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Seventh International Conference on Lasers in Medicine
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Volume Number: 10831
Date Published: 23 August 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10831
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Day by day usage of lasers in dental offices
Author(s): Andrei-Mihai Gavrilovici; Anca Jivanescu; Simona Haţegan; Meda-Lavinia Negruţiu
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Marginal fit of CAD CAM all ceramic inlays: preliminary study
Author(s): Luciana Goguta; Florin Topala; Andrei Gavrilovici; Anca Jivanescu
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The effect of the abutment occlusal convergence angles on the accuracy of digital and conventional impressions
Author(s): Anca Jivanescu; Raul Rotar; Andrei Gavrilovici; Cristiana Pricop; Luciana Goguta
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Mechanical approach of metal-ceramic crowns obtained with laser-based additive manufacturing methods
Author(s): Liliana Porojan; Cristina Savencu; Adrian Boloș; Lucian Rusu; Sorin Porojan
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Corrosion behavior of dental alloys processed by laser-based additive manufacturing procedures
Author(s): Cristina E. Savencu; Mihaela Bîrdeanu; Sorin D. Porojan; Liliana Porojan
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Fluorescence influence on screening decisions for oral cancer
Author(s): Silvana Canjau; Carmen Todea; Cosmin Sinescu; Marius Pricop; Virgil-Florin Duma
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Animal models in guided bone regeneration using photobiomodulation: general aspects and particularities influencing the studies outcome - a review
Author(s): Ruxandra Luca; Carmen Darinca Todea M.D.; George D. Constantin; Daliana Mocuta; Roxana Munteanu
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Photodynamic therapy in periodontology: a systematic review
Author(s): Ioana-Roxana Munteanu M.D.; Carmen Todea M.D.; Ruxandra-Elena Luca M.D.; Daliana Emanuela Mocuta M.D.
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Comparative study of the efficiency of optical diagnostics in residual caries determination: in vivo study
Author(s): Ruxandra Luca; Carmen Todea M.D.; Adina Doda; Anca Tudor; Daliana Mocuta
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From Doppler to speckle variance measurements in optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Adrian Podoleanu; Sophie Caujolle; Manuel Marques; Ramona Cernat; Ranjan Rajendram; Adrian Bradu
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Current capabilities and challenges for optical coherence tomography as a high impact non-destructive imaging modality
Author(s): Adrian Bradu; Manuel Marques; Sylvain Rivet; Adrian Podoleanu
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Design considerations for ease of access and maneuverability of OCT imaging platforms in the oral cavity
Author(s): George Dobre
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Photonic techniques for brain imaging
Author(s): Valeriu Beiu
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Two-dimensional OCT-relaxography of collagenous tissues
Author(s): Lev A. Matveev; Alexandr A. Sovetsky; Irina N. Druzhkova; Dmitry A. Karashtin; Alexander L. Matveyev; Dmitry V. Shabanov; Grigory V. Gelikonov; Ekaterina V. Gubarkova; Marina A. Sirotkina; Valentin M. Gelikonov; Natalia D. Gladkova; Alex Vitkin; Elena V. Zagaynova; Vladimir Yu. Zaitsev
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Quantitative compressional OCE: obviating pitfalls in using pre-calibrated compliant layers and some other practical obstacles
Author(s): Alexandr A. Sovetsky; Alexander L. Matveyev; Lev A. Matveev; Ekaterina V. Gubarkova; Marina A. Sirotkina; Grigory V. Gelikonov; Elena V. Zagaynova; Natalia D. Gladkova; Alex Vitkin; Vladimir Yu. Zaitsev
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Aspects of vignetting in a polygon mirror-based spectral filter for swept source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT)
Author(s): Michael Everson; Virgil-Florin Duma; George Dobre
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Biomimetic Tizian 'table tops' analyzed with swept source optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Corina Marcauteanu; Cosmin Sinescu; Marius Toader; Meda Lavinia Negrutiu; Felicia Elena Mitroi; Eniko Tunde Stoica; Florin Topala; Virgil-Florin Duma; Adrian Bradu; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
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Confocal laser scanning microscopy versus digital microscopy in the analysis of the marginal adaptation of Tizian overlays
Author(s): Felicia Elena Mitroi; Cosmin Sinescu; Corina Marcauteanu; Danina Muntean; Meda Lavinia Negrutiu; Eniko Tunde Stoica; Florin Topala; Adrian Stan; Adrian Vaduva; Virgil-Florin Duma
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Optoelectronic evaluation of indirect dental veneers interfaces
Author(s): A.-C. Măroiu; M. Romînu; C. Sinescu; M.-L. Negruțiu; F. Topală; V.-F. Duma; A. Bradu; A. Gh. Podoleanu
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Optical coherence tomography study regarding the enamel structure before and after debonding
Author(s): Camelia Szuhanek; Cosmin Sinescu; Carmen Todea; Oana Pop; Virgil-Florin Duma; Florin Topala D.D.S.; Mihai Rominu; Meda Lavinia Negrutiu; Adrian Bradu; Adrian G.H. Podoleanu
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Evaluation of biodentine: tooth structures interfaces using laser scanning confocal microscopy
Author(s): Laura Elena Cirligeriu; Adrian Tudor Stan; Mihai Rominu; Adrian Marinescu M.D.; Marius Boariu M.D.; Adrian Vaduva; Meda Lavinia Negrutiu M.D.; Cosmin Sinescu M.D.; Virgil-Florin Duma; Luminita Nica M.D.
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Fundamentals and biomedical applications of photonic crystals: an overview
Author(s): Roxana-Mariana Beiu; Valeriu Beiu; Virgil-Florin Duma
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Roughness measurements using optical coherence tomography: a preliminary study
Author(s): Gheorghe Hutiu; Alexandru-Lucian Dimb; Virgil-Florin Duma; Dorin Demian; Adrian Bradu; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
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Modern evaluation of the quality of the techniques of root canal dental obturation
Author(s): Lina Abuabboud; Luminita Nica; Laura Orel; Simona Puscu; Meda Lavinia Negrutiu; Cosmin Sinescu; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu
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