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Quantum and Nonlinear Optics V
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Volume Number: 10825
Date Published: 21 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10825
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Precision patterning sub-nanometrology relied up pico-meter quantum sensing approach
Author(s): Yan Fang M.D.
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Steering of entangled photon states with nonlinear metamaterials
Author(s): Yang Ming; Jie Tang; Wang Zhang; Yushen Liu
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Nonclassicality and entanglement for continuous-variable quantum information
Author(s): Hyunchul Nha; Jaehak Lee; Jiyong Park
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Single-photon frequency conversion for quantum interface
Author(s): Yuanhua Li; Tong Xiang; Yuanlin Zheng; Xianfeng Chen
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Interference effect in the photodetachment of silver anions by short femtosecond laser field
Author(s): Jian-hong Chen; Xiao-ping Zheng; Tian-yun Zhang; Xiang-cheng Dong
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Numerical simulation and experimental studies on soliton self-frequency shift in single-mode optical fiber
Author(s): Defei Kong; Dongfang Jia; Dejun Feng; Chunfeng Ge; Zhaoying Wang; Tianxin Yang
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Optical frequency comb generation with widely and precisely tunable frequency space
Author(s): Zhenkun Jiang; Zhaoying Wang; Quan Yuan; Cheng Guo; Taoran Xie; Chunfeng Ge; Dongfang Jia
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Ultra-high group index slow light with optical buffering performance in photonic crystal waveguide coupled with cavity
Author(s): Sayed Elshahat; Israa Abood; Karim Khan; Ashish Yadav; Luigi Bibbò; Zhengbiao Ouyang
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Influence of atomic densities on propagation property for femtosecond Gaussian pulse in a three-level Λ-type atomic medium
Author(s): Zhendong Wang; Jun Chen
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The ultra-stable microwave based on ultra-stable laser with robustness and long term stability
Author(s): Shaoyang Dai; Fang Fang; Kun Liu; Shiying Cao; Nianfeng Liu; Weiliang Chen; Tianchu Li
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Dual-wavelength eye-safe optical parametric oscillator intracavity driven by a coaxially end pumped laser
Author(s): Yang Liu; Kai Zhong; Jie Shi; Hongzhan Qiao; Xin Ding; Degang Xu; Jianquan Yao
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Propagation of ultrashort dichromatic solitons in a cascade three-level system
Author(s): Ji-Cai Liu; Fen-Fen Guo; Ya-nan Zhao
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Coherence automatic adjustment of the optical pulses inside mode-lock fiber laser cavity
Author(s): A. Y. Kokhanovskiy; A. V. Ivanenko; S. K. Kobtsev; S. K. Turitsyn
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New generation regimes in mode-locked fibre lasers with controllable radiation intensity distribution along the cavity
Author(s): Sergey Kobtsev; Sergey Smirnov
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Analysis of underwater target detection based on entangled Fock state interference
Author(s): Shi-long Xu; Yi-hua Hu
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Localization in a synthetic photonic lattice with varying coupling ratio
Author(s): Artem V. Pankov; Ilya D. Vatnik; Dmitry V. Churkin
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Analysis of the CW single frequency laser radiation from UV to near-IR generated by intra-cavity second harmonic generation of the resonant wave in singly resonant optical parametric oscillator under collimated Gaussian beam approximation
Author(s): Peng Li; Liangwen Ji; Yuzong Gu; Yu Hao; Baohua Zhu; Shuxi Dai; Zhenkun Wu
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A monolithic readout circuit for high-frequency sine wave gating single-photon detection
Author(s): Wen-Hao Jiang; Jian-Hong Liu; Ge Jin; Jun Zhang; Jian-Wei Pan
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Study of coherence effects in an inverted Y-type four-level system
Author(s): Yafang Shi; Lin Liu; Wenguang Zhou; Jialei Liu; Longlong Wang; Xiaoxian Yuan; Xiaohui Zhao; Xiaoli Li; Ying Wang
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