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Physics, Simulation, and Photonic Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices VIII
Editor(s): Alexandre Freundlich; Laurent Lombez; Masakazu Sugiyama
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Volume Number: 10913
Date Published: 7 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10913
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Time-resolved imaging of lateral charge carrier transport in photovoltaic absorbers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Adrien Bercegol; Daniel Ory; Laurent Lombez
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Efficient photon recycling and radiation trapping in cesium lead halide perovskite waveguides (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Anton V. Malko; Ibrahim Dursun; Yangzi Zheng; Tianle Guo; Michelle deBastiani; Bekir Turedi; Lutfan Sinatra; Md Azimul Haque; Bin Sun; Ayan Zhumekenov; Makhsud Saidaminov; Edward Sargent; Tom Wu; Yuri N. Gartstein; Osman Bakr; Omar F. Mohammed
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Simulation of ferroelectric domains and grain boundaries in perovskite solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Matthias Auf der Maur; Daniele Rossi; Alessandro Pecchia; Aldo Di Carlo
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Buried interface and luminescent coupling analysis with time-resolved two-photon excitation microscopy in II-VI and III-V semiconductor heterostructures
Author(s): Darius Kuciauskas; Roger Malik; Myles A. Steiner
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Temperature and excitation dependence of recombination in CIGS thin films with high spatial resolution
Author(s): Harvey Guthrey; John Moseley; Jiro Nishinaga; Hajime Shibata; Hideki Takahashi ; Mowafak Al-Jassim
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Simulation of photon transport in resonant double-diode structures
Author(s): Pyry Kivisaari; Mikko Partanen; Toufik Sadi; Jani Oksanen
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Light absorption enhancement in ultra-thin layers for hot-carrier solar cells: first developments towards the experimental demonstration of an enhanced hot-carrier effect with light trapping
Author(s): Maxime Giteau; Kentaroh Watanabe; Naoya Miyashita; Hassanet Sodabanlu; Julie Goffard; Amaury Delamarre; Daniel Suchet; Ryo Tamaki; Zacharie Jehl; Laurent Lombez; Masakazu Sugiyama; Andrea Cattoni; Stéphane Collin; Jean-François Guillemoles; Yoshitaka Okada
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Experimental investigation of performances enhancement in hot carrier solar cells: improvements and perspectives (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Laurent Lombez; Dac-Trung Nguyen; François Gibelli; Julie Goffard; Andrea Cattoni; Soline Boyer-Richard; Alain Le Corre; Olivier Durand; Stéphane Collin; Jean-François Guillemoles
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Slowed hot carrier cooling in multiple quantum wells for application to hot carrier solar cells
Author(s): Gavin Conibeer; Santosh Shrestha; Stephen Bremner; Yi Zhang; Murad Tayebjee; Milos Dubajic
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Unusual hot carrier effect and improved carrier extraction observed in asymmetric dilute-nitride quantum-engineered solar cells through photoluminescence (PL) and external quantum efficiency (EQE) measurements
Author(s): Khim Kharel; Alexandre Freundlich
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A comparison of simulated spectra to observed spectra with regards to the valence band states in an InAs/AlAsSb multi-quantum well hot carrier absorber (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Vincent R. Whiteside; Brenden A. Magill; Matthew P. Lumb; Hamidreza Esmaielpour; Michael A. Meeker; Rathsara R. H. H. Mudiyanselage; Adrien Messager; Sangeetha Vijeyaragunathan; Tetsuya D. Mishima; Michael B. Santos; Igor Vurgaftman; Giti A. Khodaparast; Ian R. Sellers
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Ultrathin GaAs and CIGS solar cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Stéphane Collin
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Efficient multiphysics modeling of thin-film solar cells with periodically textured surfaces
Author(s): Farid Elsehrawy; Alberto Tibaldi; Federica Cappelluti
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Tunable prism based upon novel piezoelectric nanoparticle/sol-gel design used for active solar cells concentrators
Author(s): Gilad Rachamim; Margarita Ritenberg; Raz Jelinek; Zeev Zalevsky
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Optimized solar cells based on changes in resonance structure as a function of the refractive index and the thickness
Author(s): Maren Anna Brandsrud; Rozalia Lukacs; Reinhold Blümel; Eivind Seim; Erik Stensrud Marstein; Espen Olsen; Achim Kohler
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Axial junction GaAsP nanowires for solar cells applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Omar Saket; Fabien Bayle; chalermchai himwas; Valerio Piazza; Gilles Patriarche; Andréa Cattoni; Stéphane Collin; Fabrice Oehler; Laurent Travers; François Julien; Jean-Christophe Harmand; Maria Tchernycheva
