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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion-Beam Technology: Submicrometer Lithographies VIII
Editor(s): Arnold W. Yanof

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Volume Number: 1089
Date Published: 1 August 1989

Table of Contents
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Focused Ion Beam Patterning of High Tc Superconductor Films
Author(s): L. R. Harriott; P. A. Polakos
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Redundancy Technology With A Focused Ion Beam
Author(s): H. Komano; K. Hashimoto; T. Takigawa
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Focused-Ion-Beam Induced Deposition Of Metal For Microcircuit Modification
Author(s): D. K. Stewart; L. A. Stern; J. C. Morgan
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Image-Projection Ion-Beam Lithography
Author(s): Paul A. Miller
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GaAs FET Mushroom Gate Fabricated By FIB/EB Hybrid Lithography
Author(s): K. Hosono; H. Morimoto; H. Minami; K. Nagahama; Y. Watakabe; T. Kato
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Repair Of Dear Defects On X-Ray Masks By Ion-Induced Metal Deposition
Author(s): Hans-Christian Petzold; Helmut Burghause; Renate Putzar; Uwe Weigmann; Nicholas P. Economou; Lewis A. Stern
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FIB-Assisted Cl2 Gas Etching of GaAs
Author(s): Y. Sugimoto; M. Taneya; H. Hidaka; K. Akita; H. Sawaragi; H. Kasahara; R. Aihara
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Lithography Wand-Fabrication And Applications Of Novel Microstructures For Electron And Ion Beam Nanometer Lithography
Author(s): Gary W. Jones; Susan K. Jones; Bruce W. Dudley; Mark D. Walters
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Electron Beam Lithography Using A New Quadrupole Triplet
Author(s): Shigeo Okayama
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Strategies For A Universal Marker Search System For A-Beam Lithography
Author(s): R. J. M. van Vucht; R. F. L. van der Ven
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Fabrication Of 5X Reticles Fore 16M DRAMS By Using A Variable-Shaped Electron-Beam System
Author(s): Koichi Moriizumi; Susumu Takeuchi; Kunihiro Hosono; Shuichi Matsuda; Miyoshi Yoshida; Akira Shigetomi; Yaichiro Watakabe; Tadao Kato
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Processing Methods for the Fabrication of Sub-0.25 µm GaAs Heterostructure Devices and Circuits
Author(s): D. J. Resnick; F. Ren; D. M. Tennant; R. F. Kopf
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Electron-Beam Written Multilevel Resist Process Applied To GaAs FET Gate Fabrication
Author(s): Lawrence G. Studebaker
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Electron Beam Lithography And Resist Processing For The Fabrication Of T-Gate Structures
Author(s): R. C. Tiberio; J. M. Limber; G. J. Galvin; E. D. Wolf
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A PMMA/PMGI Two Layer Resist System for Stable Lift-off Processing
Author(s): Hiroshi Takenaka; Yoshihiro Todokoro
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SOR Lithography in West Germany
Author(s): A. Heuberger
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Synchrotron X-ray Lithography System Using A Compact Source
Author(s): Toyoki Kitayama; Toa Hayasaka; Hideo Yoshihara; Sunao Ishihara
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Preliminary Testing Results For A New X-Ray Stepper
Author(s): Stephen M. Preston; Darryl W. Peters; David N. Tomes
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Soft X-Ray Induced Chemical Reactions In Novolak Resist
Author(s): Darryl W. Peters; David N. Tomes; Robert A. Grant; Richard J. West
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Automatic Mask Inspection System Using X-ray As A Source
Author(s): Hiroshi Miyake; Takahide Iida; Kensuke Miwa; Toshiyuki Shibata; Akihiro Yoshida; Yoshiyuki Uchida; Shuzo Hattori
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Fabrication of 0.5 µm MOS Test Devices by Application of X-ray Lithography at All Levels
Author(s): Detlef Friedrich; Helmut Bernt; Hans L. Huber; Wolfgang Windbracke; Gerfried Zwicker
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Fabrication of 1-Mbit DRAMs By Using X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): Nobuyuki Yoshioka; Noriaki Ishio; Nobuo Fujiwara; Takahisa Eimori; Yaichiro Watakabe; Kenichi Kodama; Takashi Miyachi; Hisao Izawa
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Development Of Radiation Cooled Slotted Rotating Target X-Ray Source
Author(s): M. Asano; T. Tagawa; H. Yoshikawa; S. Hattori
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The Application Of Ion Beam Assisted Deposition Of Chrome To Photomask Repair
Author(s): W. P. Robinson
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X-Ray Exposure System With Plasma Source For Microlithography
Author(s): M. Taniguchi; R. Funatsu; A. Inagaki; K. Okamoto; Y. Kenbo; Y. Kato; I. Ochiai
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Design Of An X-Ray Lithograahy Beam Line
Author(s): R . P. Rippstein; D. L. Katcoff; J. M. Oberschmidt
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A High Throughput Electron Lithography System Using A Field Emission Gun
Author(s): W. B. Thompson; Y. Nakagawa; M. Hassel Shearer; H. Nakazawa; H. Takemura; M. Isobe; N. Goto
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High Efficiency X-ray Zoneplates by Layering and Index Grading
Author(s): Donald L. White
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Laser Plasma As X-Ray Source For Lithographic Imaging
Author(s): Fred Bijkerk; Eric Louis; Gert E. van Dorssen; Marnix J. van der Wiel
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Resist Modeling Near Resolution And Sensitivity Limits In X -Ray Lithography
Author(s): H. Oertel; M. Weiss; J. Chlebek; H. L. Huber; R. Dammel; C. R. Lindley; J. Lingnau; J. Theis
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E-Beam Application Of Highly Sensitive Positive And Negative-Tone Resists For X-Ray Mask Making
Author(s): Siegfried Pongratz; Rita Demmeler; Christian Ehrlich; Klaus Kohlmann; Klaus Reimer; Ralph Dammel; Wolfgang Hessemer; Jurgen Lingnau; Ude Scheunemann; Jurgen Theis
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Soft Vacuum Pulsed Electron Beam Processing Of Tenon And Teflon-Like Films
Author(s): J. Krishnaswamy; G. J. Collins; H. Hiraoka
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Influence Of The Structure And Functionality Of Photoactive Compounds On The Performance Of Novolak Based E-Beam Resists
Author(s): T. V. Jayaraman; S. Tadros; B. Beauchemin; A. J. Blakeney; N. N. Greene
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Novel Chemical Amplification System in Azide/Phenolic Resin-Based Negative Resist
Author(s): Emiko Aoki; Hiroshi Shiraishi; Michiaki Hashimoto; Nobuaki Hayashi
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Nelative-Working Electron Beam Resist Based on Poly(methylmethacrylate)
Author(s): Yarrow M. N. Namaste; S. Kay Obendorf; Bernard C. Dems; F. Rodriguez
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0.25 µm Trench Etching By ECR Plasma
Author(s): H. Fujiwara; K. Fujimoto; H. Araki; Y. Tobinaga
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Effect Of Charging On Pattern Placement Accuracy In E-Beam Lithography
Author(s): Donald K. Atwood; Paohua Kuo; Sheila Vaidya; Kevin D. Cummings
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The Effect Of EB Dose On Hot Carrier Induced Degradation Of Mos Transistors
Author(s): Fumio Murai; Osamu Suga; Shinji Okazaki; Ryo Haruta
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Recent Results In The Application Of Electron Beam Direct-Write Lithography
Author(s): Anthony Gonzales; Jorge Freyer; Samuel S. M. Fok
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