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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XX
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Volume Number: 10783
Date Published: 8 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10783
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Validation of vegetation biophysical parameters derived from Sentinel-2A over an agricultural study site located in Canada (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Najib Djamai; Richard Fernandes; Heather McNairn; Kalifa Goïta
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Using Sentinel-1 SAR data for crop phenological development monitoring associated with Sentinel 2 data in Rio Verde–GO (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Lucas Macedo; Fernando Sh Kawakubo
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Random forest classification using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 series for vegetation monitoring in the Pays de Brest (France)
Author(s): Simona Niculescu Sr.; Antoine Billey; Halima Talab-Ou-Ali Jr.
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Combining Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 images to monitor irrigation in sugar cane
Author(s): Gustavo Ferreira de Souza; Philippe Maillard; Renan Santos Florentino; José Geraldo Esteves Machado Filho; Lorena Avelina Rojas Gutierrez
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A novel blending algorithm for satellite-derived high resolution spatio-temporal normalized difference vegetation index
Author(s): Aanchal Goyal; Ranjini B. Guruprasad
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Estimating above ground biomass for eucalyptus plantation using data from unmanned aerial vehicle imagery
Author(s): Sitthisak Moukomla; Panu Srestasathiern; Suramongkon Siripon; Rattawat Wasuhiranyrith; Phalakorn Kooha
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Below-canopy UAS photogrammetry for stem measurement in radiata pine plantation
Author(s): Sean Krisanski; Barbara Del Perugia; Mohammad Sadegh Taskhiri; Paul Turner
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COTS UAV-borne multispectral system for vegetation monitoring
Author(s): Taras Kazantsev; Viktor Shevchenko; Oksana Bondarenko; Mykhailo Furier; Andre Samberg; Fevzi Ametov; Valerii Iakovenko
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Flood risk assessment based on LiDAR and UAV points clouds and DEM
Author(s): Miro Govedarica; Gordana Jakovljević; Flor Álvarez-Taboada
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Landscape heterogeneity around flux measurement stations investigated through Sentinel-2 and PROBA-V satellite imagery
Author(s): J. M. Barrios; F. Gellens-Meulenberghs; F. Hamdi; S. Wieneke; I. Janssens; M. Balzarolo
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Rain use efficiency changes and its effects on land surface phenology in the Songnen Plain, Northeast China
Author(s): Fang Huang; Ping Wang; Shuai Chang; Bo Li
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MODIS satellite data for estimating actual evapotranspiration in Bulgaria (2000-2014)
Author(s): Tanya Vasileva; Roumen Nedkov; Denitsa Borisova; Dimitar Sholev
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Evaluating the potential of Sentinel-2 MSI and Landsat-8 OLI data fusion for land cover mapping in Brazilian Amazon
Author(s): Norma Beltrão; Ana Teodoro
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Phenotyping studies of wheat by multispectral image analysis
Author(s): Ole K. Grindbakken; Bless Kufoalor; Aleksander Hykkerud; Morten Lillemo; Ingunn Burud
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Comparative canopy cover estimation using RGB images from UAV and ground
Author(s): Jose A. Fernandez-Gallego; Shawn C. Kefauver; Samir Kerfal; José L. Araus
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Smartphone-based application for agricultural remote technical assistance and estimation of visible vegetation index to farmer in Colombia: AgroTIC
Author(s): Ariolfo Camacho; Henry Arguello
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Multivariety sugarcane sucrose estimation using a combination of spectral and agrotechnology methods
Author(s): Yu Zhao; Diego D. D. Justina; Junyitiro Watanabe; Jansle Viera Rocha; Paulo Graziano; Rubens Augusto Camargo Lamparelli
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Automatic wheat ear counting in-field conditions: simulation and implication of lower resolution images
Author(s): Jose A. Fernandez-Gallego; Shawn C. Kefauver; Nieves Aparicio Gutiérrez; Maria Teresa Nieto-Taladriz; José L. Araus
