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Semiconductor Lasers and Applications VIII
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Volume Number: 10812
Date Published: 23 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10812
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
VCSEL with finite-size high-contrast metastructure
Author(s): Anjin Liu; Wanhua Zheng; Dieter Bimberg
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Modulation response, impedance, and equivalent circuit of ultra-high-speed multi-mode VCSELs
Author(s): Wissam Hamad; Marwan Bou Sanayeh; Bassel Aboul Hosn; Vana Ajemian; Rami Yehia; Eliane Zouein; Mustapha Hamad; Werner Hofmann
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Rigorous full-vectorial optical analysis of VCSEL using FDFD method
Author(s): A. I. Nashed; Z. Q. Li; Z. M. Simon Li ; Michel Lestrade ; Y. G. Xiao; Y. J. Zhou
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Theoretical investigation on the propagation characteristics of inhibited spiking dynamics between two VCSEL-based photonic neurons
Author(s): Zhi-Jing Wang; Guang-Qiong Xia; Zheng-Mao Wu; Zhi-Fu Tian; Tao Deng
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Wideband signal generation for radar application based on optically injected semiconductor laser
Author(s): Fangzheng Zhang
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Modulator-free optoelectronic oscillator based on an optically injected semiconductor laser
Author(s): Yali Zhang; Yuan Xia; Jielong Zou; Zhiyao Zhang; Shanjian Zhang; Jun Yuan; Yong Liu
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Image quality evaluation of target surface in the subgrade settlement monitoring system
Author(s): Tao Jia; Yongzhi Min; Jianwu Dang; Weizhuo Ren; Banghuan Lv
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One physical-enhanced security strategy for all-optical chaos communication based on semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Ning Jiang; Anke Zhao; Shiqin Liu; Chengpeng Xue; Kun Qiu
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Photonic frequency-modulated continuous-wave generation based on the period-one dynamics in a semiconductor laser under modulated optical injection
Author(s): Zhou Shang; Xiao-Dong Lin; Guang-Qiong Xia; Zheng-Mao Wu
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Optical spectrum compression employing time-dependent filtering and its application in optical quantization based on soliton self-frequency shift
Author(s): Xuyan Zhang; Zhiyao Zhang; Lingjie Zhang; Heping Li; Yong Liu
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Wavelength-tunability chaos synchronization based on two unidirectionally coupled WRC-FPLDs
Author(s): Zhi-Fu Tian; Lin-Jie Liu; Zhi-Jing Wang; Zheng-Mao Wu; Guang-Qiong Xia; Tao Deng
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Accurate time-delay measurement of optical delay components based on frequency-shifted self-heterodyne spectrum
Author(s): Mengke Wang; Yixiang Hu; Shangjian Zhang; Heng Wang; Xinhai Zou; Yali Zhang; Yong Liu
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Silicon-plus photonics for light manipulation and photodetection
Author(s): Daoxin Dai; Jiang Li; Yanlong Yin
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Magnitude response measurement of electro-optic intensity modulator based on photonic downconversion sampling
Author(s): Yangxue Ma; Zhiyao Zhang; Zhen Zeng; Shangjian Zhang; Yong Liu
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32-channel hybrid III-V/silicon laser arrays with 100GHz wavelength spacing based on LSBG structures on silicon waveguide
Author(s): Ranzhe Meng; Hailing Wang; Mingjin Wang; Pijie Ma; Fengxin Dong; Wanhua Zheng
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Multimode optical interconnects based on VCSEL and MMF for more than 100-Gb/s/lane and 100m transmission
Author(s): Wenjia Zhang; Chenyu Liang; Ling Ge; Zuyuan He
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Design and investigation of stable polarization tunable VCSEL with intercavity subwavelength grating
Author(s): Chen Dong; Baolu Guan; Pili Hu; Jin Liang
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Advanced modulation response analysis of high-speed VCSELs
Author(s): Wissam Hamad; Marwan Bou Sanayeh; Mustapha Hamad; Werner Hofmann
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Diode laser wavelength standard based on 13C2H2 near-infrared spectroscopy at NIM
