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Optical Design and Testing VIII
Editor(s): Yongtian Wang; Tina E. Kidger; Kimio Tatsuno
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Volume Number: 10815
Date Published: 16 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10815
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
CGH and stitching technique: powerful combination enabling full-surface figure measurements of certain classes of aspheres
Author(s): Chunyu Zhao
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Optical design and accuracy analysis of interferometric star tracker
Author(s): Juan Du; Jian Bai; Li Wang; Jiantao Zhou
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Calibration of probe misalignment in point-diffraction interferometer
Author(s): Chao Wang; Daodang Wang; Zhongming Xie; Ming Kong; Jun Zhao; Lihua Lei; Yanhua Zeng; Wentao Zhang
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Effect of defects on filtering performance of one-dimensional photonic crystals
Author(s): Shuling Xie; He Yang; Tingting Lin; Guimin Lin; Xiyao Chen
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Surface plasmon-assisted transmission in dual metallic film
Author(s): Xiumin Xie; Weiying Hu; Qiang Xu; Shuai Huang; Jian Chen; Qian Dai; Zhu Shi; Libo Yu; Zhiming M. Wang; Qiang Zhou; Hai-Zhi Song
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Design of lenses for deep-water applications
Author(s): Roman V. Anitropov M.D.; Irina L. Livshits
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Design of multizone soft contact lens to slow myopia progression
Author(s): Yayan Bian; Yongji Liu; Yi Zhang; Baokai Liu
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Wavefront predictions for the automated assembly of optical systems
Author(s): Christopher Schindlbeck; Christian Pape; Eduard Reithmeier
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Large dynamic range wavefront sensing using Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor based on pattern correlations
Author(s): Yusuke Saita; Takanori Nomura
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Optical design for three sub-mirror sparse aperture with freeform surface
Author(s): Quanying Wu; Junliu Fan; Feng Wu; Daling Cai; Baohua Chen
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Stray light suppression of a compact off-axis telescope for a satellite-borne instrument for atmospheric research
Author(s): Arvid Hammar; Ole Martin Christensen; Woojin Park; Soojong Pak; Anders Emrich; Jan Stake
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Phasing error detection for segmented telescopes
Author(s): Dingding Yu; Weirui Zhao
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Color temperature changeable adaptive driving beam for enhanced human perception
Author(s): Jae Young Joo; Eun Jung Choi; Hyen Sou Park
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Characterization of angle-resolved measurement of diffuse reflected light
Author(s): Masaharu Hyodo; Osamu Matoba; Satoru Miyauchi; Shingo Saito
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Improvement of color gamut in laser quantum dots backlight display
Author(s): Yu Ping Zhang; Wen Song; Guanjun Wang; Kaian Wang; Liang Chen; Cheng Jiao; Dao Zhang; Jidong Yang; Yu Chen
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Freeform lens design for laser diode beam shaping
Author(s): Zexin Feng; Dewen Cheng; Yongtian Wang
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Acousto-optical tunable filter for a swept light source with variable transmission function
Author(s): Alexander S. Machikhin; Demid D. Khokhlov; Vitold E. Pozhar; Alexey B. Kozlov; Vladislav I. Batshev; Alexey V. Gorevoy
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Annular oblique epi-illumination design for ultra-large-scale and high-resolution fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Jing Hu; Yibing Shen
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Measurement of the roughness of smooth glass surfaces using method of planar gradients optical waveguides
Author(s): N. Espinosa; A. Osovitsky; C. Vega; J. Alvarez
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Diffraction method for inspecting the defects of lenses with various curvature
Author(s): Zhangmin Chen; Zhaofeng Cen; Xiaotong Li
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Systematic parameter calibration in the wavefront testing with reverse Hartmann test
Author(s): Yamei Yin; Daodang Wang; Zhongmin Xie; Ming Kong; Jun Zhao; Lihua Lei; Yanhua Zeng; Wentao Zhang
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Monte Carlo calculation on stray radiation scattered by the baffle with a heterotypic surface for uncooled infrared system
Author(s): Kaiyu Yang; Ning Jin; Dan Yang; Ling Cao; Jinjin Chen
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RGB camera-based functional imaging of in vivo biological tissues
Author(s): Izumi Nishidate; Satoko Kawauchi; Shunichi Sato; Manabu Sato; Yoshihisa Aizu; Yasuaki Kokubo
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Multi-dimensional digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Osamu Matoba; Xiangyu Quan; Manoj Kumar; Yasuhiro Awatsuji
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Analysis of the visual perception conflicts in designing mixed reality systems
