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Laser Surgery: Advanced Characterization, Therapeutics, and Systems
Editor(s): Kazuhiko Atsumi M.D.; Norman R. Goldblatt; Stephen N. Joffe M.D.

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Volume Number: 1066
Date Published: 11 September 1989

Table of Contents
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Synthetic Wavefront Interferometry: Auto-Refraction Keratopography And Pachytopography
Author(s): Larry S. Horwitz; William A. Haas; Kenneth W. Lowe; John Householder
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Synthetic Wavefront Interferometry: Eye Motion Sensor For Clinical Use And HUD Systems
Author(s): Larry S. Horwitz; William A. Haas; John Householder
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Specular Reflection From The Surface Of The Retina
Author(s): Robert W. Knighton; Samuel G. Jacobson; Marisa I. Roman
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Laser Induced Thermal Keratoplasty
Author(s): John Householder; Larry S. Horwitz; Kenneth Lowe; Adolfo Murrillo
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Ablation Of Cataractous Lens Tissue With Carbon Dioxide Laser Radiation
Author(s): L. M. Kukreja
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Photochemical Thrombosis Of Retinal And Choroidal Vessels Using Rose Bengal
Author(s): Mary Lou Lewis; Kirk Winward; Brant D. Watson; Eleut Hernandez
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Tissue Fusion With 1.3 Micron YAG Laser
Author(s): Douglas K. Dew
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Laser Fusion Tissue Repair With CO2 Laser
Author(s): John V. White; Eric Leefmans; Gwendolyn Stewart; Daniel T. Dempsey; Mira Katz; Anthony J. Comerota
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Tissue Fusion With Argon, CO2 And Nd:YAG Lasers; Thermal And Histological Comparison
Author(s): George Kopchok; Rodney A. White; Jerry Vlasak; Geoffrey H. White; Leon Dykhovsky; Warren Grundfest
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Arterial And Venous Anastomoses Using CO2 Laser Energy
Author(s): Walter J. McCarthy; Renee S. Hartz
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Exoscope Update: Automated Laser Welding Of Circumferential Tissue Anastomoses
Author(s): Jude S. Sauer; Kevin P. McGuire; J. Raymond Hinshaw
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CO2 Laser Vascular Welding Of Medium Diameter (4-9mm) Canine Vessels
Author(s): Michael C. Dalsing; Dolores F. Cikrit; Todd S. Weinstein; Stephen G. Lalka; Joseph L. Unthank
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Argon Laser Welding Induces Degradation And Crosslinking Of Extracellular Matrix Protein: A Preliminary Report
Author(s): Lyndon Su; Louann W. Murray; Rodney A. White; George Kopchok; Carol Guthrie; Geoffrey H. White
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Light Irradiation And Response Of The Living Body - Effect Of Pain Relief And Promotion Of Wound Healing -
Author(s): Yoshio Taguchi; Yoshimochi Kurokawa; Itaru Ohara; Hamaichi Ueki; Humio Inaba
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Biostimulation Effect For Rheumatoid Arthritis By Low Power He-Ne Laser
Author(s): Yoshinori Oyamada
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Double Blind Test For Bio-Stimulation Effects On Pain Relief By Diode Laser
Author(s): Norio Saeki; Iwajiro Sembokuva; Kazuo Arakawa; Iwao Fujimasa; Kunihiko Mabuchi; Yusuke Abe; Kazuhiko Atsumi
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Laser-Assisted Microvascular Anastomosis
Author(s): Yoshimochi Kurokawa; Yoshi Taguchi; Itaru Ohara; Shozo Mori
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Creation And Healing Of Vascular Lesions Produced By A Mid-Infrared Laser
Author(s): Mehmet C. Oz; Michael R. Treat; Stephen L. Trokel; Roman Nowygrod
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The Thulium-Holmium-Chromium:YAG Laser: A New Tool For Microvascular Anastomosis
Author(s): Lawrence S. Bass; Michael R. Treat; Carl Dzakonski; James Andrew; Stephen L. Trokel
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Laser Angioplasty With Excimer Laser :Animal Experiment
Author(s): Yuusuke Abe; Tsuneo Chinzei; Kaoru Imanishi; Takumi Yonezawa; Shinichiro Niwa; Koro Yotsuya; Ichiro Sogawa; Takafumi Uemiya; Shinichi Kanazawa; Iwao Fujimasa; Kou Imachi; Masayuki Suzukawa; Kunihiko Mabuchi; Masahiro Asano; Yutaro Tago; Akimasa Kouno; Toshiya Ono; Kazuhiko Atsumi
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Indium Labeled Platelet Deposition Following CO2 Laser Or Surgical Endarterectomy
Author(s): John H. McVicker; Arthur L. Day; James M. Seeger
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Early Clinical Experience With Argon Ion Laser Endarterectomy
Author(s): John Eugene; Yvon Baribeau; Richard A. Ott; Stephen J. McColgan; Michael W. Berns
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New Instruments And Suturing Devices For Surgeries On Gastrointestinal Tract With CO2 Laser Application.
Author(s): O. K. Skobelkin; G. D. Litwin; V. I. Korepanov; M. V. Smoljaninov; A. G. Kirpitchev
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2.15 Micron Laser Welding Of Gallbladder Tissue
Author(s): Michael R. Treat; Mehmet C. Oz; Howard W. Popp
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THC:YAG, Ultrasonic, And Electrohydraulic Gallstone Lithotriptors
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Johnson; Mehmet C. Oz; Michael R. Treat; Roy S. H. Chuck; Stephen L. Trokel
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Modeling Of Laser Ablation And Fragmentation Of Human Calculi
Author(s): S. J. Gitomer; R. D. Jones; C. Howsare
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Red Blood Cell Responses To Pulsed Laser Irradiation
Author(s): Oon Tian Tan; Paul Morrison; Stephen Murray; E. F. MacNichol Jr.
