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Global Intelligence Industry Conference (GIIC 2018)
Editor(s): Yueguang Lv
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Volume Number: 10835
Date Published: 11 September 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10835
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Research and application of predictive function control based on adjustment coefficient
Author(s): Quan Li; Feng Yin; Jian-Gen Hu; Zhi-Hao Luo; Ye Su
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Contour detection using an improved holistically-nested edge detection network
Author(s): Zheng Xu; Haibo Luo; Bin Hui; Zheng Chang
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Biometric method to improve super resolution structure on AI and deep learning
Author(s): Hua Liu; Helong Wang; Quanxin Ding; Chunjie Guo; Liwei Zhou
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A construction method for large scale global optimization problem
Author(s): Hao Chen; Yuan Chen; Chunlei Xu
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Single-sample learning method and a type of brain activation function
Author(s): Dan Xia; Junyang Tan; Honghao Zhu; Shiyun Dong; Binshi Xu
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Human action recognition using Kinect multimodal information
Author(s): Chao Tang; Miao-hui Zhang; Xiao-feng Wang ; Wei Li; Feng Cao; Chun-ling Hu
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A survey of the application of deep learning in computer vision
Author(s): Yuexia Liu; Yunfei Cheng; Wu Wang
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Fault diagnosis for automotive assembly based on optical coordinate data and machine learning
Author(s): Xuan Zeng
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Violence detection based on three-stream convolutional networks
Author(s): Yunfei Cheng ; Wu Wang; Yuexia Liu; Keshuang Man
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Automatic human hallmark recognition based on visual words
Author(s): Lili Jia; Wei Chen; Wenbin Liu
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Automatic measurement technology for equipment assembly accuracy of spacecraft AIT process
Author(s): Changyu Long; Wangmin Yi; Ruiqin Hu
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Automatic measurement method of large scale satellite antenna in planar near-field test
Author(s): Li Tao; Changyu Long; Guowei Ruan; Wangmin Yi; Xiao Liu
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Research on aircraft digital shape measurement data fusion method
Author(s): Yu Song Liu; Zhi Hai Wang; Li Li Guo; Qi Liu
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An error correction model based on neural network for laser displacement sensor
Author(s): Lili Guan; Liqun Chai; Qiang Li; Yuhang He; Daoming Wan
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Detection v-defect in 20° wedge by laser ultrasound technique
Author(s): Jing Jia; Xueping Jing; Qingbang Han
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Rotationally asymmetric figure measurement of optical flat using rotational shear phase measuring deflectometry
Author(s): Kewei E.; Dahai Li; Jianke Zhao; Xun Xue; Jing Li; Kun Li; Shangkuo Liu; Zhengfeng Wang; Yan Zhou
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A novel automated approach for noise detection in interference fringes pattern images using feature learning
Author(s): Yefan Cai; Jinbo Liang; Xiangyang Yu
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Vision system measuring remote target based on unmanned aerial vehicle
Author(s): Fang Guo; Jeng-Shyang Pan; Guofu Lian
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Schlieren visualization of leaky guided waves in a liquid immersion plate
Author(s): Xue-ping Jiang; Jing Jia; Qian Cheng; Zheng Xu; Qing-bang Han
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Delay time calculations for testing transverse defects of cylindrical surface artefacts with phased array ultrasonic
Author(s): Xue-ping Jiang; Jing Jia; Yun-fei Yue; Qing-bang Han
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Research on accelerated durability test of photovoltaic hollow modules
Author(s): Dong Wang; Li Wang
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UAV-based application for electromagnetic compatibility testing
Author(s): Dongxiao Zhang; Erwei Cheng; Yazhou Chen
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Bathymetric data processing based on denoising autoencoder Wasserstein generative adversarial network
Author(s): Ruichen Zhang; Yongbing Chen; Shaofeng Bian; Duanyang Gao
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Multi-sensor and multi-target task allocation method based on improved firefly algorithm
Author(s): Pengxiang Wang; Feng Yang; Yizhai Zhang; Litao Zhang
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Unmanned optical warning system for drones
Author(s): Zongdi Yin; Qiudong Song; Guoqing Han; Meng Zhu
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Free space propagation loss simulation analysis of aeronautical radio navigation station
Author(s): Yuankai Li; Pingfan Ye; Fei Liang; Jian Xu
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Research of image compression influence on SAR ATR based on an efficient CNN architecture
Author(s): Chunjie Wang; Song Han; Yanfei Wang
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Keyframe-based stereo visual-inertial SLAM using nonlinear optimization
Author(s): Chang Chen; Lei Wang; Hua Zhu; Weiqi Lan
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A brain computer interface control system based on cloud platform for Minitype UAVs
Author(s): Gang Wang; Mei Wang; Xuebin Qin; Lin Zhang
