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2017 Radioelectronic Systems Conference
Editor(s): Adam Kawalec; ANDRZEJ WITCZAK
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Volume Number: 10715
Date Published: 31 May 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10715
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Interception and combat of cruise missiles by “Grom” MANPADS
Author(s): Janusz Noga; Zbigniew Puzewicz; Krzysztof Motyl; Konrad Sienicki; Bogdan Zygmunt
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Phase-difference positioning in asynchronous system
Author(s): Jaroslaw Sadowski
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Analysis of conical corrugated horn antenna operating with high power pulses
Author(s): Adam Raniszewski; Wojciech Żelzako
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Circular antenna array based on small cavity-backed slot antennas for wireless battlefield sensor applications
Author(s): Paweł Cała; Piotr Słobodzian
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Numerical and experimental assessment of Vlasov antenna performance for high power microwave applications
Author(s): Robert Borowiec; Piotr Słobodzian
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Immunity of medical electrical equipment to radiated RF disturbances
Author(s): Jan Mocha; Dariusz Wójcik; Maciej Surma
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Spectral analysis of major heart tones
Author(s): W. Lejkowski; A. P. Dobrowolski; K. Majka; R. Olszewski
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Parasitic modes in oven magnetron
Author(s): Martyna Woźniak; Emil Szkop; Michał Rychlewski; Andrzej Różycki; Dariusz Baczewski; Mariusz Błażejewicz; Dariusz Laskowski
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Noise analysis in numerical modeling of crossed fields microwave tubes
Author(s): Mariusz Błażejewicz; Martyna Woźniak; Emil Szkop; Andrzej Różycki; Michał Rychlewski; Dariusz Baczewski ; Dariusz Laskowski
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Evaluation of jamming efficiency for the protection of a single ground object
Author(s): Jan Matuszewski
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A method to improve the range resolution in stepped frequency continuous wave radar
Author(s): Paweł Kaczmarek
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Acoustic direction finding using multi-dimensional Fourier transform
Author(s): Jan Mazur
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Ground penetrating radar data processing using Akaike information criterion
Author(s): Jacek Jendo
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Fusion of identification information from ELINT-ESM sensors
Author(s): Tadeusz Pietkiewicz; Bronisław Wajszczyk
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The concept of the radar environment simulator software
Author(s): Bronisław Wajszczyk; Krzysztof Motyl; Konrad Sienicki
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Optimization of the efficiency of search operations in the relational database of radio electronic systems
Author(s): Bronisław Wajszczyk; Konrad Biernacki
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Matched filter module as an application of modern FPGA in radar systems
Author(s): Michał Knioła; Adam Kawalec
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Application of CUDA computing technology for digital antenna beam forming
Author(s): Tomasz Rogala; Adam Kawalec; Marcin Szugajew
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High-speed object detection methods
Author(s): Marta Okoń-Fafara; Adam Kawalec
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Azimuth estimator for a rotating array radar with wide beam
Author(s): Michał Meller; Kamil Stawiarski; Bartosz Pikacz
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Ammonothermal GaN substrates for microwave electronics and energoelectronics
Author(s): R. Kucharski; M. Zając; K. Grabiańska; A. Gwardys-Bąk; A. Puchalski; Michal Boćkowski
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GaN HEMT power amplifier for radar waveforms
Author(s): Dawid Kuchta; Wojciech Wojtasiak
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