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Optical/Laser Microlithography II
Editor(s): Burn Jeng Lin

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Volume Number: 1088
Date Published: 25 July 1989

Table of Contents
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Photomask Limitations And Directions
Author(s): John G. Skinner
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A Comparison of Optical Gaussian Beam Lithography with Conventional E-beam and Optical Lithography
Author(s): Paul C. Allen; Paul A. Warkentin
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0.3-micron Optical Lithography Using A Phase-Shifting Mask
Author(s): Tsuneo Terasawa; Norio Hasegawa; Toshiei Kurosaki; Toshihiko Tanaka
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Use Of A Single Size Square Serif For Variable Print Bias Compensation In Microlithography: Method, Design, And Practice
Author(s): Alexander Starikov
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Effects Of Subhalf Micron Mask Defects On Wafer Images During VLSI Circuit Production
Author(s): T. Kikuchi; K. Shigematsu; M. Tominaga; H. Maruyama; T. Furukawa; K. Yanagida
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Effect of Stepper Resolution on the Printability of Submicron 5x Reticle Defects
Author(s): James N. Wiley
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Development And Implementation Of A Laser-Induced Gold Deposition Technique For Repair Of Chromium Photomasks
Author(s): A. J. Serafino; R. J. Coyle; R. Borutta; A. Kestenbaum; G. L. Wolk; R. F. Doll
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Exploratory Test Structures for Image Evaluation in Optical Projection Printing
Author(s): A. R. Neureuther; K. K. H. Toh; J. E. Fleischman; D. Yu; G. Misium; B. Huynh; B. Uathavikul; W. G. Oldham
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Resist Pattern Analysis For Submicron Feature Size Using 3-D Photolithography Simulator
Author(s): Kazuya Kadota; Tetsuo Ito; Hiroshi Fukui; Masaki Nagao; Aritoshi Sugimoto; Masahiro Nozaki; Takeshi Kato
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Vibration Tolerance in Optical Imaging
Author(s): B. J. Lin
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Rapid Optimization Of The Lithographic Process Window
Author(s): Christopher P. Ausschnitt
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Quantitative Evaluation Method at Conjugate Point for Practical Resolution of Wafer Stepper
Author(s): H. Ohtsuka; K. Abe; Y. Itoh; T. Taguchi
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The Design, Characterization, and Implementation of a One Micron Lithography Process in a High Volume Manufacturing Line
Author(s): Jamie S. Van De Ven; Joseph C. Langston
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Lithographic Process Development for High Numerical Aperture I-Line Steppers
Author(s): Whitson G. Waldo; John N. Helbert
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New-Generation Optical Stepper With High N.A. g-Line Lens
Author(s): Koichi Matsumoto; Kazuo Ushida; Hidemi Kawai; Masahiro Nei; Seiro Murakami; Shinichi Nakamura; Masaomi Kameyama
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New g-Line Lens For Next Generation
Author(s): Ryusho Hirose
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New I-Line Lenses
Author(s): Setha G. Olson
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Progress in I-line Stepper Technology for Half-Micron
Author(s): James Greeneich; Steve Wittekoek; Barton Katz; Martin van den Brink
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New Stepper For Large-Area Lithography
Author(s): David S. Holbrook; Mark S. Lucas; Arthur E. Purcell
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A Simple And Calibratable Method For The Determination Of Optimal Focus
Author(s): J. W. Gemmink
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Effect of Alignment Marks Design and Processing Factors on Overlay Accuracy
Author(s): Egil D. Castel; Nader Shamma
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Laser Alignment Signal Simulation for Analysis of Al Layers
Author(s): Nobutaka Magome; Naomasa Shiraishi
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A Production Proven Technique For Machine-To-Machine Overlay Matching
Author(s): Michael J. Cummings; Norman Haley; Ken Ngo; John Schaller
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Moire Alignment Technique For Projection Photolithographic System
Author(s): Dai Sugimoto; Seiichiro Kimura; Tsutomu Nomura; Yoshiyuki Uchida; Shuzo Hattori
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Linear/Angular Displacement Interferometer For Wafer Stage Metrology
Author(s): Gary E. Sommargren
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Improving Photolithographic Tool Utilization Through An Advanced System Interface
Author(s): Curtis B. Timmerman; John J. Festa; Randall M. Young
