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Advanced Sensor Systems and Applications VIII
Editor(s): Tiegen Liu; Shibin Jiang
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Volume Number: 10821
Date Published: 16 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10821
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fiber-optic distributed acoustic sensors (DAS) and applications in railway perimeter security
Author(s): Zuyuan He; Qingwen Liu; Xinyu Fan; Dian Chen; Shuai Wang; Guangyao Yang
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A dual-Brillouin-peak optical fiber for simultaneous distributed strain and temperature measurement
Author(s): Xiaoguang Sun; Kyle Bedard; Jie Li; Robert S. Dyer
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A surface plasmon resonance sensor based on silicon-on-insulator rib waveguide
Author(s): Yueming Liu; Xi Wang; Ying Ding; Xiaohao Wang
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Research on wavelength demodulation method based on optical fiber Fabry-Perot tunable filter
Author(s): Wanshan Zhu; Junfeng Jiang; Jin Wang; Tiegen Liu
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FBG hoop strain sensor: development and application for pipeline leakage monitoring
Author(s): Ziguang Jia; Yang Li; Wenlin Wu
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Long period gratings imprinted on the commercial plastic optical fibers for refractive index sensing
Author(s): Peng Xue; Fangda Yu; Yinghui Cao; Jie Zheng
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Dual biconical fiber humidity sensor at 2um
Author(s): Weijuan Chen; Zhihao Chen; Yi Zhang; Huibin Chen; Hui Li; Yanhui Lian
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Optical gyros operating using the phase characteristic of the ring confocal resonator
Author(s): Yuri V. Filatov; Alina V. Gorelaya; Egor V. Shalymov; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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Fabrication of side-polished fiber Bragg grating for refractive index sensor
Author(s): Kuikui Guo; Jun He; Yiping Wang
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A near-infrared carbon dioxide sensor system using a compact folded optical alignment structure
Author(s): Zhiwei Liu; Chuantao Zheng; Hongtao Xie; Qiang Ren; Chen Chen; Weilin Ye; Yiding Wang; Frank K. Tittel
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Design and applications of multi-channel PAR sensor for PFAL
Author(s): Xinyu Zhang; Fangxin Zhang; Ming Li; Zhiseng Zhang; Wen Liu
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Imaging performance analysis and comparison between a high-sensitivity low-level light CMOS detector and an EMCCD
Author(s): Hongbo Bu; Gengyun Wang; Guofang Zhai; Yongqiang Li; Haoyang Li
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Miniaturized digital inline holographic camera for in-situ plankton detection
Author(s): Buyu Guo; Jia Yu; Guang Yuan; Huiping Liu; Wenbin Xu; Rui Hou; Gensheng Guo
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Pseudo-CCD-signal-based signal-to-noise test system for readout chain of TDICCD
Author(s): Gengyun Wang; Hongbo Bu; Liqun Dai; Xu Zhang; Songbo Wu; Qiyang Sun
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Wavelet analysis of multi-mode behavior of an etched Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor operating in sucrose solutions
Author(s): C. Molardi; T. Ayupova; M. Sypabekova; A. Bekmurzayeva; M. Shaimerdenova; D. Tosi
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High sensitivity Faraday effect measurement in presence of intrinsic birefringence in optical fibers
Author(s): Chengyong Hu; Yi Huang; Chuanlu Deng; Tingyun Wang
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Sweeping range control in a self-sweeping laser with selective mirrors
Author(s): A. Yu. Tkachenko; A. D. Vladimirskaya; I. A. Lobach; S. I. Kablukov
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Dynamic sensors based on fiber-ring laser using a semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): Liming Mao; Chuanyi Tao; Xuhai Jiang; Na Li; Rong Chen; Jingke Li
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Demodulation of multilongitudinal mode fiber-laser sensor based on undersampling technique
Author(s): Shangjing Liu; Long Huang; Pan Dai; Runze Liu; Xiangfei Chen
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Gold-silver alloy film based surface plasmon resonance sensor for biomarker detection
Author(s): Ru-meng Yi; Zhe Zhang; Chun-xiu Liu; Zhi-mei Qi
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A compliant cylinder fiber-optic accelerometer with self-mixing technique
Author(s): Qiang Ge; Shili Li; Jianmin Cheng; Jiang Li; Gang Wang; Yu Liu; Xuqiang Wu; Benli Yu
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Multi-parameter sensing system based on a polarimetric fiber ring laser sensor and beat frequency demodulation
Author(s): Xiujuan Yu; Xuefeng Chen; Yunxin Hu; Jintao Zhang; Shengchun Liu
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Temperature self-compensation refractometer based on cascaded SNS-FBG structure for multipoint measurement
Author(s): Liqing Wang; Dan Yang; Cheng Zhang; Changyun Miao
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A wearable FBG pulse-wave sensor based on multilayers compound fabrics structure
Author(s): Liqing Wang; Lu Yang; Cheng Zhang; Changyun Miao; Kun Yang
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Numerical analysis of linewidth demands in heterodyne lidar
Author(s): Xiao Dong; Yihua Hu; Nanxiang Zhao; Xinying Zhao; Shilong Xu
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A fiber Bragg grating dynamic stress sensing interrogation system with high interrogation rate
Author(s): Taoran Xie; Zhaoying Wang; Quan Yuan; Zhenkun Jiang; Chunfeng Ge; Dongfang Jia
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Synchronous interrogation of multiple FBG sensors using multi-wavelength parallel swept light source
Author(s): Diannan Hu; Zhaoying Wang; Quan Yuan; Taoran Xie; Dongfang Jia
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Squeeze-film damping in optically driven resonant graphene accelerometer
Author(s): Huiyuan Wang; Feng Hu; Xingshu Wang; Shiqiao Qin
