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Illumination Optics V
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Volume Number: 10693
Date Published: 29 June 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10693
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design of an optical refocusing illumination system for use in laser-scanning devices
Author(s): L. Smeesters; W. Meulebroeck; H. Thienpont
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Prescribed intensity patterns from extended sources by means of a wavefront-matching procedure
Author(s): Simone Sorgato; Julio Chaves; Rubén Mohedano; Maikel Hernández; José Blen; Dejan Grabovickic; Hugo Thienpont; Fabian Duerr
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Etendue conserving light shaping using microlens arrays with irregular lenslets
Author(s): Chen Li; Peter Schreiber; Dirk Michaelis; Christoph Wächter; Stephanie Fischer; Uwe D. Zeitner
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CSLM illumination for 1D and 2D encoded holographic 3D displays
Author(s): G. Fütterer
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Designing two freeform surfaces with Monge–Ampère equation method for point-like sources
Author(s): Rengmao Wu; Shengqian Chang; Zhanghao Ding; Zhenrong Zheng
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Solving the Monge-Ampère equation on triangle-meshes for use in optical freeform design
Author(s): Rolf Wester; Annika Völl; Michael Berens; Jochen Stollenwerk; Peter Loosen
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Application of the multiple Cartesian oval method for glass lens design
Author(s): Ulf Geyer; Ansgar Hellwig; Thomas Heßling; Marc C. Hübner
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Monge-Ampère type equations for freeform illumination optics
Author(s): J. H. M. ten Thije Boonkkamp; L. B. Romijn II; N. K. Yadav II; W. L. IJzerman
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Irradiance and phase control with two freeform surfaces using partial differential equations
Author(s): Christoph Bösel; Johannes Hartung; Herbert Gross
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Freeform road lighting lens design
Author(s): Zexin Feng; Dewen Cheng; Yongtian Wang
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Design of a freeform, luminance spreading illumination lens with a continuous surface
Author(s): Karel Desnijder; Ward Deketelaere; Michael Vervaeke; Hugo Thienpont; Peter Hanselaer; Youri Meuret
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Design of two-dimensional waveguide head-up display
Author(s): Luo Gu; Dewen Cheng; Weihong Hou; Yongtian Wang
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Modeling of free-form optical surfaces for forming required light distribution
Author(s): Anna Voznesenskaya; Iana Mazur
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Free-form optics for non-idealized light sources in 3D: a phase-space approach
Author(s): Annika Völl; Rolf Wester; Paul Buske; Michael Berens; Jochen Stollenwerk; Peter Loosen
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Illumination optics of LED luminaires
Author(s): M. C. J. M. Vissenberg
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Methods to precisely generate arbitrary spectra using multi-coloured LED light engines
Author(s): Aleix Llenas; Josep Carreras
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Recent discoveries in the rich landscape of aplanatic optics
Author(s): Daniel Feuermann; Heylal Mashaal; Jeffrey M. Gordon
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Opto-thermal simulation model for optimizing laser-excited remote phosphor systems
Author(s): Elisavet Chatzizyrli; Nadine Tinne; Roland Lachmayer; Jörg Neumann; Dietmar Kracht
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Problems of using the PMA adaptive mesh method in lens-array design for LED signal lighting
Author(s): Mahmoud Essameldin; Friedrich Fleischmann; Thomas Henning
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Optical realization and calibration of a light field generator
Author(s): Johannes Meyer; Thomas Längle; Jürgen Beyerer
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User evaluation study on illumination requirements to design an augmented reality projector for open liver surgery
Author(s): Shivaraman Ilango; Marvin Knöchelmann; Lüder Alexander Kahrs; Alexander Wolf; Tobias Ortmaier; Roland Lachmayer
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Development of LED lighting system for pressurized water reactor
Author(s): Radda A. Iureva; Andrei S. Timko; Nadezhda K. Maltseva
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Optimization of prismatic light extraction elements in automotive signal or ambience lighting
Author(s): Thomas L. R. Davenport
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Automotive interior illumination: challenges and requirements
Author(s): Robert Isele; Roland Neumann; Karlheinz Blankenbach
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On a partially color corrected illumination system
Author(s): Holger Weigand; Sascha Heib
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Modeling of LED scheme for street lighting on the basis of chip-on-board scheme
Author(s): Anna Voznesenskaya; Galina Romanova; Xuanlin Qiao
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Design of single and two-lens laser flat-top reshaping systems
Author(s): Maria Orekhova; Anna Voznesenskaya; Galina Romanova
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Efficient methods of BSDF reconstruction from the micro-relief dataset for the lighting simulation tasks
Author(s): Dmitry D. Zhdanov; Sergey Ershov; Igor S. Potemin; Vladimir Galaktionov; Nikolay N. Bogdanov
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Optimization based on reconstruction of volume scattering medium parameters
Author(s): Vadim G. Sokolov; Dmitry D. Zhdanov; Igor S. Potemin; Boris Barladian; Nikolay N. Bogdanov
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Calculation and computer modeling of radiation-tolerant LED luminaire
Author(s): Elena S. Starostina; Oleg A. Perezyabov; Nadezhda K. Maltseva
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