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Automatic Creation of Stepper Job Files
Author(s): David S. Dailor
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Expert System for ASIC Imaging
Author(s): Shri N. Gupta; Khalil I. Arshak; Pearse McDonnell; Conor Boyce; Andrew Duggan
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Diffraction Limited Imaging Using Incoherently Illuminated Holographic Masks
Author(s): Ginetto Addiego; William G. Oldham
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Understanding Focus Effects In Submicron Optical Lithography, Part 2: Photoresist Effects
Author(s): Chris A. Mack; Patricia M. Kaufman
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Optimization and Characterization of Single Layer Resist Techniques for 1 Am CMOS Production
Author(s): Martin P. Karnett; Mary C. Sarnoff
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Characterization Of Submicron Optical Lithography For CMOS Polysilicon Gate Electrodes
Author(s): Gary E. Flores; Warren W. Flack; Ronald L. Fischer Jr.; Peg Videtta
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In-House Characterization Technique For Steppers
Author(s): Mircea Dusa; Dan Nicolau
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Improvement Of The Transfer-Efficiency Of A Junction CCD By Modifying The Diffusion-Mask Configuration
Author(s): Antonius J. G. Spiekerman; Gertjan L. Ouwerling
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Microstructure Fabrication with Implanted Etch Barriers
Author(s): Tsing Chen
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ANKAN : Simulator for Resist Exposure and Etching
Author(s): Shri N. Gupta; R. Mehrotra; N. N. Kundu; B. P. Mathur
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An Analytical Model For The Aerial Image Simulation Of 2-D Mask Structures. Optimization Of The ODB Tapering Method
Author(s): Marco I. Buraschi; Renzo Traversini
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Modeling Of Optical Alignment Images For Semiconductor Structures
Author(s): Chi-Min Yuan; Jerry Shaw; William Hopewell
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Advanced Lithography Excimer System: Absolute Wavelength Adjustment, Five Watt Average Power
Author(s): P. Oesterlin; P. Lokai; B. Burghardt; W. Muckenheim; H.-J. Kahlert; D. Basting
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Krypton Fluoride Excimer Laser for Microlithography
Author(s): R. L. Sandstrom; R. P. Akins; U. K. Sengupta; C. Reiser; D. G. Larson; S. L. Anderson
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Performance Characteristics Of A Narrow Band Industrial Excimer Laser
Author(s): R. K. Brimacombe; T. J. McKee; E. D. Mortimer; B. Norris; J. Reid; T. A. Znotins
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Step And Scan: A Systems Overview Of A New Lithography Tool
Author(s): Jere D. Buckley; Charles Karatzas
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Excimer Laser Stepper for Sub-half Micron Lithography
Author(s): Akikazu Tanimoto; Akira Miyaji; Yutaka Ichihara; Tsunesaburoh Uemura; Issey Tanaka
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Broadband Deep-UV High NA Photolithography System
Author(s): Bruce Ruff; Elizabeth Tai; Robert Brown
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Effects of Line Narrowing and Collimation on Excimer Radiation at 248nm
Author(s): William N. Partlo; Chris A. Spence; William G. Oldham
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Image Reversal Process Using PR1024MB Photo Resist By KrF Excimer Laser Lithography
Author(s): A. Tokui; A. Fukui; K. Tsukamoto; Y. Akasaka
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Deep-UV Photolithography With a Small-Field 0.6 N.A. 'Microstepper'
Author(s): Chris Spence; William G. Oldham; William N. Partlo; John H. Bruning; David A. Markle; Richard Hsu
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Sub-Half Micron Lithography with Excimer Laser
Author(s): Yasushi Tanaka; Minoru Takeda; Masao Saito; Takashi Kasuga; Toshiro Tsumori
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0.25 m Periodic Structures For Lightwave Technology Fabricated By Spatial Frequency Doubling Lithography (SFDL)
Author(s): T. E. Jewell; J. H. Bennewitz; V. Pol; R. Cirelli
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Photolithography For Integrated Thin Film Read/Write Heads
Author(s): J.-S. Gau
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Lithographic Replication Of Compact Disk Structures
Author(s): Robert E. Revay; Philippe Briaud
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Use Of Mask Making Technology In Producing High Quality, Low Cost Passive Optical Devices
Author(s): Arto Salin
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An Experimental Determination of the Optical Lithographic Requirements for Sub-Micron Projection Printing
Author(s): John S. Petersen
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