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Fast simultaneous locating and mapping approach based on information fusion from multiple sensor
Author(s): Yuan Luo; Jikang Fang; Yi Zhang
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Multiphysical simulation of a ring confocal resonator
Author(s): Yuri V. Filatov; Alexander S. Kukaev; Egor V. Shalymov; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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Multichannel all fiber current sensor based on the single polarimetric detection and loop scheme
Author(s): Hao Zhang; Shuang Liu; Junzhen Jiang; Yu Zhang; Na Zhao
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Research of turbidity influence on UV-vis absorption spectrum in coastal environment monitoring
Author(s): Wei-Wei Feng; Zong-Qi Cai; Wei-Ting Wang; Huan-Qing Wang; Wei-Wei Jin
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Quantum dots optical fiber temperature sensor based on the printing method
Author(s): Guosheng Zhang; Zixiang Zhuang; Yulin Wu; Yixin Zha; Jian Wang; Zhigang Cao; Benli Yu
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A MCSVM-based high-efficiency events-discrimination method for ADMZI-distributed infrared fiber vibration sensor
Author(s): Jianchang An; Miao Tian; Chunyu Ma; Zhenchen Li
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An optical torsion fiber sensor with simultaneous direction and angle measurement
Author(s): Wu Yulin; Yixin Zha; Guosheng Zhang; Zixiang Zhuang; Jian Wang; Chenchen Yin; Zhigang Cao; Benli Yu
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Research on quadrature crosstalk in the time-division-multiplexing optical fiber vector sensor array based on PGC technology
Author(s): Jianfei Wang; Jian Zheng; Mo Chen; Zhou Meng
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Temporal response and sensing properties of reflected light for a rectangular laser pulse incident to a Fabry-Perot interferometer
Author(s): Shichao Xu; Lu Zhang; Mingshi Luo; Yuan Fa
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Detection of dynamic signals from fiber Bragg grating sensors based on two-wave mixing in saturable Er-doped fiber
Author(s): Rong Chen; Chuanyi Tao; Jingke Li; Junhua Cheng; Liming Mao; Na Li
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Theory of intensity to phase noise conversion of fiber optic sensors using phase generated carrier scheme
Author(s): Zhanghai Wang; Dongming Li; Huiliang Ge
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Refractometric optical fiber platforms based on reflective long-period fiber gratings
Author(s): Na Li; Jingke Li; Chuanyi Tao; Rong Chen; Jing Zhang; Liming Mao; Shuo Li
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Systematic error correction of a gap measuring system using a multi-layer artifact
Author(s): Sen Zhou; Jian Xu; Long Wang; Lei Tao; Yueqing Ding
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Investigation of transmission and reflection of antiresonance in a SMF-capillary-SMF structure
Author(s): Fengyu Hou; Xiaobei Zhang; Haiyang Pan; Wen Sun; Lei Yang; Chuanlu Deng; Tingyun Wang
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Design and simulation of a fiber-optic hydrogen sensor based on tunable diode laser spectroscopy
Author(s): Fenghuan Hao; Pengfei Liu; Dongming Li; Huiliang Ge
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Plant growth information detection device of greenhouse vegetable plug seedlings
Author(s): Kai Jiang; Cuiling Li; Lingling Cao; Xiu Wang; Qingchun Feng; Shuo Yang
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A fiber-optic combined acoustic temperature and pressure sensor for ocean observation
Author(s): Pengfei Liu; Fenghuan Hao; Bo Li; Shaoling He; Dongming Li
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Experimental research on a fiber-optic temperature and pressure sensor array for ocean observation
Author(s): Xincan Lou; Fenghuan Hao; Shaoling He; Bo Li
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Liquid level measurements using a multi-notched plastic optical fiber
Author(s): Chuanxin Teng; Hongchang Deng; Houquan Liu; Shijie Deng; Hongyan Yang; Ronghui Xu; Libo Yuan
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Image fiber-based miniature multi-functional suspended solid sensor
Author(s): Pengfei Qi; Lie Lin; Rui Huang; Sicong Zhao; Haolin Tian; Shuai Li; Qinghe Zhang; Weiwei Liu
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Fiber coupler based on dual-core fiber long-period grating
Author(s): Meng Wang; Zengxi Wei; Jing Yang; Ping Li; Jinhui Shi; Chunying Guan
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Research on sensor based on grapefruit microstructure fiber using lateral offset splicing
Author(s): Song Li; Xu Zhang; Hao Lei
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Thermal effect on star sensor
Author(s): Songsong Ji; Ting Sun; Fei Xing
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A chirped fiber optic Bragg grating-based cutter of shield tunnel boring machine real time monitoring method
Author(s): Wang Jin; Wanshan Zhu; Lei Jiang Sr.; Junfeng Jiang; Shuang Wang; Tiegen Liu III
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Characterization of a nanoparticles-doped optical fiber by the use of optical backscatter reflectometry
Author(s): C. Molardi; S. Korganbayev; W. Blanc; D. Tosi
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Detection of poisonous gases using single-slot microring resonator based sensor
Author(s): Amna Bedi; Santosh Kumar; Sonika Singh; Nan-Kuang Chen
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A phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry system with an electrical I/Q demodulator
Author(s): Guojie Tu; Benli Yu; Mengmeng Zhao; Jiping Lin
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The analysis and comparison of cross-correlation and phase demodulation methods in an OFDR system for strain/temperature sensing
Author(s): Mengmeng Zhao; Guojie Tu; Benli Yu; Jiping Lin
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Live embryo detection using a non-contact heart rate measurement of chicken eggs
Author(s): John Ngunga Bakunda; Pornthep Pongchalee; Boonsong Sutapun
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