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Medical Imaging 2019: Imaging Informatics for Healthcare, Research, and Applications
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Volume Number: 10954
Date Published: 17 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10954
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The application of deep learning framework in quantifying retinal structures on ophthalmic image in research eye-PACS
Author(s): Moye Yu; Siliang Zhang; Brent J. Liu; Shenghui Zhao; Aimin Sang; Jiancheng Dong; Huiqun Wu
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Automatically estimating size information for dose management systems applied in fluoroscopy and radiography
Author(s): Alexander Neißner; Petar Penchev; Ulf Mäder; Andreas Mahnken; Martin Fiebich
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The development of an imaging informatics-based platform and data viewer interface to support sports performance and injury prevention in track and field athletes
Author(s): Joseph Liu; Ximing Wang; Sneha Verma; Jill McNitt-Gray; Brent Liu
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Multimedia data handling and integration for rehabilitation research
Author(s): Sneha Verma; Jill McNitt-Gray; Brent J. Liu
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Fundus Analysis Software Tool (FAST): development of software integrating CAD with the EHR for the longitudinal study of fundus images
Author(s): Veda Murthy; Manjula Shankar; Justin Lin; Sabrina Lieu; Mayur Patel; Heaven Post; Hemanth Murthy; Brent J. Liu
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Fast selective antialiasing for direct volume rendering
Author(s): Sergey Y. Belyaev; Natalia D. Smirnova; Pavel O. Smirnov; Daniil A. Savchuk
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The wearable augmented reality (AR) approach to support mammographic training: hololens for screener training
Author(s): Qiang Tang; Yan Chen; Gerald Schaefer; Alastair Gale
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Feasibility of medical image-based bio 3D printing of variable tissue compositions
Author(s): Rohit Shinde; Dietrich James P. Nigh; Sofia M. Miguez; Sylvia S. Rhodes; Jayaram K. Udupa; Snehal Shetye; Abhishek Chandra; Robert J. Pignolo; Chamith S. Rajapakse
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A comparison of open source libraries ready for 3D reconstruction of wounds
Author(s): Syamantak Kumar; Dhruv Jaglan; Nagarajan Ganapathy; Thomas M. Deserno
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Improved functional asssessment of ischemic severity using 3D printed models
Author(s): Kranthi K. Kolli; Shalmli Joshi; Eva Romito; Alexandre Caprio; Amir Ali Amiri Moghadam; Seyedhamidreza Alaie; Patricia Xu; Robert Shepherd; Bobak Mosadegh; Simon Dunham
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Controlled compliancy of 3D printed vascular patient specific phantoms
Author(s): Ariana B. Allman; Lauren M. Shepard; Alexander R. Podgorsak; Ryan A. Rava; Ciprian N. Ionita
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Impact of imprinted labels on deep learning classification of AP and PA thoracic radiographs
Author(s): Jennie Crosby; Thomas Rhines; Clara Duan; Feng Li; Heber MacMahon; Maryellen Giger
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Deep-learning method for tumor segmentation in breast DCE-MRI
Author(s): Lei Zhang; Zhimeng Luo; Ruimei Chai; Dooman Arefan; Jules Sumkin; Shandong Wu
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Optic disc segmentation in fundus images using deep learning
Author(s): Jongwoo Kim; Loc Tran; Emily Y. Chew; Sameer Antani; George R. Thoma
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Learning cross-protocol radiomics and deep feature standardization from CT images of texture phantoms
Author(s): Vincent Andrearczyk; Adrien Depeursinge; Henning Müller
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Context-based bidirectional-LSTM model for sequence labeling in clinical reports
Author(s): Henghui Zhu; Ioannis Ch. Paschalidis; Amir M. Tahmasebi
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Multi-space-enabled deep learning of breast tumors improves prediction of distant recurrence risk
Author(s): Dooman Arefan; Bingjie Zheng; David J. Dabbs; Rohit Bhargava; Shandong Wu
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A data interpretation approach for deep learning-based prediction models
Author(s): Saba Dadsetan; Shandong Wu
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Automatic assessment of the quality of patient positioning and field of view of head CT scans
Author(s): Thomas Buelow; Stewart Young; Tim Harder; Isabelle Frischmuth; Jan-Hendrik Buhk
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Local heating of metallic objects from switching magnetic gradients in MRI
Author(s): John Stroud; Karl Stupic; Tucker Walsh; Zbigniew Celinski; Janusz H. Hankiewicz
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On the feasibility of Epic electronic medical record system for tracking patient radiation doses following interventional fluoroscopy procedures
Author(s): R. Poeng; N. Cheikhali; M. McGrory; J. K. Dave
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Framework for guiding artificial intelligence research in combat casualty care
Author(s): Kenneth H. Wong
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Joint Gaussian copula model for mixed data with application to imaging epigenetics study of schizophrenia
Author(s): Aiying Zhang; Vince D. Calhoun; Yu-Ping Wang
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An RF-BFE algorithm for feature selection in radiomics analysis
Author(s): Rong Yuan; Lin Tian; Junhui Chen
