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Medical Imaging III: Image Formation
Editor(s): Samuel J. Dwyer III; R. Gilbert Jost M.D.; Roger H. Schneider

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Volume Number: 1090
Date Published: 1 May 1989

Table of Contents
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Progress In Quantitative Ultrasonic Imaging
Author(s): Michael F. Insana; Timothy J. Hall; Glendon G. Cox; Stanton J. Rosenthal
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Extrapolation Of Two Vector Components Of A Biomagnetic Field From Measurements Of The Third Component
Author(s): H. A. Schlitt; K. Rehm; W. J. Dallas; W. H. Kullmann
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Biomagnetic Imaging Using Arrays Of SQUIDs
Author(s): Robert E. Alvarez
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Summary Of Chrono-Coherent Imaging In Medicine
Author(s): Kenneth G. Spears; Jenifer Serafin; Xinming Zhu; Hans Bjelkhagen
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Examining The Feasibility Of Laser Collimated Transillumination
Author(s): Jeremy C. Hebden; Daniel R. Reinecke; Robert A. Kruger
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Quantitative Image Processing Through Phase Laser-Microscopy
Author(s): Bruno Bianco; Alberto Diaspro; Tullio Tommasi
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Development Of A Solid State Microscope
Author(s): B. Jaggi; B. Palcic
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Characterization Of Flow Through Symmetric Stenoses Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Author(s): Nola M. Hylton; Ajit Shah
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Detective Quantum Efficiency Of Selected Mammographic Screen-Film Combinations
Author(s): Phillip C. Bunch
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The Effect Of AMBER (Advanced Multiple Beam Equalization Radiography) On Image Quality Of Film And Stimulable Phosphor Plates
Author(s): Robert B. Noordveld; Leo J. Schultze Kool; Herman M. Kroon; Paul R. Algra; George W. Seeley; Henri E. Lemmers; Hugo Vlasbloem; Volker Biebesheimer
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Some New Applications of Multivariate Moment-Generating Functions to Screen-Film Systems
Author(s): Majid Rabbani; Richard Van Metter
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Optical Computers For The Video-Rate Reconstruction Of Medical Images
Author(s): A. F. Gmitro; V. Tresp; Y. Chen; G. R. Gindi
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Signal-to-Noise Frequency Analysis of CT Systems
Author(s): Dominic J. Heuscher; Carl J. Brunnett
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Cerebral Blood Flow Estimation Using Classification Techniques On A Sequence Of Low Resolution Tomographic Evolutive Images
Author(s): Marie Chan; Joseph Aguilar-Martin; Kader Boulanouar; Pierre Celsis; Jean Pierre Marc-Vergnes
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Image Intensifier-Based CT Volume Imager For Angiography: System Evaluation
Author(s): Ruola Ning; Robert A. Kruger; Hui Hu
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Optimization for Object Localization of the Constrained Algebraic Reconstruction Technique
Author(s): K. M. Hanson
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Neural Networks And Ideal Observers
Author(s): David G. Brown
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Efficient Utilization Of Aperture And Detector By Optimal Coding
Author(s): K. J. Myers; R . F. Wagner; D. G. Brown; H. H. Barrett
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Detection And Discrimination Of Known Signals In Inhomogeneous, Random Backgrounds
Author(s): H. H. Barrett; J. P. Rolland; R. F. Wagner; K. J. Myers
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Higher-order tasks: Human vs. machine performance
Author(s): R. F. Wagner; K. J. Myers; D. G. Brown; M. J. Tapiovaara; A. E. Burgess
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Feasibility Of An Optical Beam Attenuator (OBA) For Optical Equalization In Camera-Based X-Ray Imaging Systems
Author(s): Frank E. Zink; Walter W. Peppler; Hartwig Blume; William C. Zarnstorff; Charles A. Mistretta
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High Performance Electrostatic Deflection Electromagnetic Focusing Pick-Up Tube For Medical Imaging
Author(s): J. L. Ricaud; H. Rougeot
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Performance Of A New, High Contrast 16" X-Ray Image Intensifier With An Aluminium Input Window
Author(s): P. De Groot; M. Verat; H. Rougeot
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Characterization Of Veiling Glare In Angiographic Systems
Author(s): Robert Heidsieck
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Development Of A Flash X-Ray Scanner For Stereoradiography And CT
Author(s): Robert J. Endorf; Frank A. DiBianca; Daniel S. Fritsch; Wen-Ching Liu; Charles B. Burns
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Automatic Determination Of Image Quality Parameters In Digital Radiographic Imaging Systems
