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9th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Meta-Surface-Wave and Planar Optics
Editor(s): Mingbo Pu; Xiaoliang Ma; Xiong Li; Minghui Hong; Changtao Wang; Xiangang Luo
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Volume Number: 10841
Estimated Publication Date: 27 July 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10841
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Box-like optical filter based on race-track high-order silicon microring resonators
Author(s): Kan Yu; Juanjuan Yin; Jiaqi Bao
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Research on angle modulation based on nanohole array fiber optic sensor
Author(s): Heliang Shen; Wenyu Bie; Rongxin Tao
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New insights into Fourier analysis on plane and convex holographic gratings for imaging spectrometers
Author(s): Keming Zhang; Yinnian Liu; Youlong Ke; Yong Li; Min Xu
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Fast thickness measurement of thin films using two-dimensional Fourier transform-based structured illumination microscopy
Author(s): Zhongye Xie; Yan Tang; Xi Liu; Kejun Yang; Song Hu
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Simple and rapid particle detection device for substrate surface
Author(s): Lifu Ai; Jian Zhang; Changtao Wang; Xiangang Luo
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Investigation of microsphere-assisted super-resolution imaging
Author(s): Xi Liu; Yan Tang; Yi Zhou; Song Hu
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Super-resolving in telescope imaging system with high Strehl ratio by two-dimensional polynomial phase pupil filter
Author(s): Chao Wang; Hao-dong Shi; Ying-chao Ling; Lun Jiang; Zhuang Liu; Guan-lin Li
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Dual-polarity dielectric cylindrical lens and spherical lens for visible light
Author(s): Shengnan Tian; Hanming Guo; Jinbing Hu
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Metal nano-honeycomb fabricated by colloidal assembly and femtosecond-laser annealing
Author(s): Tuo Qu; Fang Liu; Yuechai Lin; Yidong Huang
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High resolution LCD technology for VR
Author(s): Xiaoxiao Wu; Bingping Liu; Binbin Chen; Zuoyin Li; Xiai Xu; Chao Zhu; Jun Zhang; Xuanxian Cai; Guozhao Chen; Junyi Li; Xuhui Peng
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Research review on the development of liquid crystal optical phased array device on the application of free space laser communication
Author(s): Hongru Guo; Jing Li; Xiangru Wang; Jiyang Shang
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Dynamic three-dimensional shape measurement based on light field imaging
Author(s): Fan Yang; Wei Yan; Peng Tian; Fanxing Li; Fuping Peng
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Study on dielectrics and low-temperature viscosity performance of high-frequency difluorovinyl liquid crystals
Author(s): Ting Chen; Manman Liu; Huiqi Ouyang; Jintao Guan; Zhiyong Zhang; Xiangru Wang
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Lensless in-line holographic microscope resolution enhancement method from two intensity measurements based on data interpolation
Author(s): Fanxing Li; Peng Tian; Wei Yan; Fan Yang; Fuping Peng
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Gas flow simulation research on reaction chamber of reactive ion etching
Author(s): Jingwen Zhang; Fan Bin; Zhiwei Li; Xin Liu; Bincheng Li; Han Yu; Gong Chang
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Efficient super-resolution imaging method for micro-nano structure based on structured illumination modulation
Author(s): Kejun Yang; Yan Tang; Song Hu; Chuyi Chen
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Flatness and diffractive wavefront measurement of liquid crystal computer-generated hologram based on photoalignment technology
Author(s): Yao Hu; Shihang Fu; Shaopu Wang; Wanlong Zhang; Hoi Sing Kwok
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Plasmonic and metasurface nanostructures for optical imaging
Author(s): Hansik Yun; Gun-Yeal Lee; Jeong-Geun Yun; Kyookeun Lee; Byoungho Lee
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Simulation and experimental research on the uniformity of the surface light source out from the integrating sphere
Author(s): Sha Luo; Yanan Zeng; Junyi Chen; Lina Luo; Shizhen Tang
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Research on beaconless spatial acquisition for optical inter-satellite communication
Author(s): Xiongfeng Wan; Shiqi Hao; Dai Zhang; Qingsong Zhao; Chenlu Xu; Jinying Tang
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Study on camera calibration method in plane mirror detection system
Author(s): Chao Wang; Qiudong Zhu; Shanshan Wang
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An aberration-eliminating processing technology for optical window working under differential pressure condition
Author(s): Jia Zhai; Xiaoli Ren; Jiao Yang ; Dingyu Feng; Wenchuan Zhao ; Muxin Yu
