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Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere XXIII
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Volume Number: 10786
Date Published: 11 December 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10786
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Validation activities for the level 2 geophysical products of the EUMETSAT Polar System-Second Generation (EPS-SG) visible/infrared imager (METimage)
Author(s): L. Spezzi; R. Borde; P. L. Phillips; P. Schlüssel; P. D. Watts
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Strategies for shortwave radiances comparison of CERES instruments aboard the JPSS1 and Terra/Aqua satellites
Author(s): Z. Peter Szewczyk; Susan Thomas; Kory J. Priestley
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High-resolution satellite aerosol optical depth retrieval and its variability over highly industrialized hotspots in the Po Valley, Italy
Author(s): Simone Lolli; Luciano Alparone; Muhammad Bilal; Andrea Garzelli; Gemine Vivone
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Evaluation of rainfall forecasts combining GNSS precipitable water vapor with ground and remote sensing meteorological variables in a neural network approach
Author(s): P. Benevides; João Catalão; Giovanni Nico; Pedro M. A. Miranda
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Information content analysis for a novel TES-based hyperspectral microwave atmospheric sounding instrument
Author(s): Prateek Kumar Dongre; Stephan Havemann; Peter Hargrave ; Angiola Orlando; Rashmikant Sudiwala; Stafford Withington; Chris Thomas; David Goldie
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SHARC method for fast atmospheric correction of hyperspectral data
Author(s): Leonid V. Katkovsky; Anton O. Martenov; Volha A. Siliuk; Dimitry A. Ivanov
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Comparing reflection signatures in radio occultation measurements using the full spectrum inversion and phase matching methods
Author(s): Thomas Sievert; Joel Rasch; Anders Carlström; Mats I. Pettersson; Viet Vu
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Smart Air Quality Network for spatial high-resolution monitoring in urban area
Author(s): J. Redelstein; M. Budde; J. Cyrys; S. Emeis; T. Gratza; H. Grimm; M. Hank; S. Hinterreiter; C. Münkel; M. Pesch; E. Petersen; A. Philipp; T. Riedel; J. Riesterer; K. Schäfer; J. Schnelle-Kreis; U. Uhrner; J. Werhahn; V. Ziegler; M. Beigl
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Potential sources of reactive gases for the West of Moscow Oblast
Author(s): K. A. Shukurov; A. N. Borovski; A. V. Dzhola; E. I. Grechko; O. V. Postylyakov; Y. Kanaya
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Sensing of parameters of lightning discharges on the South of the European part of Russia
Author(s): Aida A. Adzhieva; Vitaliy A. Shapovalov; Anton S. Boldyrev; Dmitry A. Bespalov
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Four years of IASI CO2, CH4, N2O retrievals: validation with in situ observations from the Mauna Loa station
Author(s): Guido Masiello; Carmine Serio; Sara Venafra; Giuliano Liuzzi; Claude Camy-Peyret
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Climatology of aerosol optical depth at mid-continental US site: ground-based observations
Author(s): Evgueni Kassianov; Justin Monroe; Laura Riihimaki; Connor Flynn; Erol Cromwell; Gary Hodges; Allison McComiskey
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A first measurement of the planetary boundary layer top in Cali-Colombia: elastic LiDAR application
Author(s): Jonnathan Céspedes; Carlos Andrés Melo-Luna; John H. Reina
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Aerosol profile measurements in the coastal zone of Antarctica: instrumentation and preliminary results
Author(s): I. Bruchkouski; A. Krasouski; L. Turishev; S. Umreika; A. Elokhov; O. Postylyakov; Y. Wang
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Shallow cumulus macrophysical properties at midcontinental US site: integrated multiyear active and passive observations
Author(s): Evgueni Kassianov; Erin A. Riley; Jessica M. Kleiss; Laura Riihimaki; Charles N. Long; Victor Morris; Larry K. Berg
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Qualification of a new short-term cloud forecasting method for the optimization of Earth observation satellite programs
Author(s): Guillaume Roussel; Olivier Liandrat; Sylvain Cros; Mathieu Turpin; Serge Rainjonneau
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Calculation of cirrus clouds backscattering for lidar studies within the physical optics approximation
Author(s): Alexander V. Konoshonkin; Natalia V. Kustova; Anatoli G. Borovoi; Victor A. Shishko; Dmitriy N. Timofeev
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Upper air meteorological elements and rainfall over Salem
Author(s): Rajasri Sen Jaiswal; Neela V. S.; M. Rasheed; K. Thirumala Lakshmi; M. Mukundan; M. Siva
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Spatio-temporal distribution of rainfall and aerosols over urban areas of Karnataka
Author(s): Sinan Nizar; B. M. Dodamani
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On development of cross-platform software to continue long-term observations with the Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer
Author(s): Vladimir V. Savinykh; Oleg V. Postylyakov
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Standards VDI 4211 and VDI 4212 on passive FTIR and DOAS remote sensing techniques
Author(s): Norbert Höfert; Klaus Schäfer; Andreas Richter; Konradin Weber; Peter Maas
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Development status of optical imaging technology in scattering media
Author(s): Linfeng Zhang; Xuemin Cheng; Qun Hao
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Thin semitransparent cloud removal in the coastal area of the South China Sea using an atmospheric correction method
Author(s): Zheng Wang; Zhihua Mao; Liangliang Shi; Xiaojuan Li; Yiwei Zhang; Difeng Wang; Zengzhou Hao; Qiankun Zhu
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Study of influence of ice crystals orientation in cirrus on solar radiation transmission
Author(s): Ignaty V. Samokhvalov; Sergey V. Zuev; Valentina V. Bryukhanova; Ilia D. Bryukhanov; Ivan V. Zhivotenyuk; Eugene V. Nie; Alexander V. Konoshonkin
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Analysis of climate change caused by aerosol-cloud-radiaton interaction
Author(s): M. Nakata
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Low-level jet observational study for the Brazilian nuclear reactor region
Author(s): Cássia M. L. Beu; Felipe D. C. Espindola; Eduardo Landulfo
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Characteristics of lightning activity in the North Caucasus according to the LS 8000 from 2009 to 2016
Author(s): Aida A. Adzhieva; Vitaliy A. Shapovalov; Anton S. Boldyrev; Vladimir V. Ignatyev
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