Author(s): Martin Brok; Cornelis H. Slump
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Digital Radiology With A Slit Scan Detector
Author(s): B. Munier; G. Roziere; P. Prieur-Drevon; H. Rougeot
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Resolution Properties Of A Computed Radiographic System
Author(s): Hiroshi Fujita; Junji Morishita; Katsuhiko Ueda; Du Yih Tsai; Akiyoshi Ohtsuka; Tsuyoshi Fujikawa
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A Dedicated Digital Projectional Radiographic System
Author(s): Albert Wong; H. K. Huang; Masaru Komori; Nicholas J. Mankovich; Daniel J. Valentino; Paul S. Cho; Hideyuki Handa; Makoto Kumagai; Tetsuya Iwata; Yoshiyuki Ishimitsu
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NIKOS II - A System For Non-Invasive Imaging Of Coronary Arteries
Author(s): W.-R. Dix; K. Engelke; G. Heintze; J. Heuer; W. Graeff; W. Kupper; M. Lohmann; I. Makin; T. Mochel; R. Reumann
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Imaging Performance Of A Selenium-Based Detector For High-Resolution Radiography
Author(s): W. Hillen; St. Rupp; U. Schiebel; T. Zaengel
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Slot-Beam Digital Mammography Using A Time-Delay Integration (TDI) CCD
Author(s): D. W. Holdsworth; R. M. Nishikawa; G. E. Mawdsley; M. J. Yaffe; A. Fenster
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Quantification Of Leakage In Microvessels Using Entropy
Author(s): A. Desoky; C. O'Conner; P. Harris; S. Hall
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A Digital Fluoroscopic Imaging System for Radiotherapy Localization
Author(s): P. Munro; J. A. Rawlinson; A. Fenster
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Scanned Projection Radiography Using A Time-Delay-And-Integrate Scanning CCD
Author(s): Steven L. Fritz
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Intra-Oral X-Ray Fluoroscopy With Image Intensifier And CCD. A new imagery for a new dentistry.
Author(s): D. Le Denmat; P. Bonifay; G. Bouchier; J. P. Camus; J. C. Roville
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A Clinically Feasible Computer Method for Gated Tomographic Radionuclide Ventriculography
Author(s): Steve Glickman; Richard Brunken; Randall A. Hawkins; Luis Chica; Margaret Martinez
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Maximum Entropy And The Concept Of Feasibility In Tomographic Image Reconstruction
Author(s): Jorge Nunez; Jorge Llacer
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A Neural Network Model Sensitive To Oriented Slabs
Author(s): S. Impedovo; M. Castellano; G. Pirlo; G. Dimauro
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Update On The University Of Arizona's Advanced X-Ray Imager
Author(s): H. Roehrig; W. Dallas; R. Lamoreaux; K. McNeill; T. W. Ovitt; R. Vercillo
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Tailored RF Pulse Modulation for RF Refocussed Variable Flip Angle MRI
Author(s): A. Shah; D. A. Ortendahl; J. Carlson; D. Kramer; L. E. Crooks
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A Comparison Of Conventional And Equalized (AMBER) Radiographs Before And After Digitization Using A 3M Chest Phantom
Author(s): Henri E. A. S. J. Lemmers; Leo J. Schultze Kool; Fenno P. Ottes; Nicholas J. Mankovich; Herman M. Kroon; Dirk L. T. Busscher; Johannes C. N. M. Aarts; Jan-Peter J. de Valk
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Digital Radiography of the Wrist Using a 33 cm Image Intensifier
Author(s): Gerhard Brauer; Brent Grover; Paul Fisher
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A CCD-Based Video Camera For Medical X-Ray Imaging
Author(s): Rudolph M. Snoeren
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Comparison Of Temporal Resolution Of A Kinestatic Charge Detector With That Of A Rare-Earth Phosphor Screen
Author(s): Frank A. DiBianca; Charles R. Tenney; Mark S. C. Reed; Joseph E. Vance; Douglas J. Wagenaar; Donald Wilson
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A Comparison Of Beam Filtration For Exposure Reduction In Radiographic Imaging
Author(s): Raymond P. Rossi; Carmine Plott; Charles Ahrens
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Measuring Soft Tissue Contour Information
Author(s): Stanley M. Dunn
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Analysis Of Cardiac Motion From Coronary Cineangiograms: Velocity Field Computation And Decomposition
Author(s): J. Meunier; M. G. Bourassa; M. Bertrand; G. E. Mailloux
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The Research of Contrast Reversal Mechanism in Grating Encoded Plates
Author(s): Ding Pei-jun; Zheng Bo
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Statistical Approach to X-ray CT and Its Applications in Image Analysis
Author(s): Tianhu Lei; Wilfred Sewchand
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Application Of Fourier Techniques In CT Detector Alignment
Author(s): Haridas Kesavan; Dominic J. Heuscher
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