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Expanding the initial retinal fundus images for glaucoma analysis:: the RIGA2 dataset
Author(s): Ahmed A. Almazroa; Sayoko E. Moroi
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A new medical imaging sharing service network based on professional medical imaging center
Author(s): Yuanyuan Yang; Yiping Gu M.D.; Mingqing Wang Sr.; Tonghui Ling Sr.; Zhiwei Huang Sr.; Xiaowei Li; Xinhua Wei
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Automatic radiotherapy plan emulation for 3D dose reconstruction to enable big data analysis for historically treated patients
Author(s): Ziyuan Wang; Marco Virgolin; Peter A. N. Bosman; Brian V. Balgobind; Arjan Bel; Tanja Alderliesten
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Using imaging biomarkers to predict radiation induced xerostomia in head and neck cancer
Author(s): Khadija Sheikh; Sang Ho Lee; Zhi Cheng; Pranav Lakshminarayanan; Luke Peng; Peijin Han; Todd R. McNutt; Harry Quon; Junghoon Lee
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Application of deep learning techniques for characterization of 3D radiological datasets: a pilot study for detection of intravenous contrast in breast MRI
Author(s): Krishna Nand Keshavamurthy; Pierre Elnajjar; Amin El-Rowmeim; Hao-Hsin Shih; Ian Pan; Kinh Gian Do; Krishna Juluru
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Head and neck cancer radiation therapy decision support
Author(s): Trent Benedick; Veda Murthy; Rhea Koparde; Maying Shi; Sabrina Lieu; Siliang Zhang; Benjamin Yao; Anh Le; Brent J. Liu
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Case based image retrieval and clinical analysis of tumor and cyst
Author(s): Swarnambiga Ayyachamy; Ganapathy Krishnamurthi
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Medical image retrieval using Resnet-18
Author(s): Swarnambiga Ayyachamy; Varghese Alex; Mahendra Khened; Ganapathy Krishnamurthi
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Analysis of DCE-MRI features in tumor for prediction of the prognosis in breast cancer
Author(s): Bin Liu; Ming Fan; Shuo Zheng; Lihua Li
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Analysis of mammographic density as a predictor for breast cancer occurrence
Author(s): Annika Zdon; Mark A. Helvie; Alex Tsodikov; Heang-Ping Chan; Jun Wei
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3D convolution neural networks for molecular subtype prediction in glioblastoma multiforme
Author(s): Mahendra Khened; Vikas Kumar Anand; Gagan Acharya; Nameeta Shah; Ganapathy Krishnamurthi
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3D-printable lung substitutes for particle therapy on the base of high-resolution CTs for mimicking Bragg peak degradation
Author(s): Kilian Baumann; Ulrich Weber; Martin Fiebich; Klemens Zink; Ulf Mäder
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A 3D printing-based realistic anthropomorphic dental phantom and its imaging evaluation
Author(s): Do Il Lee; Zepa Yang; Jong Hyo Kim
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Correlative hierarchical clustering-based low-rank dimensionality reduction of radiomics-driven phenotype in non-small cell lung cancer
Author(s): Bardia Yousefi; Nariman Jahani; Michael J. LaRiviere ; Eric Cohen; Meng-Kang Hsieh; José Marcio Luna; Rhea D. Chitalia; Jeffrey C. Thompson ; Erica L. Carpenter ; Sharyn I. Katz M.D.; Despina Kontos
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A knowledge-based question answering system to provide cognitive assistance to radiologists
Author(s): Anup Pillai; Amin Katouzian; Karina Kanjaria; Chaitanya Shivade; Ashutosh Jadhav; Marina Bendersky; Vandana Mukherjee; Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
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Electronic cleansing in CT colonography using a generative adversarial network
Author(s): Rie Tachibana; Janne J. Näppi; Toru Hironaka; Hiroyuki Yoshida
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Assessment of optimal deep learning configuration for vertebrae segmentation from CT images
Author(s): Sandeep Dutta; Bipul Das; Sandeep Kaushik
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Using generative adversarial networks and transfer learning for breast cancer detection by convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Shuyue Guan; Murray Loew
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Deep learning of 3D computed tomography (CT) images for organ segmentation using 2D multi-channel SegNet model
Author(s): Yingzhou Liu; Wanyi Fu; Vignesh Selvakumaran; Matthew Phelan; W. Paul Segars; Ehsan Samei; Maciej Mazurowski; Joseph Y. Lo; Geoffrey D. Rubin; Ricardo Henao
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Deep radiomic precision CT imaging for prognostic biomarkers for interstitial lung diseases
Author(s): Tomoki Uemura; Mikio Matsuhiro; Chinatsu Watari; Janne J. Näppi; Radin A. Nasirudin; Toru Hironaka; Yoshiki Kawata; Noboru Niki; Hiroyuki Yoshida
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Assessment of short-term breast cancer risk using a frequency domain correlation based imaging marker
Author(s): Morteza Heidari; Alan Hollingsworth; Seyedehnafiseh Mirniaharikandehei; Gopichandh Danala; Yuchen Qiu; Hong Liu; Bin Zheng
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Heterogeneity of tumor and its surrounding stroma on DCE-MRI and diffusion weighted imaging in predicting histological grade and lymph node status of breast cancer
Author(s): Qingmei Chen; Ming Fan; Peng Zhang; Lihua Li; Maosheng Xu
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Prediction of histological grade in breast cancer by combining DCE-MRI and DWI features
Author(s): Wenrui Zhao; Ming Fan; Maosheng Xu; Lihua Li
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