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Advanced optical microstructures embedded in transparent encapsulation glass for photovoltaics (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Malte Langenhorst; David Ritzer; Frederik Kotz; Patrick Risch; Ihteaz Hossain; Stephan Dottermusch; Aiman Roslizar; Raphael Schmager; Bryce S. Richards; Bastian E. Rapp; Ulrich W. Paetzold
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Insights into the intrinsic recombination limit of silicon devices (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mariana I. Bertoni
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A porous Ge/Si interface layer for defect-free III-V multi-junction solar cells on silicon
Author(s): Youcef A. Bioud; Meghan N. Beattie; Abderraouf Boucherif; Mourad Jellit; Romain Stricher; Serge Ecoffey; Gilles Patriarche; David Troadec; Ali Soltani; Nadi Braidy; Matthew Wilkins; Christopher E. Valdivia; Karin Hinzer; Dominique Drouin; Richard Arès
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Black silicon (BS) using room-temperature reactive ion etching (RT-RIE) for interdigitated back contact (IBC) silicon solar cells
Author(s): F. Atteia; J. Le Rouzo; G. Berginc; J. J. Simon; L. Escoubas
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Photoluminescence and photoconductivity to assess maximum open-circuit voltage and carrier transport in hybrid perovskites and other photovoltaic materials (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hugh W. Hillhouse
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Monitoring carrier transport and recombination in photovoltaic devices in real time
Author(s): Y. Hazama; Y. Ishida; L. Zhu; C. Kim; S. Shin; H. Akiyama
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Numerical simulations of cathodoluminescence measurements in thin-film solar cells
Author(s): John Moseley; Harvey Guthrey; Mowafak Al-Jassim; Wyatt K. Metzger
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Effective mobility map for InGaP/InGaP multiple quantum-well-based solar cells
Author(s): Hsiang-Hung Huang; Kasidit Toprasertpong; Amaury Delamarre; Justin Zenas Sun; Kentaroh Watanabe; Masakazu Sugiyama; Yoshiaki Nakano
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Effect of capping rate on InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cells
Author(s): L. Stanojević; A. Gonzalo; A. D. Utrilla; D. F. Reyes; V. Braza; D. González; D. Fuertes Marrón; A. Hierro; J. M. Ulloa
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III-V dilute nitride quantum-engineered solar cell for lattice-matched silicon-based tandems
Author(s): Khim Kharel; Alexandre Freundlich
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A concept of nonequilibrium solar cell heat recovery solar cell
Author(s): Kenji Kamide; Toshimitsu Mochizuki; Hidefumi Akiyama; Hidetaka Takato
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Investigation of narrow bandgap interband cascade thermophotovoltaic cells
Author(s): Wenxiang Huang; Lu Li; Jeremy A. Massengale; Rui Q. Yang; Tetsuya D. Mishima; Michael B. Santos
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Integrated electrochemical energy storage and photovoltaic device with a gel electrolyte
Author(s): Belqasem Aljafari; Manoj K. Ram; Arash Takshi
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Nearly polarization-independent absorber consisting of metal-insulator multilayer stacks loaded with a metal patch
Author(s): Junji Yamauchi; Hiroshi Ito; Naoki Takahashi; Hisamatsu Nakano
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Characteristics of asymmetrical tapered nano-cone solar cell
Author(s): Mohamed Hussein; Korany R. Mahmoud; Mohamed Farhat O. Hameed; S. A. Obayya
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Characteristics of modified nanopyramid silicon solar cell
Author(s): Amr Hisham K. Mahmoud; Mohamed Hussein; Mohamed Farhat O. Hameed; S. S. A. Obayya
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A new method for estimating photometric and colorimetric properties using RGB sensor and ANN
Author(s): Marcio M. Mello; Victor A. C. Lincoln; Robson Barcellos; Giuseppe A. Cirino; Homero Schiabel; Liliane Ventura
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Numerical estimation of solar resource for curved panels on Earth and Mars
Author(s): Edwin Cho; Delfino Enriquez-Torres; Andrea Martinez; Małgorzata Marciniak
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Optimal geometry of solar cells with genetics algorithm
Author(s): Rahul Chowdhury; Małgorzata Marciniak
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Multiscale device simulation of quantum dot solar cells
Author(s): Arastoo Khalili; Alberto Tibaldi; Farid Elsehrawy; Federica Cappelluti
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Chaos: a new mechanism for enhancing the optical generation rate in optically thin solar cells
Author(s): Eivind Seim; Achim Kohler; Rozalia Lukacs; Maren Anna Brandsrud; Erik Stensrud Marstein; Espen Olsen; Reinhold Blümel
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Enhanced performance of InGaN thin-film solar cells containing plasmonic and dielectric nanostructures
Author(s): Uttam K. Kumawat; Kamal Kumar; Pankaj Das ; Kaleem Ahmed; Priyanka Bhardwaj; Anuj Dhawan
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