Author(s): Igor S. Potemin; Andrey Zhdanov; Nikolay Bogdanov; Dmitry Zhdanov; Irina Livshits; Yan Wang
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Design of UV LED illumination system for direct imaging lithography
Author(s): Haibo Jiang; Xiuhui Sun; Ruofu Yang; Jianjun Chen; Lin Xie; Shao-yun Yin
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Scanning distortion analysis of infrared thermal imaging systems
Author(s): Xi Wang; Qingqing Peng; Lin Liu; Jiaqiang Yang; Xiaoyu Du; Yangyang Li
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Development and practical test of portable laser communication optical system
Author(s): Yan An; Yiyun Xu; Keyan Dong; Xinhang Li; Yansong Song; Lei Zhang; Shuai Chang
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Compensating and testing system design of convex ashperic mirror with a 300mm diameter
Author(s): Lianxiao Fu; Song Xu; Jiao Tong; Jiankun Zhang; Yang Jun
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A GEO satellite working state detection method based on photometric characteristics
Author(s): Can Xu; Zhi Li; Feng Zhang
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The construction of frontal components of objectives for microscope: optical design
Author(s): Dmitry N. Frolov; Olga A. Vinogradova; Alexey D. Frolov; Alexey G. Tabachkov
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The possibility of expanding the spectral range for lens microscope objectives: examples of optical design
Author(s): Dmitry N. Frolov; Olga A. Vinogradova; Vladimir N. Frolov; Liyun Wen
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The field mosaic method of wide-angle telescope array for typical track general survey
Author(s): Xuewen Zhang; Hong Yao; Can Xu; Zhi Li
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Modeling and analysis for the mirror tilt angle error of the image mapper
Author(s): Wanyue Wang; Lijuan Su; Xiaoming Ding; Zhenyi Ai
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Mode interactions in a three-layered slab waveguide with periodic structures
Author(s): Aysha Bibi; Ya-Xian Fan; Jiang Nan; Zhi-Yong Tao
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Multi-type hyperspectral imaging integrated system
Author(s): Qing He; Lan Liang
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Simulation of eye's wavefront aberration measurement based on annular radial shearing interferometry
Author(s): Meng-ting Xu; Yan-ping Chen; Shao-jun Zeng
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Optimizing double freeform surfaces for reducing deviations in ray-mapping method
Author(s): Haotian Xu; Zexin Feng; Dewen Cheng; Yongtian Wang
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Tolerances and alignment method for high-aperture hybrid diffractive/reflective objective
Author(s): A. G. Sedukhin; R. K. Nasyrov; V. P. Korolkov
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Method of object MRTD-testing for thermal infrared imager
Author(s): Liwei Xu; Qiang Li; Yingming Lu
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Super-wide-angle mobile lens design based on monocentric lenses
Author(s): Yang Wang; Xiangyue Meng; Qianzhi Xu; Xingjun Mu
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Thermal stress of MOEMS accelerometers based on grating interferometric cavity
Author(s): Weidong Fang; Qianbo Lu; Jian Bai; Dandan Han; Peiwen Chen
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Comparison of two modes of Bragg diffraction on broadband ultrasound
Author(s): V. E. Pozhar; M. M. Mazur; A. S. Machikhin
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A middle-wave infrared continuous-zoom optical system with 2x expander
Author(s): Shao Zheming; Xiong Tao
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Long focal length large aperture middle infrared continuous zoom optical system
Author(s): Xiong Tao; Li Wu
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Comparative analysis of mid-spatial frequency errors measurement using multiple phase retrieval algorithms
Author(s): Lei Zhao; Xiao Huang; Jian Bai; Xiangdong Zhou; Yupeng Luo; Juan Du; Yujie Luo
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Development of the stabilized zoom system based on the deformable mirror
Author(s): Yongjin Zhao; Xuemin Cheng; Lei Yan; Qun Hao
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Continuous zoom laser beam shaper with microlens arrays
Author(s): Shuang Wu; Xujie Huang; Jiacheng Zhu; Xinhua Chen; Zhicheng Zhao; Weimin Shen
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Peculiarities of optical element manufacturing in the Chinese optical industry
Author(s): Yan Wang; Irina L. Livshits; Igor S. Potemin; Dmitry D. Zhdanov; Alexey Voloboy
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Optimal parameter solution for optical design of testing large-aperture off-axis aspheric mirror with computer-generated holograms
Author(s): Xuyu Li; Chaoyang Wei; Wendong Xu
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Stretchable phase-mode Fresnel zone plates for focus tuning
Author(s): Tianchi Yang; Quanquan Mu; Yanhua Liu; Cheng Chen; Shiqing Zhao; Linsen Chen; Wenbin Huang
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Freeform surface optical design of Zernike polynomials based on nodal aberration theory
Author(s): Sihao Pan; Zhifeng Pan; Jianfa Chen
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