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Description of complex optical surface based on sparse radial basis function approximation with spatially variable shape parameters
Author(s): Xiangdong Zhou; Jian Bai; Xiao Huang; Lei Zhao; Chen Wang; Yujie Luo
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Research of autofocus technology for human fecal microscopic image
Author(s): Xiangzhou Wang; Lin Liu; Ruqian Hao; Xiaohui Du; Jing Zhang; Juanxiu Liu; Guangming Ni; Yong Liu
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Non-contact measurement of complex surface object volume based on Image processing of double image field
Author(s): Ze-wen Qiu; Min Wang
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Research on the optical system of single-band all-sky airglow imager
Author(s): Zhantao Li; Bin Han; Yang Xiao; Tingting Yu
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Leak rate test method of liquid crystal phase shifter
Author(s): Xuhui Peng; Wenjuan Chen; Bo Wu; Peng Li
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A survey of wavefront phase inversion algorithms
Author(s): Liu Zhu; Peng Qi; Ren Ge
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Analysis of influence of mechanical vibration on ghost imaging
Author(s): Yi Chen; Zheng-dong Cheng ; Xiang Fan ; Yu-bao Cheng ; Bin Zhu
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Recent advances in rapid polishing process of large aperture optical flats
Author(s): Ruiqing Xie; Shijie Zhao; Defeng Liao; Xianhua Chen; Jian Wang; Qiao Xu; Huiying Zhao; Zhuangde Jiang
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Optical processing on the φ150mm SiCp/Al coating nickel phosphorus alloy plane mirror
Author(s): Zengqi Xu; Ying Su; Haicheng Yang; Rui Guo; Yang Yuan; Xuanmin Liu; Feng Zhang; Xinwu Liu; Ting Ji; Yu Zhang
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A variable divergence angle laser beam shaping system with aspherical lenses
Author(s): Zijuan Ji; Qiusha Zheng; Jiaqi Bao
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Ghost reflection of testing long focal length lens with computer-generated hologram
Author(s): Jian-Peng Cui; Ning Zhang; Jie Liu; Hua Xu; Ding-Yao Yan; Ping Ma
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Research of the mist phenomenon on phosphate glass surface
Author(s): Jun Cao; Xueke Xu; Yanchao Zhang; Aihuan Dun; Jianda Shao
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Research on interferometric equivalent wavelength of broadband light sources
Author(s): Yajun Shao; Qiudong Zhu; Shanshan Wang
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Study on transmission spectrum and electric field distribution of graded-index anti-reflection coatings
Author(s): Yan Wang; Lingxia Hang
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The design of miniaturization and super wide angle monitor lens based on monocentric lens
Author(s): Yang Wang; Xiangyue Meng; Zhiyuan Gu; Xingjun Mu
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Design of compact panoramic lens
Author(s): Wen Wei Ye; Zhen Huang Zeng; Feng Lin
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The testing and analysis of accuracy of a large space optical window
Author(s): Linchao Zhang; Xiaoming Wu; Xiaopeng Chen
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Research on surface quality measurement technology for small surface structure
Author(s): Zhaoqi Zeng; Xiaohua Zang; Jie Zang; Haoliang Gou; Bing Zhang; Yanming Wei; Xuesen Zhao
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Research of suppressing stray light of cold shield with different black coating
Author(s): Yang Wang; Yizhang Shen; Junlin Chen; Lin Xu; Defeng Mo; Dafu Liu
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The design of double vision field imaging system based on single lens-reflective structure
Author(s): Chengkai Ding; Yaolin Huang; Min Wang
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Study on eliminating the effect of parasitic reflection on deflectometry measurement of planar optical element surface figure
Author(s): Ruiyang Wang; Dahai Li; Kaiyuan Xu; Lei Tang; Pengyu Chen
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Polarization-insensitive meta-lens doublet with large view field in the ultraviolet region
Author(s): Dewei He; Fei Zhang; Yanqin Wang; Zhu Li; Xiaoliang Ma; Zeyu Zhao; Xiong Li; Changtao Wang; Yinghui Guo; Mingbo Pu; Xiangang Luo
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Characteristics of a mid-wavelength infrared metalenses integrated imaging system
Author(s): Xin Wu; Mizhen Wang
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Study on the thermal mismatch strain of CdTe/Si(211) composite substrate
Author(s): Yuanzhang Wang; Yidi Geng; Lingjie Wang; Xiaoying Zhang
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Optimized design of single-plate full-color holographic waveguide display
Author(s): Rui-Hua Li; Ming-Wu Kang; Yang Gao; Yi Xie; Guang-Xin Xiang
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