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Variable structure guidance with auto-generated impact angle constraint based on fuzzy strategy
Author(s): Jun-hui Xiong; Liang-ci Dong; Tao Zhao; Wei Shang
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Research on the unmanned intelligent monitoring platform of geographical conditions
Author(s): Bing Zhang; Kai Tang; Hongcao Guo
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Influence of intelligent unmanned system on the development of intelligent measuring
Author(s): Bing Zhang; Kai Tang; Junlin Du
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An overview of SLAM
Author(s): Feng Yang; Bo Jin
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A MEMS random error analysis method fused with genetic algorithm
Author(s): Duanyang Gao; An Li; Jun Fu; Ruichen Zhang
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Research on recognition and tracking technology for a fully autonomous and agile response anti LLS-target system
Author(s): Keya Liu; Zijia Guo; Jingyu Liu
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A new approach for SAR baseband Doppler centroid estimation
Author(s): Bidan Liu; Chang Liu; Yanfei Wang
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An improved phase gradient autofocus approach for stripmap SAR imaging
Author(s): Bidan Liu; Qi Wang; Chang Liu; Yanfei Wang
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Research on the modeling method of UAV swarm operation in cyberspace
Author(s): Yang Zhang Sr.; Guangya Si; Yanzheng Wang
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Optimization simulation of aeromagnetic detection based on COMSOL multiphysics
Author(s): Xiaoyong Sun; Shaojing Su; Xiaojun Guo; Yangyi Chen
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Ground vehicles cooperative task area allocation for survivability improvement
Author(s): Yong Zhu; Shengyin Wang; Teng Long; Zhu Wang; Guangtong Xu
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Mission oriented self-organizing network methodology of UAV
Author(s): Xueli Zheng; Tao Gu; Kexiang Wang
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Simulation-based analysis of bounding box localization algorithm for wireless sensor network
Author(s): Peng Wu; Shaojing Su; Xiaojun Guo
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Research on intelligent target recognition technology for integrated reconnaissance/strike UAV
Author(s): Long Sun; Pei Chang; Huanhuan Jiang; Mengdao Xing; Tao Wu; Dazheng Feng; Guangcai Sun
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Research and implementation of SAR simulator based on adaptive synchronization technology
Author(s): Zheng Guo; Yanfei Wang; Song Han
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Research of adaptive error correction for multi-channel SAR receiver
Author(s): Zheng Guo; Yanfei Wang; Ge Cao; Jundong Guo
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A fast Doppler beam sharpening approach based on short time FFT
Author(s): Chao Wang; Yanfei Wang; Qi Wang; Xueli Zhan; Chang Liu
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A high-resolution ground moving target imaging method based on motion compensation
Author(s): Chao Wang; Yanfei Wang; Qi Wang; Chang Liu; Bidan Liu
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Fast and high-accuracy systematic calibration of inertial devices based on IMU off-axis transposition
Author(s): Jisong Miao; Chen Wang; Yuan Ren; Xiaocen Chen; Qiongling Shao
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Research on the fast calibration method of MEMS gyroscope
Author(s): Hongxiang Han; Jun Fu; Duanyang Gao
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Research on servitization based on UAV avionics system
Author(s): Bing Xue; Zhijuan Zhan; Minyang Kang; Shuo Wang; Yunhui Wang
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First experimental results of the C band SAR and ground support system
Author(s): Zhuo Pan; Xueli Zhan; Yanfei Wang; Qi Zhang; JianMin Hu
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Target feature enhancement of SAR image based on discrete shearlet transform
Author(s): Zhuo Pan; Xueli Zhan; Yanfei Wang; Zhigang Pan
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Research on the key technologies of unmanned cluster to sea combat
Author(s): Zhijuan Zhan; Qing Zhou; Bingfei Li
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Operation method of electronic warfare UAV
Author(s): Yunhui Wang; Zhijuan Zhan; Bing Xue
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The UAV safety control based on cognition-guidance
Author(s): Hanqiao Huang; Huan Zhou; Haoyu Cheng; Meiyun Zheng
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Summary of key technologies of combat intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle
Author(s): Xin Sui; Zhao Yao; Xun Zhou; Yibo Wang; Kun Yang; Dawei Wang
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The development of counter-unmanned aerial vehicle technologies
Author(s): Wenqi Zhang; Lei Zhang; Baichun Yang; Hairui Gu; Dawei Wang; Kai Yang
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Internal polyhedron configuration energy self-sufficient system for sphere mobile platform
Author(s): Hongbo Lu; Xinyi Li; Wei Zhang; Shuhong Hu; Ning Dai; Ziqing Qian; Ge Li
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Research on key technologies of simulated training system for large ground control station of UAS
Author(s): Changhua Liu; Hong Liu
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The Multi-UAV cooperative target tracking simulation system
Author(s): Wei Zhou; Pei Wang; Chao Wu
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