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Optical Fibers in Medicine IV
Editor(s): Abraham Katzir

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Volume Number: 1067
Date Published: 15 June 1989

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The Outlook For Medical Lasers: The New Technologies
Author(s): Irving J. Arons
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Dual Wavelength Catheter-Type Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor
Author(s): Marek T. Wlodarczyk
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Fiberoptic Temperature Sensors In The Medical Setting
Author(s): Mei H. Sun; Kenneth A. Wickersheim; James Kim
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Dual-Clad (Coat) Pure Silica Optical Fibers For Biosensors/Endoscopes
Author(s): B. J. Skutnik; J. P. Clarkin; R. E. Hille
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Fiber Optic Immunochemical Sensors For Continuous Monitoring Of Hapten Concentrations
Author(s): W. Greg Miller; F. Philip Anderson
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Optical pH Measurements In Blood
Author(s): M. Yafuso; S. A. Arick; D. Hansmann; M. Holody; W. W. Miller; C. F. Yan; K. Mahutte
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Sensitivity Analysis Of Evanescent Fiber Optic Sensors
Author(s): Jinyu Wang; D. Christensen; E. Brynda; J. Andrade; J. Ives; J-N Lin
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Phase Structure Modulation Of Fluorescent Lipid Membranes For Selective Chemical Transduction
Author(s): Ulrich J. Krull; John D. Brennan; R. Stephen Brown; Elaine T. Vandenberg
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In Vivo Measurement Of Blood Oxygen Saturation By Analysis Of Whole Blood Reflectance Spectra
Author(s): A. Hoeft; H. Korb; J. Steinmann; R. DeVivie
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Determination Of Central Blood Volume And Extravascular Lung Water By A Double Fiberoptic Device
Author(s): H. Korb; J. Bock; A. Hoeft; R. DeVivie
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Improved Infrared Fiberoptic Radiometer For Thermometry In Electromagnetic Induced Heating
Author(s): A. Zur; A. Yekuel; S. Drizlikh; H. F. Bowman; A. Katzir; C. R. Valeri
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Zirconium Fluoride Glass Fiber Radiometer For Low Temperature Measurements.
Author(s): Serge R. Mordon; Bruno Buys; Jean-Marc Brunetaud; Yves Moschetto
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Temperature Measurement Of Laser Heated Biological Tissue
Author(s): M. Dumont; M. Madden; E. Sinofsky
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Factors Influencing The Depth Of Penetration Of He-Ne Laser In Whole Blood
Author(s): S. C. Tjin; D. Kilpatrick
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A Fiberoptic Temperature Sensor And Control System For Laser Thermal Angioplasty
Author(s): Vahid Saadatmanesh; Hany M. G Hussein
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Fluorescence Spectra Of Normal And Atherosclerotic Human Aorta: Optimum Discriminant Analysis
Author(s): Richard J. Crilly; Stephen Gunther; Massoud Motamedi; Ramon Berguer; J. Richard Spears
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Evaluation Of Spectral Discriminant Functions For Guidance Of Laser Angioplasty
Author(s): Kenneth M. O'Brien; Arthur F. Gmitro; Gene R. Gindi; Mark L. Stetz; Francis W. Cutruzzola; Lawrence I. Laifer; Lawrence I. Deckelbaum
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Dosimetry Of Plaque Ablation Using Thermal And Thermal-Optical Probe Systems
Author(s): Ross G. Hoffman; George S. Abela; Stephan E. Friedl; Bahram Hojjatie; Gerald R. Barbeau
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Effects Of Holmium-YSGG Laser Irradiation On Arterial Tissue: Preliminary Results
Author(s): H. Thomas Aretz; John R Butterly; Edward R. Jewell; Suzanne E Setzer; Stanley M. Shapshay
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Modified Fiber Tip Laser Angioplasty In An Atherosclerotic Swine Model.
