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High-Power Lasers and Applications IX
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Volume Number: 10811
Date Published: 21 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10811
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Brilliant x-ray sources generation based on high-quality laser-driven wakefield accelerator
Author(s): C. H. Yu; J. S. Liu; W. T. Wang; Z. Y. Qin; K. Feng; R. Qi; Z. J. Zhang; J. Q. Liu; M. Fang; Y. Wu; L. T. Ke; C. Wang; R. X. Li; Z. Z. Xu
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Generation of multiband annular beams by femtosecond Bessel laser beam in silica glass
Author(s): Dan Lu; Weiwei Liu; Nan Zhang
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Low noise single frequency DFB fiber laser
Author(s): Kang Ying; Haiwen Cai; Fang Wei; Fei Yang; Dijun Chen; Ronghui Qu
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Experimental study of mode instability in high power all-fiber amplifier under different pumping power distribution
Author(s): Xuexue Luo; Rumao Tao; Xiaoming Xi; Chen Shi; Hanwei Zhang; Xiaolin Wang; Pu Zhou; Xiaojun Xu
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47 GHz narrow linewidth linear polarized fiber amplifier injected by a simple fiber oscillator laser seed source
Author(s): Yanshan Wang; Zhe Chang; Yinhong Sun; Wanjing Peng; Yi Ma; Rihong Zhu; Chun Tang
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Mitigating stimulated brillouin scattering in fiber using tilted fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Meng Wang; Le Liu; Qihao Hu; Zefeng Wang; Xiaojun Xu
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All-fiber structure mid-infrared fiber gas laser source
Author(s): Zhiyue Zhou; Ni Tang; Yulong Cui; Zefeng Wang; Weihong Hua
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Quasi-CW performance and reliability of dual laser bars on a micro-channel cooler
Author(s): Hongyou Zhang; Li Chen; Sen Zhao; Boxue Wang; Chung-en Zah; Xingsheng Liu
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Intracavity deformable mirror for the performance improvement of a passively Q-switched laser
Author(s): Licheng Sun; Lei Huang; Yamin Zheng; Chuang Sun
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Sidelobe suppression of laser diode arrays by on-chip phase and amplitude manipulation
Author(s): Xuyan Zhou; Hongwei Qu; Aiyi Qi; Zhonghao Chen; Xiaoxu Xing; Xueyou Wang; Yufei Wang; Wanhua Zheng
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500Hz high-energy laser for PLIF application
Author(s): Xudong Li; Guichuan Xu; Renpeng Yan; Feng Mei; Wentao Wu; Zhixiang Liu; Xiaolin Wen; Huasong Liu; Yugang Jiang; Rongwei Fan; Deying Chen
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Access to the ultrafast dynamics of molecules-laser interaction with high harmonic spectroscopy
Author(s): Pengfei Lan; Peixiang Lu
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Relationship between the longitudinal-mode structure and the relative intensity noise properties of the laser
Author(s): Huadong Lu; Yongrui Guo; Minzhi Xu; Jing Su; Kunchi Peng
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Efficient cascade Raman source in methane-filled hollow-core fibers operating at 2.8 um
Author(s): Zhixian Li; Wei Huang; Yulong Cui; Zefeng Wang
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Multipass stretcher for chirped-pulse amplification
Author(s): Hongpeng Su; Yujie Peng; Xinlin Lv; Junchi Chen; Yanyan Li; Pengfei Wang; Beijie Shao; Yuxin Leng
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Experimental characterization of a SESAM mode-locked Yb:YAG thin disk laser
Author(s): Jing Dong; Lijia Ma; YongQian Chen; Yefeng Qian; Guangzhi Zhu; Xiao Zhu
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Suppression of stimulated Raman scattering in a monolithic fiber laser oscillator using chirped and tilted fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Meng Wang; Qihao Hu; Le Liu; Zefeng Wang; Xiaojun Xu
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Nanoseconds square pulses generation in a figure-of-eight Yb-doped fiber laser
Author(s): Xu Sun; Zihao Li; Yiting Jin; Yetao Chen; Yifan Bao; Lifan Zhong; Yinan Ji; Dongfang Jia
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Control of laser pulse waveform in longitudinally excited CO2 laser by adjustment of gas medium
Author(s): Kazuyuki Uno; Takahisa Jitsuno
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Implementation of stochastic parallel gradient descent algorithm for coherent beam combining
Author(s): Linslal C. L.; Sooraj M. S.; Padmanabhan A.; D. Venkitesh; B. Srinivasan
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Numerical analysis of the temperature field in HgCdTe detector by CW laser irradiation
Author(s): Xiao-dong Ren; Wu-hu Lei; Xuhui Weng
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Topological engineering of mode-locked fibre lasers: NALM/NALM2 technologies
Author(s): A. V. Ivanenko; A. Y. Kokhanovsky; M. D. Gervaziev; S. V. Smirnov; S. M. Kobtsev; S. K. Turitsyn
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Combined model of laser rate equation and Ginzburg-Landau equation for pulsed thulium-doped fiber laser
Author(s): Haoyu Zhang; Chengyu Li; Honghuan Lin; Yue Li; Feng Jing
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An all-reflective transient-grating based self-referenced spectral interferometry device for few-cycle laser pulses characterization
Author(s): Zhe Si; Jingxin Zhu; Lei Lin; Xiong Shen; Lihua Bai; Jun Liu
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Intense broadband optical-vortex pulses generation using a hollow core fiber
Author(s): Lei Lin; Peng Wang; Jun Liu
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High-power laser beam use in material connection
Author(s): Hongwei Sun; Kang Zhao
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