery For Model Testing
Author(s): Gertrude H. Kornfeld
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Precision Modeling Of Targets Using The VALUE Computer Program
Author(s): George A. Hoffman Jr.; Ronald Patton; Alexander Akerman III
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A Comprehensive Methodology For Thermal Signature Simulation Of Targets And Backgrounds
Author(s): Terry Gonda; Grant R. Gerhart
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Infrared Image Simulation Based On Solids Modeling
Author(s): Bruce Morey; Pam Bloom; William Schanerberger; Stanley Grobmyer
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A Thermal Model Preprocessor For Graphics And Material Database Generation
Author(s): J. Jones; T. Gonda
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Background Characterization Techniques For Pattern Recognition Applications
Author(s): Meg A. Noah; Paul V. Noah; John Schroeder; B. V. Kessler; Julian Chernick
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Infrared Cloud Scene Radiance Model
Author(s): Robert Haimes; Michael Giles; John Schroeder; Alexander Berk; David Robertson; B. V. Kessler
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Image Algebra And Its Relationship To Neural Networks
Author(s): G. X. Ritter; D. Li; J. N. Wilson
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On The Decomposition And Inversion Of Convolution Operators
Author(s): David C. Wilson
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A Polynomial Algebra Approach To Binary And Gray Image Processing
Author(s): Prabir Bhattacharya; Kai Qian
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Minimax Techniques For Optimizing Non-Linear Image Algebra Transforms
Author(s): J. L. Davidson
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Image Algebra And Morphological Template Decomposition
Author(s): Paul Gader; Elizabeth G. Dunn
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Stochastic Image Algebra For Multisensor Fusion And Spatial Reasoning: A Neural Approach
Author(s): Su-shing Chen
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Automatic Target Recognition Algorithm Performance Evaluation: The Bottleneck In The Development Life Cycle
Author(s): Hatem Nasr; Firooz Sadjadi
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Multitarget Identification In Airborne Surveillance
Author(s): Adam Caromicoli; Thomas Kurien
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A Technique For Automatic Design Of Image Segmentation Algorithms
Author(s): Firooz Sadjadi; Hatem Nasr
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Prioritization And Classification Of Infrared Detections Using Dynamic Belief
Author(s): G. A. Roberts; L. H. Bradford; D. Gutfinger
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Laboratory Results Using The Synthetic Estimation Filter
Author(s): Stanley E. Monroe Jr.; Richard D. Juday; James M. Florence
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Refocused Recognition Of Aerial Photographs At Multiple Resolution
Author(s): Hatem Nasr; Bir Bhanu; Sungkee Lee
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The Unified Z Transform Theory Of Morphological And General Image Processing
Author(s): C. R. Giardina
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An Improved Architecture For Video Rate Image Transformations
Author(s): Timothy E. Fisher; Richard D. Juday
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Implementing The Difference-Squared Error Algorithm Using An Acousto-Optic Processor
Author(s): Perry A. Molley
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A Time-Sequenced Rotation Invariant Optical Correlator For Multiple Target Recognition
Author(s): Thomas R. Walsh; Jack E. Cravatt; Brian A. Kast; Michael K. Giles
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Autonomous Real-Time Objects Tracking With An Adaptive Joint Transform Correlator
Author(s): Eddy C. Tam; Francis T.S. Yu; Don A. Gregory
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A 2-D Convolver Architecture For Real-Time Image Processing
Author(s): David Landeta; Chris W. Malinowski
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A Comparison Of Binary And Continuous Phase-Only Filters With A Restricted Phase Range
Author(s): Jerome Knopp; Randall T. Wingerter
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