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Flood risk assessment of Chervonograd mining-industrial district
Author(s): Y. Starodub; V. Karabyn; A. Havrys; I. Shainogal; A. Samberg
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Satellite-based cover management factor assessment for soil water erosion in the Alps
Author(s): Marco Gianinetto; Martina Aiello; Renata Vezzoli; Francesco Rota Nodari; Francesco Polinelli; Federico Frassy; Maria Cristina Rulli; Giovanni Ravazzani; Daniele Bocchiola; Andrea Soncini; Davide Danilo Chiarelli; Corrado Passera; Chiara Corbari
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Rice height and biomass estimations using multitemporal SAR Sentinel-1: Camargue case study
Author(s): Emile Ndikumana; Dinh Ho Tong Minh; Dang Nguyen Hai Thu; Nicolas Baghdadi; Dominique Courault; Laure Hossard; Ibrahim El Moussawi
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Vegetation monitoring with satellite time series: an integrated approach for user-oriented knowledge extraction
Author(s): Gohar Ghazaryan; Olena Dubovyk; Valerie Graw; Jürgen Schellberg
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Trend of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) over Turkey
Author(s): Sinan Jasim Hadi; Mustafa Tombul; Omar F. Althuwaynee
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Application of remote sensing data for a wetland ecosystem services assessment in the area of Negovan village
Author(s): Kameliya Radeva; Roumen Nedkov; Adlin Dancheva
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Temporal and spatial aggregation of the normalized difference vegetation index for the prediction of rice yields
Author(s): W. Suijker; E. Aparicio Medrano
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Unmixing-based approach as a tool for classification of oil palm diseases using hyperspectral remote sensing in Colombia
Author(s): Ariolfo Camacho; Hector Vargas; Henry Arguello
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Remote sensing based indices for drought assessment in the east mediterranean region
Author(s): Eleni Loulli; Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
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Thermal sharpening of Landsat-8 TIRS surface temperatures for inland water bodies based on different VNIR land cover classifications
Author(s): Katharina Fricke; Adriana Alcalá Canales; Anna Sperl; Björn Baschek
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Assessment of agricultural drought by remote sensing technique
Author(s): Abhishek A. Pathak; B. M. Dodamani
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The São Francisco floodplain project: determination of the floodplain terrain using water level data and multi-source satellite imagery
Author(s): Philippe Maillard; Marília F. Gomes; Évelyn M. Pôssa; Lília M. Oliveira; Ramille Araújo Soares de Paula; Jessica Carvalho Vianna Có
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On water surface delineation in rivers using Landsat-8, Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data
Author(s): Évelyn M Pôssa; Phillipe Maillard; Marília F. Gomes; Igor Silva Marques Silva; Guilherme de Oliveira Leão
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Evaluation of different InSAR multi-baseline construction methods over a dam in southern Italy
Author(s): Claudia Pipitone; Antonino Maltese; Gino Dardanelli; Fulvio Capodici; Jan-Peter Muller; Goffredo La Loggia
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Network-based flow accumulation for point clouds: Facet-Flow Networks (FFN)
Author(s): Aljoscha Rheinwalt; Bodo Bookhagen
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BLUEWATER EYE: using satellite as a low cost water pollution sensor: analytics for deriving long term pollution insights based on mapping water turbidity
Author(s): Sukanya Randhawa; Ranjini B. Guruprasad; Srinivas Rao Balivada; Priyank Hirani; Supratik Guha
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Assessment of biological and physic chemical water quality parameters using Landsat 8 time series
Author(s): Gordana Jakovljević; Miro Govedarica; Flor Álvarez-Taboada
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NDVI/EVI monitoring in forest areas to assessment the climate change effects in Hungarian Great Plain from 2000
Author(s): Ferenc Kovács
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Forest stock assessment using IRS1C data and principal component analysis of Kalsi soil conservation division, Dehradun (India)
Author(s): Prateek Srivastava; Santosh Birman II; Shachi Pandey III
