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Nanoscale Imaging, Sensing, and Actuation for Biomedical Applications XVI
Editor(s): Dan V. Nicolau; Dror Fixler; Ewa M. Goldys
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Volume Number: 10891
Date Published: 7 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10891
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Engineering with biomolecular motors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Henry Hess
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An optical method to detect tissue scattering: theory, experiments and biomedical applications
Author(s): Inbar Yariv; Hamootal Duadi; Dror Fixler
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Ultra-sensitive label free imaging below the resolution limit (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sergey A. Alexandrov; James McGrath; Colin Sheppard; Francesca Boccafoschi; Cinzia Giannini; Teresa Sibillano; Hrebesh Subhash; Josh Hogan; Martin Leahy
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Plasma dispersion effect based super-resolved imaging in silicon
Author(s): Maor Tiferet; Hadar Pinhas; Omer Wagner; Yossef Danan; Meir Danino; Zeev Zalevsky; Moshe Sinvani
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Nanoscale imaging of biological samples with responsivity corrected Atomic Force Microscopy-Infrared (AFM-IR) spectroscopy
Author(s): Seth Kenkel; Rohit Bhargava
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Carbon dots-based fluorescent sensor for nanoscale sensing
Author(s): Pingjing Li; Yayu Hong; Sam F. Y. Li
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Biophotonic nanostructured translational implants for remote intraocular pressure sensing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Radwanul H. Siddique; Vinayak Narasimhan; Jeong Oen Lee; Shailabh Kumar; Hyuck Choo
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A flexible and portable nanocomposite-based substrate for electrochemical biosensing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Juanjuan Liu; Ayyappasamy S. Perumal; François R. Doucet; Kheiredine Rifai; Lütfü Özcan; Sara Kheireddine; Dan V. Nicolau; Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu
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Biosilica-Ag nanocomposites on adhesive tapes for low-cost flexible SERS substrates (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mehmet Kahraman; Aysun Korkmaz; Maya Kenton; Gulsen Aksin; Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu; Juanjuan Liu
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Advanced microknot devices
Author(s): Shir Shahal; Hamootal Duadi; Moti Fridman
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Cell-surface affinity sensors for identifying and selecting highly cytokine-secreting cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ewa M. Goldys; Guozhen Liu; Ayad G. Anwer; Siân P. Cartland; Kaixin Zhang; Michael A. Cahill; Lindsay M. Parker; Shilun Feng; Meng He; David W. Inglis; Nicolle H. Packer; Mary M. Kavurma; Mark R. Hutchinson; Christina Bursill
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Rationally designed nanoantennas coupled to microtoroids for enhanced biochemical sensing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Cheng Li; Lei Chen; Euan McLeod; Judith Su
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Diagnostic possibilities of dynamic light scattering technique
Author(s): Elina Nepomnyashchaya; Elena Velichko; Tatyana Bogomaz
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A comparison of simulated and fabricated gold bowtie nanoantennas for molecular fingerprinting
Author(s): Caroline Campbell; Abigail Casey; Matthew Hren; Justine Drobitch; Gregory Triplett
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Simulation and design of plasmonic gold bowtie nanoantennas
Author(s): Matthew Hren; Caroline Campbell; Abigail Casey; Gregory Triplett
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Development of local surface plasmon resonance sensor using gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Marianna Beiderman; Menachem Motiei; Rachela Popovtzer; Dror Fixler
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Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy using an optical scattering probe based on plasmonic dimer antenna arrays (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hongki Lee; Donghyun Kim; Seongmin Im; Gwiyeong Moon
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An automated Bayesian pipeline for rapid analysis of single-molecule binding data (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Carlas Smith
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Design of sophisticated shaped, multilayered, and multifunctional nanoparticles for combined in-vivo imaging and advanced drug delivery
Author(s): James F. Leary
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Upconversion nanoparticles assisted multi-photon fluorescence saturation microscopy
Author(s): Chaohao Chen; Fan Wang; Shihui Wen; Yongtao Liu; Xuchen Shan; Dayong Jin
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Particulate-based structures for nanoscale imaging and sensing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Euan McLeod
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Plasmonics sheds light on superresolution imaging by dielectric microspheres (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Vasily N. Astratov
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Enhanced entangled-photon-pair interaction with metallic nanoparticles
Author(s): Ariel Ashkenazy; André Stefanov; Dror Fixler
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Multi-wavelength imaging of tissue phantoms by optical feedback interferometry
Author(s): Maurizio Dabbicco; Giuseppe Colafemmina
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Frequency domain analysis of time-resolved fluorescence measurements using the squared distance approach
Author(s): Gilad Yahav; Hilel Hagai Diamandi; Eyal Preter; Dror Fixler
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Surface-enhancement Raman scattering of urine for prostate cancer risk assessment (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Yiwei Ma; Liu Kai; Isaac Y. Kim; Henry Du
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Porous silicon sensors: From on-chip to mobile diagnostics
Author(s): Tengfei Cao; Caitlin Carfano; Gilberto A. Rodriguez; Moinul H. Choudhury; Francis O. Afzal; Sharon M. Weiss
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Highly stable conjugated polymer dots as multifunctional agents for photoacoustic imaging-guided photothermal therapy
Author(s): Zhen Yuan; Kaiwen Chang
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Metal- based nanoparticles as carriers of mTHPC drug for effective photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Elina Haimov; Yifat Harel; Shlomi Polani; Hana Weitman; David Zitoun; Jean-Paul Lellouche; Orit Shefi
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Do the iso-path-length points differ among semi-infinite, concave-cylindrical and convex-cylindrical geometries?
Author(s): Daqing Piao; Dror Fixler
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The scattering of gold nanorods in identification of macrophages
Author(s): Ruchira Chakraborty; Dorit Leshem-Lev; Dror Fixler
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Full Stokes temporal imaging
Author(s): Avi Klein; Shir Shahal; Hamootal Duadi; Moti Fridman
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Multiple plane phase retrieval from temporal lens array
Author(s): Hamootal Duadi; Tomer Yaron; Avi Klein; Moti Fridman
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Calibration iso-pathlength point in cylindrical tissue geometry: comparing steady state photon diffusion to Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): Hamootal Duadi; Daqing Piao; Dror Fixler
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Cellular internalization pathways of glucose-functionalized gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Chen Tzror-Azankot; Tamar Dreifuss; Tal-Shachar Ben-Gal; Avi Jacob; Tamar Sadan; Menachem Motiei; Rachela Popovtzer
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Insulin-coated gold nanoparticles as an effective approach for bypassing the blood-brain barrier
Author(s): Oshra Betzer; Malka Shilo; Menachem Motiei; Rachela Popovtzer
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High-order modes micro-knot excited by a long-period fiber grating
Author(s): Shir Shahal; Moti Fridman
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Fluorescence depolarization studies of heteroatom-doped CDs
Author(s): Manoop Chenchiliyan; Hari Krishna Sadhanala; Kusha Sharma; Alix Le Marois; Aharon Gedanken; Dror Fixler
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