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Electro-Optical Remote Sensing XII
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Volume Number: 10796
Date Published: 16 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10796
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Influence of the obscurants and the illumination wavelengths on a range-gated active imaging system performance
Author(s): F. Christnacher; J.-M. Poyet; E. Bacher; N. Metzger; S. Schertzer; J.-R. Simard
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Mitigation of crosstalk effects in multi-LiDAR configurations
Author(s): Axel L. Diehm; Marcus Hammer; Marcus Hebel; Michael Arens
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Novel high-energy short-pulse laser diode source for 3D lidar systems
Author(s): C. Canal; A. Laugustin; A. Kohl; O. Rabot
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Panoramic single‑photon counting 3D lidar
Author(s): Markus Henriksson; Lars Allard; Per Jonsson
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A dual-frequency coherent noise lidar for robust range-Doppler measurements
Author(s): Daniel Onori; José Azaña
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Portable bi-λ SWIR/NIR GV gated viewing system for surveillance and security applications
Author(s): F. Christnacher; E. Bacher; N. Metzger; S. Schertzer; Y. Lutz; J.-M. Poyet; M. Laurenzis
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Shadows in laser imaging and mapping
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Lars Sjökvist; Per Jonsson; Sten Edström
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Compressive sensing for active imaging in SWIR spectral range
Author(s): Gabriela Paunescu; Peter Lutzmann; Daniel Wegner
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Software defined multifunction LIDAR
Author(s): Peter D. Kightley; Matthew J. Croydon
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Comparative assessment of different active imaging technologies for imaging through obscurants
Author(s): Philip Soan; Mark Silver; John Parsons; Patrick Feneyrou; Aude Martin; Rachael Tobin; Aongus McCarthy; Abderrahim Halimi; Susan Chan; Ken McEwan; Junayd Miah; Ben Stewart; Jonathan Leach; Gerald Buller
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Extending the 3D range of a short-wave infrared laser-gated viewing system capable of correlated double sampling
Author(s): Benjamin Göhler; Peter Lutzmann
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Development of inkjet-deposited test standards for optical sensors
Author(s): Raphael Moon; Kevin Hung; Erik Roese; Ashish Tripathi; Erik Emmons; Augustus W. Fountain III; Joy Ginter; Amanda Dubbs; Jason Guicheteau
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Application of nonlinear voxel distribution grid for computational speed-up for linear tomosynthesis reconstruction
Author(s): D. G. Kovtun; E. B. Gorbunova; A. A. Alikhanov; A. M. Apekov; A. O. Belyaev; A. S. Boldyreff; A. V. Ugolkov
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Computational sensing approaches for enhanced active imaging
Author(s): Martin Laurenzis
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Error-free coding of range gates for super-resolution three-dimensional imaging
Author(s): Martin Laurenzis; Emmanuel Bacher; Frank Christnacher
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Persistent surveillance with small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV): a feasibility study
Author(s): Ohood Al Nuaimi; Omar Almelhi; Abdulrahman Almarzooqi; Abdullah Al Saadi Al Mansoori; Slim Sayadi; Issacniwas Swamidoss
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Research and development of a high-energy radiation imaging system based on SiPM and coding aperture
Author(s): Anna V. Vasileva; Aleksandr S. Vasilev
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A novel jamming suppression method for spaceborne multi-channel synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Xingji Tang; Xianbin Li III; Li Zhang IV; Zhongwei Chen V; Xiaohong Lin II
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Robust monocular model-based pose tracking of markerless rigid objects
Author(s): Gang Wang; Hongliang Zhang; Xiaochun Liu; Zhang Li
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Visual tracker fusion and outlier detection on thermal image sequences
Author(s): Sebastian Thome; Norbert Scherer-Negenborn; Michael Arens
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Numerical modeling and measurement of polydimethylsiloxane deformation with fiber Bragg grating sensor
Author(s): Pavel Mec; Marcel Fajkus; Jan Nedoma; Martin Stolarik; Stanislav Zabka; Martin Novak; Radek Martinek
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Application of FBG in the experimental measurements of structural elements deformation from cement composites
Author(s): Pavel Mec; Martin Stolarik; Stanislav Zabka; Martin Novak
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Deformation sensor composed of fiber Bragg grating and the strain gauge for use in civil engineering
Author(s): Marcel Fajkus; Jan Nedoma; Miroslav Pinka; Pavel Mec; Martin Novak; Stanislav Zabka
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Similarity-transform invariant similarity measure for robust template matching
Author(s): Cong Sun; Shengyi Chen; Mengna Jia; Haibo Liu; Xiangyi Sun; Qifeng Yu
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Influence analysis of the projection forming method on the reconstruction quality in the digital tomosynthesis
Author(s): A. O. Belyaev; A. S. Boldyreff; E. B. Gorbunova; D. G. Kovtun
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