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Application of SAR and optical data from Sentinel satellites for spatial-temporal analysis of the flood in the region of Bregovo-Bulgaria, 11/03/2018
Author(s): Andrey Stoyanov; Denitsa Borisova; Kameliya Radeva
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Palm trees detecting and counting from high-resolution WorldView-3 satellite images in United Arab Emirates
Author(s): A. AlMaazmi
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Assessment of the capability of precision paddy field area and crop classification monitoring using drone and smart farm map
Author(s): Jin-Ki Park; Dong-Ho Lee; Heong-Seup Shin; Jong-Hwa Park
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Mapping the spatial distribution of highland kimchi cabbage growth based on unmanned aerial vehicle
Author(s): Sang-il Na; Chan-won Park; Kyu-ho So; Ho-yong Ahn; Kyung-do Lee
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Development of field scale model for estimating barley growth based on UAV NDVI and meteorological factors
Author(s): Chan-won Park; Sang-il Na; Kyu-ho So; Ho-yong Ahn; Kyung-do Lee
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The study of the vortex trace of unmanned multicopters
Author(s): Valery P. Asovsky; Alla S. Kuzmenko
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Development of drought index using drone imagery in South Korea
Author(s): Dong-Ho Lee; Jin-Ki Park; Jong-Hwa Park
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Ground validation of GPM IMERG rainfall products over the Capital Circle in Northeast China on rainstorm monitoring
Author(s): Wei Sun; Yonghua Sun; Youquan Zhang; Qi Qiu; Tao Wang; Yanbing Wang
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Evaluation of soil moisture estimated from IASI measurements
Author(s): Daniel K. Zhou; Allen M. Larar; Xu Liu
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High resolution mapping of soil moisture in agriculture based on Sentinel-1 interferometric data
Author(s): Vasco Conde; João Catalão; Giovanni Nico; Pedro Benevides
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Multitemporal soil moisture monitoring by use of optical remote sensing data in a dike relocation area
Author(s): Kathrin Wagner; Sascha E. Oswald; Annett Frick
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Land degradation assessment of agricultural zone and its causes: a case study in Mongolia
Author(s): Byambakhuu Gantumur; Falin Wu; Battsengel Vandansambuu; Tsogtdulam Munaa; Fareda Itiritiphan; Yan Zhao
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Infrared reflectance factor of various asphalts
Author(s): Andreas Baumgartner; Simon Amann; Christoph Müller; Alois Herkommer; Martin Dressel; Sina Fella
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Applicability of digital color imaging for monitoring nitrogen uptake and fertilizer requirements in crops
Author(s): Arkadi Zilberman; Jiftah Ben Asher; Shlomo Sarig; Mordecai Dudai; Eli Shlevin; Natan S. Kopeika
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Analysis of crop condition during monsoon season using multispectral and polarimetric SAR images
Author(s): Sanjit Maitra
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Remote sensing for assessing soil erosion susceptibility of the lesser Himalayan watershed by Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) of morphometry, hypsometry, and land cover
Author(s): Shachi Pandey; Parmanand Kumar; Vijendra Pal Panwar
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Remote sensing and GIS combination to evaluate the ecosystems' conditions in "Serras do Porto"
Author(s): S. Mendes; R. Almeida; L. Duarte; A. C. Teodoro
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Forest land cover phenologies and their relation to climatic variables in a Carpathian Mountains region
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Dan M. Savastru; Ionel R. Popa; Adrian I. Dida
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Comparison of scoring, matching, SMCE and geographically weighted regression In malaria vulnerability spatial modelling using satellite imagery: an Indonesian example
Author(s): Prima Widayani; Projo Danoedoro
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Destriping methods for high resolution satellite multispectral remote sensing image based on GPU adaptive partitioning technology
Author(s): Xue Yang; Feng Li II; Lei Xin III; Cheng Wang III; XiaoYong Wang; Xing Chang
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Estimating of rice crop yield in Thailand using satellite data
Author(s): J. Nontasiri; J. Dash; G. Roberts
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