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Non-Scarring Method Of Treatment Of Superficial Blood Vessel Malformations Using The Argon And Argon Tuneable Dye Lasers
Author(s): A. Scheibner
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Minimizing Epidermal Damage In Laser Coagulation Of Superficial Blood Vessels
Author(s): A. Scheibner; R. Rox Anderson
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A Compact Reliable Laser Surgery Instrument
Author(s): Dounan Zhuang; Guiqiu Yu; Taolue Chen
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Photodynamic-Therapy By TPPS Topical Application And Dye-Laser In Basal Cell Carcinoma
Author(s): V. Sacchini; E. Melloni; O. Santoro; R. Marchesini; N. Cascinelli; G. Banctieramonte
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Pharmacokinetics Of Hematoporphyrine Derivative In The Normal And Carcinosarcoma Transplantated Organism
Author(s): G. D. Litwin; R. D. Barabash; M. I. Petukhov; G. G. Ryansky; V. E. Normansky; K. P. Andreeva; A. S. Kolobanov
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CO2 Laser For Radical Incision Of Suppurated Sources In Soft Tissues
Author(s): O. K. Skobelkin; P. I. Tolstyh; V. A. Derbenev
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Investigation Into Pathological Changes Of Biological Cells Subjected '10 Nd YAG Laser Irradiation
Author(s): B. S. Yilbas; Z. Yilbas; E. Karakas; O. Ceyhan; H. B. Ustunbas; M. A. Ozdemir; M. Karatoy
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Evaluation Of The Contact Nd:Yag Laser Therapy For Bladder Cancer
Author(s): Hiroto Washida; Hideki Watanabe; Yukinori Noguchi; Syoichi Sasaki; Takeshi Hori
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Studies On Laserthermia And PDT Using Nd:YAG Laser
Author(s): K. Ina; H. Tsunekawa; M. Sugihara; M. Hotta; N. Mamiya; Y. Watanabe; N. Kanemaki; K. Morise; N. Daikuzono
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Contact Nd:YAG Laser Technique Applied To Head And Neck Reconstructive Surgery
Author(s): Takuo Nobori; Yasuhiro Miyazaki; Ichiro Moriyama; Phakdee Sannikorn; Masaru Ohyama
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Contact Nd:YAG Laser Technique In Endonasal Surgery.
Author(s): Masaru Ohyama; Joji Hirota; Shigeru Furuta; Takuo Nobori
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Laserthermia And New PDT In Neurosurgery
Author(s): T. Sakai; I. Fujishima; K. Sugiyama
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Enhancing Effects Of Nd:YAG Laser On Remineralization Of Incipient Dental Caries
Author(s): Toshio Morioka; Shoko Tagomori
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CO2 Microlaser Treatment For Post Operative Complication Following Radical Middle Ear Surgery
Author(s): Hisao Fujiwara
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Experimental Studies Of Ondoscopic Local Hyperthermia With Nd: YA3 Laser (Laserthermia)
Author(s): Sohtaro Suzuki; Hiruyuki Narumi; Jun Aoki; Takeshi Miwa; Norio Daikuzono
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Study Of Balloon Laserthermia
Author(s): Koichi Futatsuki; Koji Saifuku; Kunio Yamamoto; Nobuyuki Takeuchi; Yuzoh Kanda; Toshitaka Uehara; Yoshio Sekiguchi; Norio Daikuzono; Stephen N. Joffe
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Surgical CO2 Laser Units With Specialized Beam-Delivery Systems
Author(s): V. G. Artjuschenko; L. Danaila; E. M. Dianov; D. C. Dumitras; D. C. A. Dutu; V. I. Konov; S. M. Nikiforov; A. M. Prokhorov; H. Saker; M. M. Sargin; I. Ursu
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Design Considerations For A Clinical XeC1 Excimer Laser Angioplasty System
Author(s): J. B. Laudenslager; T. Goldenberg; H. Naghieh; A. Pham; H. Narciso; A. Tranis; T. J. Pacala
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Medical Excimer Laser
Author(s): V. G. Artjuschenko; V. V. Atjezhev; V. S. Bukreev; S. K. Vartapetov; A. N. Zhukov; V. I. Konov; A. M. Prokhorov; M. E. Sargin; A. S. Silenok
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New Laser System For Combined Monitoring And Treatment Of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia
Author(s): Mostafa Hamza; Mohammad Hamza
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Acoustical And Optical Feedback Guidance For Pulsed Laser Lithotripsy And Angioplasty
Author(s): David I. Rosen; Krishna M. Bhatta; Stephen P. Dretler
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Study Of Tissue Fluorescence Snectrn In Situ
Author(s): V. B. Loschenov; M. I. Kuzin; V. G. Artjuschenko; V. I. Konov
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Economical Fault-Tolerant Design In Medical Laser Systems
Author(s): John L. Jayne; Bruce L. Redlien
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Effects Of Punctate Foveal Damage On Foveal ERG Spectral Sensitivity
Author(s): Harry Zwick; Scottie B. Reynolds; David J. Lund
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Transient Visual Effects Of Prolonged Small Spot Foveal Laser Exposure
Author(s): Harry Zwick; David O. Robbins; Maqsood Nawim
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Medical Laser System Safety Considerations, Or What Can Go Wrong!
Author(s): Charles F. Jacobson; Ronald S. Bader
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