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Nanophotonics and Micro/Nano Optics IV
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Volume Number: 10823
Date Published: 12 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10823
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A novel design method of large-aperture metalens and investigation of electrical focus-tuning mechanism with phase shifter structures
Author(s): Ruo-Qian Gao; Qi Song; Jin-Bo Gao; Hai Liu; Xiao-Yi Wang; Xiao-He Chen; Jin-Song Gao
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Towards a fully integrated indium-phosphide membrane on silicon photonics platform
Author(s): Vadim Pogoretskiy; Jorn P. van Engelen; Jos J. G. M. van der Tol; Yuqing Jiao
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Ultra-high efficiency III-V on Si MOS capacitor Mach-Zehnder modulator
Author(s): T. Aihara; T. Hiraki; K. Hasebe; T. Fujii; K. Takeda; T. Tsuchizawa; T. Kakitsuka; H. Fukuda; S. Matsuo
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Subwavelength grating devices for optical on-chip multiplexing
Author(s): Lu Liu; Zhiping Zhou
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Reconfigurable photonic integrated devices on silicon
Author(s): Daoxin Dai; Dajian Liu; Shipeng Wang
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56 Gbps Si/GeSi integrated EAM
Author(s): L. Mastronardi; M. Banakar; A. Z. Khokhar; N. Hattasan; T. Rutirawut; T. Domínguez Bucio; K. M. Grabska; C. Littlejohns; A. Bazin; G. Mashanovich; F. Y. Gardes
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Compact two-dimensional photonic crystal bandedge resonance for perovskite laser
Author(s): Zhishuang Liu; Mingfei Sun; Qingyan Ma; Yufei Wang; Hongwei Qu; Wanhua Zheng; Zhijie Wang
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Reduction of threading dislocations by image force in Ge selective epilayers on Si
Author(s): M. Yako; Y. Ishikawa; E. Abe; K. Wada
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GaN photonics: simultaneous emission-detection phenomenon of multiple quantum well diode
Author(s): Yongjin Wang; Fan Wu; Xin Wang; Jialei Yuan
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Analysis of bottleneck factors affecting precision manufacturing and possible solutions
Author(s): Hongyi Gao; Ruxin Li; Zhizhan Xu; Zuguo Cheng
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High-quality lead sulfide nanofilm deposited on silica fiber substrate by atomic layer deposition technology
Author(s): Xiangping Pan; Yanhua Dong; Jianxiang Wen; Jiajia Zheng; Caiyun Su; Tingyun Wang
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Raman spectroscopic characterization of interlayer coupling in twisted (2+2) and (3+3) layered graphenes
Author(s): Longlong Wang; Wenguang Zhou; Yafang Shi; Lin Liu; Xianhua Bai; Baolai Liang; Xiaoli Li; Xiaohui Zhao
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Surface-related nonlinear optical enhancement in graphene and G/CdS nanohybrids
Author(s): Baohua Zhu; Fangfang Wang; Yuzong Gu
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Design and application of photonic devices based on photonic crystal near Dirac point
Author(s): Guoyan Dong
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Dual-band total absorption via guided-mode resonance in a monolayer MoS2 covered dielectric grating structure
Author(s): Jigang Hu Sr.; Yongze Ren; Yeming Qing; Hongju Li; Enxu Yao; Xiaohang Wu; Wei Liu; Weiqiang Xie
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Germanium implanted photonic devices for post-fabrication trimming and programmable circuits
Author(s): Xia Chen; Milan M. Milosevic; Xingshi Yu; Bigeng Chen; Antoine F. J. Runge; Ali Z. Khokhar; Sakellaris Mailis; David J. Thomson; Anna C. Peacock; Shinichi Saito; Otto L. Muskens; Graham T. Reed
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Molecular self-assembly-inspired attosecond nanomedicine crystal nanobiophotonic approach: challenges and opportunities
Author(s): Yan Fang M.D.; Fangzhen Wang Sr.
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High-resolution laser fabrication of amplitude diffractive structures on thin metal films
Author(s): Victor P. Korolkov; Sergey L. Mikerin; Konstantin A. Okotrub; Alexander R. Sametov; Anatoly I. Malyshev
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Upright dome nanostructure for enhanced light absorption in thin-film silicon solar cells
Author(s): Juan Zhang; Xiaowei Guo; Hengchang Lu; Xizheng Zhang; Shaorong Li
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Mode engineering for circular-side square microcavity lasers
Author(s): Yue-De Yang; Hai-Zhong Weng; Min Tang; You-Zeng Hao; Jin-Long Xiao; Yong-Zhen Huang
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Functional nanocellulose films as fluorescent media
Author(s): Johanna Mae M. Indias; Raphael A. Guerrero; Marina Scarpa; Paolo Bettotti
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The intervalley scattering between direct and indirect valleys in Ge for optimization of the germanium light
Author(s): Shi-Hao Huang; Qi-Qiang Zheng; Wen-Ming Xie; Jin-Yang Lin; Han-Cong Wang; Cai-Yun Chen
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Quantitative analysis of ceftazidime using SERS based on silver nanoparticles substrate
Author(s): Haiyan Qi; Huacai Chen; Shuhui Zhao; Jie Huang
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Evaluation of free-radical scavenging and antioxidant activities of polydatin nanoethosomes
Author(s): Jia-zhen Du; Jia-Min Gao; Fan Shi; Tong-sheng Chen; Yi-fei Wang; Zhi-ping Wang
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Anti-hepatocarcinoma effects of puerarin-nanoethosomes against human HepG2 cells
Author(s): Xiang-Ping Meng; Jia-min Gao; Tong-sheng Chen; Yi-fei Wang; Zhi-ping Wang
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Enhancement of light extraction by ZnO nanostructures on vertical GaN light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Yuanjie Li; Wenci Sun; Hong Wang; Minyan Zhang; Feng Yun
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Optical phased arrays based on silicon and GaAs photonic waveguides
Author(s): Jiali Liao; Yang Gao; Jiahui Liao; Yanling Sun; Li Yang; Lin Ma; Zhengzhong Lu; Zihao Wang
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In-situ characterization of surface-plasmon-enhanced photocatalysis of Ag decorated black TiO2 by IR-AFM
Author(s): Lili Shi; Yanling He; Jiahui Peng; Jingyang Lin; Jiaxing Li; Keji Shi; Alan Man Ching Ng
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Surface-plasmon-enhanced SnO2 nanofiber gas sensor
Author(s): Jiahui Peng; Yunxiang Tang; Yanling He; Jingyang Lin; Jiaxing Li; Keji Shi; Alan Man Ching Ng
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Label-free DNA detection based on whispering gallery mode optofluidic microcavity biosensor
Author(s): Liang Fu; Xiaogang Chen; Qijing Lu; Shunsen Xie
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Polarization-dependent reflective color filter incorporating an embedded silicon grating
Author(s): Yu Gu; Hong Ye; Shangliang Wu; Yan Ye; Linsen Chen
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Meta-Fresnel elements functioned by pixelated one-dimensional gratings with space-variant frequencies and orientations
Author(s): Hong Ye; Yu Gu; Shangliang Wu; Yan Ye; Linsen Chen
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