Author(s): Christopher J. White; Stephen R. Ramee; Michael Aita; Gene Samson; Alan K. Banks; Mary Beth Michaels; Tim Reeves; Herman L. Price; Robert E. Goldstein
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CO Laser Angioplasty Using Contact Irradiation
Author(s): T. Arai; M. Nakagawa; M. Kikuchi; K. Mizuno; A. Miyamoto; Y. Okamoto; T Shibuya; K Satomura; K Arakawa; K Horiuchi; K. Isojima; A Kurita; H Nakamura; A. Utsumi; K. Takeuchi; M. Katoh
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Percutaneous Excimer Laser Angioplasty In Humans
Author(s): T. Goldenberg; W B. Anderson; S H. Kupfer; H L. Narciso; S. Shaolian; J B. Laudenslager; F. Litvack; W S. Grundfest; L. Adler; J. Forrester
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Clinical Problems In Pulmonary Angioscopy
Author(s): Deborah Shure
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Clinical Problems In Coronary Angioscopy
Author(s): C. Todd Sherman
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Development Of Super High Density Packed Image Guide
Author(s): M. Mogi; K. Yoshimura
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New Ultrathin Needle Scope Used For Diagnosis Of Small Parts
Author(s): T. Tsumanuma; T. Tanaka; K. Seto; K. Sanada; K. Inada
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Visualization In Human Coronary Artery By 5F Balloon Catheter Endoscope
Author(s): T. Arai; M. Nakagawa; M. Kikuchi; K. Mizuno; A Miyamoto; Y. Okamoto; T. Shibuya; K, Satomura; K Arakawa; K Horiuchi; K. Isojima; A Kurita; H. Nakamura; A. Utsumi; K Takeuchi; M. Katoh
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Ball-Tip Fibres For Laser Angioplasty: Comparison Of Wavelengths From A Pulsed Neodymium-Yag Laser.
Author(s): Jonathan A. Michaels; Frank W. Cross; Timothy J. Bowker; Stephen G. Bown
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Quantitative Endovascular Angioscopy
Author(s): Stephan E. Friel; George S. Abela; Takanobu Tomaru; Gerald R. Barbeau; Royce A. Haley
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UV-Beam Guide For Medical Excimer Lasers
Author(s): U. Kubo; Y. Hashishin; K. Okada
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High Strength, Hard-Coated All Silica Optical Fiber For Laser Surgery
Author(s): B. J. Skutnik; M. H. Hodge; J. P. Clarkin
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Bending Properties Of Large Core Optical Fibers Used For Medical Therapy
Author(s): Sadao Chigira; Tateyuki Oohashi; Kazuo Sanada; Koichi Inada
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Optimization Of The Coupling Of Excimer Laser Radiation (308 nm) Into Q-Q Fibres Ranging From 200-600 µm Core Diameter.
Author(s): H. Kar; J. Helfmann; K. Dorschel; G. Muller; O. Muller; H. Ringelhan; B. Schaldach
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Promising Laser Fiber Systems For Surgery.
Author(s): V. G. Artjushenko; E. M. Dianov; V. I. Konov; M. M. Mirakian; S. I. Nikiforov; A. M. Prokhorov; A. S. Silenok; I. A. Shcherbakov
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Competitive Update: Surgical IR Fibers And Delivery Systems
Author(s): Stephen M. Fry
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Threshold Photodynamic (PDT) Effects For Experimental Colonic Photodynamic Therapy.
Author(s): H. Barr; A. J. MacRobert; P. B. Boulos; C. J. Tralau; S. G. Bown
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The Use Of Multiple Fibreoptic Systems In The Medical Application Of Lasers
Author(s): A. C. Steger; S. G. Bown
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Applications Of Plastic Hollow Fibers In CO2 Laser Surgery
Author(s): I. Kaplan; Sh. Giler; J. Dror; I. Gannot; N. Croitoru
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308nm Laser Ablation Via Fiberoptics: The Influence Of Pressure And Repetition Rate.
Author(s): Thanassis Papaioannou; Weiqiang Shi; Ko Arakawa; Theodore Papazoglou; Frank Litvack; Warren Grundfest
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Optical Fiber Aided Monitoring Of Arterial Wall Ablation By Time Resolved Laser Induced Fluorescence
Author(s): Theodore G. Papazoglou; Warren S. Grundfest; Thanassis Papaioannou; Vasilis Marmarelis; Weiqiang Shi; Ko Arakawa; Frank Litvack
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Endoscopic Photodynamic Therapy: Fiber Optic Delivery For The Treatment Of Esophageal And Bronchial Cancer
Author(s): Thomas S. Mang; Hector R. Nava; Anne-Marie Regal
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Fiberoptic Fluorescence Detection Of Low Level Porphyrin Concentrations In Occult Metastases Of Lymph Nodes
Author(s): Thomas S. Mang; Carolyn McGinnis; William R. Potter
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Low Power Interstitial Laser Hyperthermia - Potential For Clinical Use
Author(s): A. C. Steger; W. R. Lees; S. G. Bown
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Fiber Optic Pulsed Photothermal Radiometry For Urinary Stone Diagnosis
Author(s): Yuichiro Daidoh; Yukikuni Komine; Hiroshi Nakamura; Tsunenori Arai; Masato Nakagawa; Makoto Kikuchi; Satoshi Inazaki; Moriaki Wakaki
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