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Mobile Multimedia/Image Processing, Security, and Applications 2018
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Volume Number: 10668
Date Published: 7 August 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10668
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mathematical aspects of transit photometry for small UAV detection in video
Author(s): Stephen DelMarco; Helen Webb
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Topological data analysis to improve exemplar-based inpainting
Author(s): Ahmed K. Al-Jaberi; Aras Asaad; Sabah A. Jassim; Naseer Al-Jawad
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Colourizing monochrome images
Author(s): Ahmed K. Al-Jaberi; Sabah A. Jassim; Naseer Al-Jawad
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Multi-feature fusion based approach for robust face recognition
Author(s): Almabrok Essa; Vijayan Asari
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Processing global and local features in convolutional neural network (CNN) and primate visual systems
Author(s): Yufeng Zheng; Jun Huang; Tianwen Chen; Yang Ou; Wu Zhou
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Book title recognition for smart library with deep learning
Author(s): Jinshan Tang; Ziming Wang; Liang Lei
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Fixation oriented object segmentation using mobile eye tracker
Author(s): Qianwen Wan; Srijith Rajeev; Aleksandra Kaszowska; Karen Panetta; Holly A. Taylor; Sos Agaian
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Human detection in infrared imagery using intensity distribution, gradient and texture features
Author(s): Hussin K. Ragb; Vijayan K. Asari; Theus H. Aspiras
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Hill climbing-based histogram equalization for camouflage object detection
Author(s): Long Bao; Karen Panetta; Sos Agaian
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Data-independent versus data-dependent dimension reduction for gait-based gender classification
Author(s): Tahir Hassan; Azhin Sabir; Sabah Jassim
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Topological data analysis as image steganalysis technique
Author(s): Rasber D. Rashid; Aras Asaad; Sabah Jassim
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Inpainting using neural network in medical image analysis (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Viacheslav V. Voronin; Gevorg Karapetyan; Sos Agaian
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No-reference color-depth quality measure: CDME
Author(s): Srijith Rajeev; Karen Panetta; Sos S. Agaian
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Multi-view near-Infrared image mosaicking for face detection in smart cities
Author(s): Shreyas Kamath K. M.; Karen Panetta; Sos Agaian
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A novel image enhancement method of 3D medical images by transforming the 3D images to 2D grayscale images
Author(s): Artyom M. Grigoryan; Aparna John; Sos S. Agaian
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Re-coloring of grayscale images: models with aesthetic and golden proportions
Author(s): Artyom M. Grigoryan; Sos S. Agaian
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Face-It-Up: a scientific app for face processing using mobile devices and machine learning APIs
Author(s): Oge Marques; Jhanon James; Emilio Barcelos
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Face description using anisotropic gradient: thermal infrared to visible face recognition
Author(s): Qianwen Wan; Shishir Paramathma Rao; Aleksandra Kaszowska; V. Voronin; Karen Panetta; Holly A. Taylor; Sos Agaian
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