Author(s): Jianbo Wang; Jin Qian; Cong Yin; Chunying Shi; Hanping Wang; Shan Cai
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Relative intensity noise properties of quantum dot lasers
Author(s): Jianan Duan; Xing-Guang Wang; Yue-Guang Zhou; Cheng Wang; Frédéric Grillot
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A method of designing water-cooled horizontal array diode lasers for uniform junction temperature
Author(s): Di-Hai Wu; Chung-En Zah; Xingsheng Liu
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Low-spatial coherence electrically pumped red-emitting semiconductor laser
Author(s): Yufei Jia; Yufei Wang; Linhai Xu; Shaoyu Zhao; Aiyi Qi; Wanhua Zheng
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Thermal analysis of the direct pumping process in a 1064-nm monolithic non-planar ring oscillator Nd/YAG laser
Author(s): Weiping Deng; Yang Tao; Jianping Cao; Erjun Zang; Liufeng Li; Lisheng Chen; Zhanjun Fang
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The quality assurance method of semiconductor pump laser for space application
Author(s): Shan Cong; Dayu Zhang; Mingchao Chang; Zheng Wang
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Intrinsic phase response retrieval of notch in reflection spectrum of a phase-shifted fiber Bragg grating based on magnitude response measurement
Author(s): Fei Yuan; Zhiyao Zhang; Shangjian Zhang; Yangxue Ma; Yong Liu
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Dual-channel physical random bits generation using a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser under dual-path polarization-preserved chaotic optical injection
Author(s): Can Ran; Xi Tang; Zheng-Mao Wu; Guang-Qiong Xia
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Influence of system bandwidth on self-mixing signal
Author(s): Bin Liu; Yuxi Ruan; Lingzhi Cao; Yanguang Yu; Jiangtao Xi; Qinghua Guo; Jun Tong
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Profile measurement using a self-mixing laser diode
Author(s): Han Wang; Yuxi Ruan; Lingzhi Cao; Yanguang Yu; Jiangtao Xi; Qinghua Guo; Jun Tong; Jitao Zhang
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Experimental study on simultaneously measuring Young's modulus and internal fraction using self-mixing system
Author(s): Fei Xia; Bin Liu; Lingzhi Cao; Yanguang Yu; Jiangtao Xi; Qinghua Guo; Jun Tong
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Design super-narrow linewidth of coupled resonant cavity by investing phase shift
Author(s): Pili Hu; Baolu Guan; Jin Liang
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Screening and qualification methods of semiconductor lasers used for aerospace environments
Author(s): Mingchao Chang; Shan Cong; Yongcheng Ning
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Lateral thermal dissipation of InP-based InGaAsP ridge waveguide laser
Author(s): Xiao Li; Ruiying Zhang; Zhao Yue; Bocang Qiu
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High-power 910 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays for light detection and ranging
Author(s): Jianwei Zhang; Yongqiang Ning; Kefu Liu; Jian Qiu; Xing Zhang; Yingying Yan; Zhiwen Chen; Hao Wu; Hongbo Zhu; Werner Hofmann; Li Qin; Lijun Wang
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An optical power supply scheme for ultrahigh voltage grid with high reliability
Author(s): Pu Wei; Shenting Lu; Hui Huang; Lu Deng; Jing Zhao
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The attitude measurement system of high-speed railway foundation settlement monitoring target surface
Author(s): Wei Guo; Yongzhi Min; Jia Tao
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High-power high-efficiency tilted waved laser based on the quasi-periodicity photonic crystal structure
Author(s): Zhonghao Chen; Aiyi Qi; Shaoyu Zhao; Hongwei Qu; Xuyan Zhou; Xiaoxu Xing; Xueyou Wang; Wanhua Zheng
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Theoretical analysis of band structure and material gain of InGaAs quantum wells in a semiconductor disk laser
Author(s): Lingling Hua; Heyang Guoyu; Peng Zhang; Jinrong Tian; Yanrong Song
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Research on InP based DBR laser and its application in optical fiber sensing system
Author(s): Lidong Lu; Xiaoyan Sun; Xiande Bu; Jing Tao; Binglin Li
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